Verification of Ukrainian woman or man from online dating sites

verify a woman from Ukraine

Identify your girl, so you can be sure who you are really talking to

You met a Ukrainian woman or men on a dating site. You began talking on WhatsApp or email. You want to send her/him a gift but she would not give you her address? You already have some information about her but don’t feel comfortable and need some more details? She is reluctant to give you any of her personal info, saying she needs to get to know you better. We will help you to verify her.

Our team has extensive experience in this field. Over 1000 successful cases since 2010. We’ll find out if your lady/men is legitimate or she is a scammer.

We can verify your date several ways. We check Ukrainian passports. We also can verify with pictures only. Beware, even documents provided by your date, are not always legitimate. This could be fraud or scam. We offer a comprehensive approach – a total verification of Ukrainian woman and men on dating sites. Even if you don’t have her/his passport, we can analyze through email letters, pictures and other details if it’s a scammer (gold digger) or real person.

Even if you have very limited info (name, city and few pictures (or at least the pictures)) that is sufficient to order the verification on our website.

I would like that you check a person from Ukraine / Russia that I have been communicating with. How does it work:

Step 1. Send us all the information you have about this person: name, address, email letters, chats, pictures, payment details… Any details you can provide will help.
Step 2. You provide the payment (secure site payment portal)
Step 3. We deliver the result within 24 hours. We’ll send you an email with detailed report, and evidence we have found.

What service do you provide? What information can you verify?

Our team studies all the information you have:

  • if you have a copy of her passport we will check if it is real or fake
  • if you have her pictures, we will check if they are stolen (identify a person by picture)
  • we’ll check her address
  • we’ll check her email address
  • we’ll check her phone number
  • we’ll analyze her messages (email correspondence, messages) if she is honest with you
  • if you suspect some mediator services have not been honest (dating site, travel agency, translation agency), we will check them

We analyze and verify the details, collate the facts and give conclusions.

People tend to cheat, misinterpret facts, complain about living conditions. Since we live and work in Ukraine, we know what really is going on. Sometimes it’s possible to obtain additional information, and details that the client did not know, assuming his lady was honest. We can also get additional information: place of residence, family composition, place of study / work, circle of friends from social media network pages.

We can also check out the dating site, or a website that provides translation (intermediary) services. Sometimes these pages are specially created for fraud.

Investigation is strictly confidential. The woman/man will not suspect you hired someone to verify she/he is honest and real.

How much does it cost?

195 USD

How to pay?
Payment methods available:

  • credit card
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • wire transfer (SWIFT)


Although we will do your best, we don’t guarantee any specific findings in our search activities, and our fees are for time spent and not the results we may or may not find, and are therefore non-refundable and considered fully earned when paid.