Services for organizing safe travel in Ukraine

ukraine safe travel servicesOrganizing safe travel in Ukraine

Are you going to visit Ukraine in order to meet someone?

Your stay in Ukraine can be exciting and unforgettable, if during the travel you remain in safety and comfort.

If a person, for whom you come to Ukraine, can not meet you at the airport of Kyiv (or another city of Ukraine) or if you are concerned about your safety while being in Ukraine, it would be reasonable to have someone who can help you with communications, transport, and security issues.

Organizing of safe trip in Ukraine is a service we offer to make your stay safe and comfort. Your personal assistant in Ukraine who speaks English can meet you at the airport, accompany through the city, serve as the personal driver with the car and help you to achieve the goals you set for your travel to Ukraine.


The cost of this service depends on the assistance that you need.

If you arrive to Ukraine for the business or personal travel and expenses are not a problem, our professional English speaking assistant can accompany you 24/7.

If your travel in Ukraine is budgetary, we can help you to get the more limited range of services that fits within your budget.


  • professional interpreter’s services
  • meeting at any airport of Ukraine
  • English speaking driver with a car
  • assistance in getting from the airport to the city’s centre
  • support of the guest to the hotel, apartments, railway station providing safe boarding on the train you need
  • provide access to the local cellular phone if necessary
  • support you at the meeting to ensure your safety
  • personal assistant for shopping, choosing restaurants, a trip on the underground railway and transportation through the city
  • support you by any means of transport until you reach your destination point
  • help with check-in at the hotel, apartment or final destination point
  • verify that you have met exactly the man who will take care of your needs while staying in Ukraine
  • assistance with transportation, hotels, food and shopping