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Some people are interested in information about the marital status of other people in Ukraine. And it is not always just curiosity.

Let’s say an American man and a Ukrainian woman want to have a serious relationship (live together or get married). But the man has doubts about a previous official relationship with his girlfriend. Was she married when she lived in Ukraine? If so, was this marriage dissolved? You must admit that this is important.

If you have a certain level of trust in each other, you won’t be ashamed to ask for documents – a passport, marriage certificate, or divorce decree. If no documents are available (or the woman says they are not available), suggest that she obtain or restore a Ukrainian marriage certificate or documents confirming the absence of marriage.

You can become a “detective” – talk to neighbors, friends, and acquaintances of the person whose marital status you are interested in. Don’t ignore such a valuable source of information as social media. It is difficult to hide the fact of marriage or divorce from the public. You can also contact special companies that know how to obtain or verify the information you need.

We will help you to authenticate Ukrainian marriage certificate

We offer the service of Checking Ukrainian marriage certificates. Check the authenticity of the Ukrainian marriage document to understand whether she is telling you the truth.

To confirm the authenticity of Ukrainian marriage certificates, we use the state database – the State Register of Civil Status Acts. We verify the authenticity of the records registered in a particular certificate. This database is updated daily. Information is downloaded directly from the State Register. 

Ukrainian marriage certificates (divorce certificates) are checked for a match between the numbers of stolen, lost and invalid documents in the registers of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The register does not contain information about the valid/invalid certificate and the person to whom the certificate belongs.

In addition, we inspect the image of the marriage certificate itself in detail. We check it for changes, correctness of data entry, watermarks, filling rules, seals, and other important details. If you have become a victim of fraud or someone is trying to deceive you, we will specifically indicate why it’s a fake.

What do we need for this inspection?

Please send us an image of the Ukrainian marriage certificate (or divorce certificate). Without the image, we will not be able to verify its authenticity. The number alone is not enough.

How much does this service cost

90 USD

How to pay?
Payment methods available:

  • credit card
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • wire transfer (SWIFT)




Guarantee and benefits

  1. We guarantee the result is 100% accurate. We realize how important this service is to you and never play games with our clients.
  2. We send you a detailed report, where we point (explain step by step) why it is fake or real.
  3. You save money. 400 USD is average that dating scammers suck up from their victims, and much more in other cases.

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