Potential problems with girls from Donetsk and Lugansk

girls from donetsk lugansk map of ukraine donetsk and lugansk regions

Girls on dating sites from Lugansk and Donetsk and why you should be careful with them. Let’s talk about ladies from Donbas (Gorlovka, Makeevka, Krasnodon, Alchevsk, Shakhtarsk, Yenakiieve etc). Information in this article is based on our experience. We are not saying that you should avoid all girls from Eastern Ukraine. But here are your potential risks:

1. Numerous scammers come from Donetsk and Lugansk. Since 2010 we had about 500 different cases of scam. Around 90% of girls were from Donetsk and Lugansk. It’s not a simple coincidence. We check Ukrainian passports. So when we have a new case and the lady is from Eastern Ukraine, many times it’s just one more scammer

2. Ukrainian laws do not work in ORDLO. Since 2014, following the Russian military intervention, the parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (so called temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine) are out of control of Ukrainian government. This creates certain difficulties. You cannot meet her at her home because it’s dangerous for your life. We cannot check some information from State registers since they’re out of date.

3. They constantly lie and manipulate the facts. The fact that romance scammers lie is not something new, but the girls from Donetsk and Lugansk manipulate facts all the time. Nearly every day we hear stories from our clients that she needs money for food because of the war, that she doesn’t have money to pay for apartment, about problems with Internet. At the same time, in their profiles on dating sites you can see a good looking lady with nice clothes, car and smartphone.

4. They ask for money to make a Ukrainian passport. This in itself is not a crime. The problem is they ask too much money for the passport (a lot more that it really costs). The legend is the same: if you want to meet her, she will visit you in your country or on neutral ground. She will convince you to send her money to buy fly tickets or will use a local tour company (which is also involved in this fraud). Once you send her money she disappears.

5. You cannot bring them to justice. Since a law doesn’t work there it’s impossible to bring them to justice. They know it and sometimes they even don’t hide under fake names. Some even engage their parents and friends, send you real pictures and videos. Yes, well, it’s not surprising. Who would go chasing her to the area controlled by Russian terrorists?

Verify identity of Ukrainian girls from dating sites

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