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Validation of Ukrainian passport. How does it work?

  1. Send us a copy of Ukrainian passport you want to check. Our email is
  2. Pay for the service. The fee is 90 USD. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Western Union, Money gram and wire transfer
  3. We send you the result (detailed report about why it is real or fake) within 24 hours

Can I check Ukrainian passport by number

If you want to check passport number but you don’t have its copy, we can validate it, but the process will take longer (up to three working days).

Verification of the Ukrainian passport. Real or fake

In order to verify the Ukrainian passports we use the governmental database of the internal passports (police) and check whether any entry is registered for the specific passport. This database is updated daily. Information is downloaded directly from the regional police departments. Based on our experience, the accuracy of the information in the database is 93-95% (misprints or outdated information occurs very rarely).

Do not think that any official document (no matter how good it looks) shown you by your Ukrainian pen-pal is authentic. Nowadays the mass production of forged passports, flight tickets and banking documents is widespread among the swindlers.

How can anyone clarify whether the document provided is authentic or forged? Verify the authenticity of the document.

There are two types of Ukrainian passports: a passport of the citizen of Ukraine (internal) and a passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad (foreign).

The swindlers use Photoshop and similar programs in order to change photos and names in passports (or other travel documents).

An example of the forged internal Ukrainian passport you can see in our black list of Ukrainian dating scams (cases we deal with).

Verification of the Ukrainian passport cost $US 90 (result within 24 hours)

Urgent inspection of Ukrainian passport (we deliver the result within 1 hour) – 200 USD

Payment plans available: PayPal, Credit card, Western Union, Money Gram or wire transfer(SWIFT).

Usually the answer comes on the same day (within 24 hours).

You can see examples of fake Ukrainian passports (validations that we made) in our black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams.

Upon inquiry about the authenticity of the Ukrainian passport two possible answers can be given: valid or invalid.

Note that the inquiry only confirms the appropriate combination of owner’s passport number and name. It does not confirm photo or address of the passport holder. Even if the authenticity of the passport is confirmed, additional research of the passport owner will be a good idea. Our experts study every passport sent in order to be verified.

Please attach the passport to your email. We cannot verify the validity of the passport without being able to look at the actual copy.

If we find any indications showing that the passport is forged, we will inform you.This service is available for all passports.

In addition, we are available to check Temporary Residence Permit for Ukraine and confirm it if is authentic or fake.

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