Top 5 Things Men lie about in their Dating Profiles


In today’s world, it is easy to find somebody for creating relationships. It is enough to register on a dating site and potential gentlemen will showering their attention on attractive woman.

Single men who want to make a woman feel comfortable can lie about themselves. Thus, a woman will be able to choose this particular man.

But what exactly are the men lying about on the dating site? Let’s talk about 5 popular things.


TOP Stolen Pictures Used By Scammers from Ukraine and Russia

For 10 years, we have been helping people detect scammers on online dating sites. Our service Identify Your Russian or Ukrainian Date by Picture use special search algorithms that allow us to get accurate results (far beyond any google reverse search).

This article is a kind of rating of TOP stolen pictures used by dating scammers from Russia and Ukraine. We have met these faces dozens of times during our Internet fraud investigations. The real person on the pictures has nothing to do with these scams and is an indirect victim.


Digital hygiene on dating sites during the pandemic

hygiene on dating sites

In the self-isolation mode, people have practically no opportunity for live communication. The only way out for many in this situation is dating sites and social networks. However, on such sites, you are more likely to meet scammers than princes and princesses. Therefore, in order not to fall on the hook of scammers, you must follow basic rules. Along with faith in the sincerity and the bright future, people lose money and even their reputation. How to recognize scammers and not be deceived?