Can I verify a Russian girl already in the US?

verify a Russian girl already in the US

Is this common, Russian immigrant hotties who are in the US and run scams?

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of requests to check out Russian women who have moved to the US.

Example story: If a Russian woman already in the US and claiming that her divorced russian husband is trying to reclaim running a scam? What are the odds she just using that to protect herself and that you can find her real name? She hasn’t asked for anything and I haven’t offered.  So no payments. Is she scamming me? I met her on a dating site, she says she lives in San Francisco and has her own business and has been there five years. She told me that she is dealing with her ex husband in Russia trying to blackmail her and reclaim her as his wife. I met her in a subscription site and we left and went to Telegram immediately. She says she has lawyers and is suing him in court.

Another example: There’s another one in texas, says she’s been here five years, she doesn’t seem to have any problems…yet! I have photos and Telegram chat.

What do we need from you to verify a Russian girl

Minimum we need is her pictures. If it’s a scam, they would use stolen pictures from Instagram and Vkontakte. These kind of pictures are not indexed by Google, so you cannot find it using an ordinary reverse search. But we have advanced tools to identify a person even by pictures from Instagram and Vkontakte.

If you have a photo of her passport or any other ID that would help too.

Her phone number, address and things she’s telling you (about her job, Russian past etc) – we can check the entire story.

What are our fees?

  • We charge 80 USD to identify a person by pictures. In return you get her real name and social networks.
  • To check her Russian passport will cost you 90 USD. You get a detailed report why it’s real or fake.
  • The third option is what we call a Maximum Verification. It includes passport check, pictures identification, phone number, address, scam check on the Internet and anything else we find during our investigation. The cost is 195 USD.

In all cases, she won’t know we investigated her.

You can pay by credit card (secure online portal) or PayPal.

We deliver the result within 24 hours once the payment is confirmed.

I met a girl from Ukraine. Is she scamming me?

So you met a girl from Ukraine and she’s asking you to help her to leave Ukraine safely. Most of the time, she needs to go to Lviv and from there to Poland.

Her family (mom, dad, and cat) is tired of constant bombings. Ukrainian troops are advancing, Russian troops are retreating… There is chaos everywhere, destroyed buildings…

But you can save her and change her life. All she needs is some money for a taxi, passport, food etc.  And then everything is gonna be okay. These requests are accompanied by delicious photos that let you know that your efforts will be rewarded. And this little one flies into your arms. It’s even better than dating sites. You have a humanitarian mission. You are actually doing Ukraine a favor.

If it’s a scam, then usually photos are taken from other people’s profiles. Pictures of beautiful Ukrainian girls for every occasion. A student, an older lady, a woman with kids – they have everything you’re looking for.

If it’s a scam, she would block you once the money is received. They offer you to send money to Western Union, PayPal, etc. Of course, the specified payment details are real people. But they look different than your girlfriend in the photo. Because the passport she sent to you is fake. They’ll just take their money (steal yours) and you’ll be screwed.

So how do I know if she’s scamming me?

How do we investigate such cases? First of all, a photo and a passport. But don’t worry. You will hardly be able to find her photo. Scammers use photos from Instagram or Vkontakte, which are not indexed in Google. Standard reverse search does not work.

We are able to check all her details: name, address, phone number, check her passport or other ID, identify a person by photos etc. And the most important thing – to check if she’s telling the truth: in which city is she staying, is there really fighting going on there now, is the city under occupation or perhaps already liberated, etc. All these things change very quickly. It is extremely difficult for an untrained person, and even a foreigner, to put it together and figure it out.

We’ve been providing this service since 2010. We can help you.

We offer different levels of service:

  • Identify a person by pictures (80 USD)
  • Check Ukrainian passport (90 USD)
  • Maximum verification (check if she’s telling the truth, passport, pictures, address, phone number etc) (195 USD).

 The result is ready within 24 hours once the payment is confirmed. 

Find a woman from AnastasiaDate

find a woman from anastasiadate charmdate who she really is

Lots of men have met or are currently communicating with a Ukrainian or Russian woman registered on AnastasiaDate or CharmDate. They look gorgeous! Real beauties with spectacular photo sessions. But, there’s a problem with a mixed reputation of dating sites. There are a lot of online fraudsters out there. But is anastasiadate search possible?

How do I find a woman from AnastasiaDate? I’d like to find out if she’s legit and get her personal information.

Of course, all these online dating services assure that members are verified and you can trust of what’s written in their profiles. However, our experience of checking out women on dating sites shows that this is not true.

We offer a verification service for finding women from AnastasiaDate and CharmDate. Why do you need this? First, to find out who she REALLY is. “All members are personally confirmed by our staff to prove they are real” says the dating site. After all, the information provided by women for verification concerns their name and date of birth. This is all that the dating site is responsible for according to their terms and conditions. Everything else you can write whatever you want.

Our knowledge, experience and tools allow us to dig much deeper and find complete information about the woman you are interested in. Anastasiadate search is possible with us. Usually, what you get is her full name, address, phone number, relatives, work, etc. In practice, however, these women are usually not as beautiful as it looks on retouched beautiful photos. They often provide false information in profiles. For example, a girl writes that she works as a doctor, but in reality she’s unemployed.  

Obviously, the financial side of the issue prevails here. At CharmDate and AnastasiaDate you pay money for each message, credits, etc. By hiring us you pay only once – a reasonable amount (195 USD) and get what you are interested in. This is very smart as you will also have the contact number and social networks of this woman. You no longer need CharmDate and AnastasiaDate as a mediator. You can contact her directly. This is especially helpful if that woman/girl actually loves you. So, along with money, you will also save your time and nerves.

How to order the service? Send us a request by email or place an order online on our website.

How much does it cost? The price is 195 USD. You can pay by credit card (secure online portal) or PayPal.

You can trust us. We have over 10 years of experience in the field of checking women from dating sites and satisfied customers all over the world. Therefore, you can rely on us. Don’t think too long. Order now.

Can a person open a bank account in Ukraine with fake information?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is about opening a bank account in Ukraine.

The girl from Ukraine claims she wants to travel to the victim and sends him bank details in Privatbank. Asking money for travel. Her name and passport are fake.

This is how the story goes: we verify a woman from Ukraine, it turns out she’s not who she’s saying (fake information). Fraudsters use someone else’s photos and a fake address. The phone number is also tied to the no name SIM card, which is difficult to identify.

So, the only real information given by romance scammers is the bank account number. Actually, this whole story was created to lure money. Under various pretexts, money is extorted from the victim, transferred to a bank account in Ukraine, and after that the fraudster disappears from radars.

Is it possible to open an account in a Ukrainian bank using fake data? – No, it is impossible. Every client is verified providing his passport/ID and personal data. The account given to you by a scammer is real, but the true account holder looks different than the seductive photos you received.

In order not to fall into the trap of fraudsters on dating sites, use our services. We offer verification of women and men from Ukraine and russia in different ways: by photo, verification of documents (passport, ID card), verification of phone number, address, etc. We have over 10 years of experience. Order now. We will definitely help you.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fake refugees from Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed many things in the world – including the field of Internet fraud.

Until February 24, 2022, the vast majority of scams were based on online dating sites (extorting money for a passport, visa, plane ticket, etc.). What we see now is yesterday’s beauties from dating sites turned into refugees fleeing Ukraine. They ask for money to get to Poland, get a passport, sponsorship, etc. Nature abhors a vacuum.

This type of deception is particularly cynical and immoral, because millions of Ukrainians (mostly women and children) were forced to leave Ukraine, fleeing the war. People lost their relatives, houses, etc.

Many foreigners are ready to help Ukrainians. Especially when you are a single man somewhere in America and you see a photo of an attractive young girl from Ukraine. You consider this as your chance – potential romance opportunity. But no such luck! You want to help a person, but become a victim of a cynical deception instead.

Background check on Ukrainian refugees

How to protect yourself and avoid being deceived by fake refugees from Ukraine? We offer the service background check of Ukrainian refugees. This applies both to potential candidates (those who are in Ukraine and looking for a sponsor to go abroad, get a visa, etc.), and to those refugees who are already abroad. The minimum we need for such a check is the woman’s photos. Additionally, it can be a name, a copy of a passport or any other information. We can find out who she really is, her social networks, whether her passport is real, a refugee’s criminal background and much more.

Our company has been successfully checking people from Ukraine and russia since 2010. We have the necessary experience and knowledge. Our grateful clients live all over the world. These are men and women. We saved their time, nerves and money. Lots of money. We are sure that we can help you too. Don’t waste time, order a refugee check from Ukraine right now and get the result in 24 hours. Don’t be fooled.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our Ukrainian heroes!

Ukrainian online romance scams. 2022 trends

2022 trends romance scammers ukraine

Yes, we did: forced ourselves to read dozens of letters that Ukrainian romance scammers wrote to their victims in 2022. The victims are mostly men from the United States. No matter what happens in our lives, even war in Ukraine – romance scams on the Internet continue. In this article, we’ll try to describe the latest trends on how fraudsters from Ukraine deceive men in 2022.

Of course, life dictates new trends. Now it is Russia’s war against Ukraine, the issue of refugees and everything around. In addition, the good old classics: a broken phone, the camera does not work; there is no Internet to go to video chat, money for a Ukrainian passport, medical treatment, etc.


The beginning of acquaintance is classic. The girl introduces herself, shows her interest in the man, usually indicates her date of birth and where exactly she was born in Ukraine.

We strongly recommend that you end the contact as soon as you see that the girl comes from Donetsk or Luhansk region. Since 2014, some of these territories have been seized by Russian terrorists. The law of Ukraine does not apply there. The percentage of fraud in this region is outrageous (more than 95%).

Avoid girls who come from such cities as Luhansk, Donetsk, Makeyevka, Krasnodon and others. The vast majority of normal people left in 2014. The vast majority of normal people left in 2014. Remaining collaborators and supporters of Russia. If you are looking for such a couple, then good luck!

Now I’ll tell you a little about myself) I was born on May 27, 1987.
I am from the city of Makeevka. What city are you from? My profession is about helping people.
I work as a nurse in a hospital. You know, it seems to me that this is my calling – to help people!

Most of the girls say that they are teachers at school, educators in kindergartens, salesman in shops or hairdressers. In short, as clean as a little angel’s tear!

From the beginning, the girl is interested in her potential man. The goal is to learn as much as possible about the victim: weaknesses, emotional condition, where he works, how much he earns, etc.

Her image is innocence itself. She is a novice. A little girl in this scary world where you are her hero.

You  know,  I’m new to a dating site. I have not yet had acquaintances with men in chats and on the site. But I decided to try fate, suddenly you are my destiny 🙂

War in Ukraine

The topic of war in Ukraine is now #1 among romance scammers. Unfortunately.  The scenario is usually the same – a significant exaggeration. The girl claims that she is in great danger, everything around explodes and burns, she and her parents have been sitting in the basement for 100 days… and only her knight (potential victim) can save her. If you’re the chosen one, you risk losing thousands of dollars.

Forgive me please, I could not write to you earlier. The shelling intensified in our city. We have very big problems with the Internet and electricity. Power outages are constant. The technology doesn’t work properly. I’m sorry because of this there are problems with sending the letter. Don’t worry, I’m fine.

Now, while there is electricity, I decided to write to you so that you do not worry. Unfortunately, such problems with the Internet here are often due to the war. I hope that you understand and will not be offended?

My dear, I’m so scared here, I just don’t have money so that I can live a normal life … there is almost no food in the stores. I don’t get paid at all, I’m so worried about all this. I just don’t have the money to live normally. Still, I have to pay to leave. I’m so worried about this! Now the evacuation corridor is being shelled, it is very difficult to leave the city. Targeted heavy shelling is being carried out in the evacuation corridor of the city, but I will try to escape from this hell. I need money for the road and then I will try to leave the city.

SOS calls are constantly backed up by seductive photos of the girl (these are just stolen photos of gorgeous babes, mostly from Instagram). By the way, we are very good at identifying girls by photo. Even if the pictures are from Instagram (we have the necessary tools because you won’t be able to identify these photos on google). The man is shown that after the rescue he will have a hot trophy… And they will live long and happily and die in one day…

Refugees. Flee Ukraine

More than 5 million people have been forced to flee Ukraine due to Russian aggression. It’s true. More precisely, part of the truth. And here the main thing is – in the details. In fact, part of the territory of Ukraine is destroyed, part is bombed every day, etc. But there is another part of Ukraine – relatively safe, where there’s almost no damage and where a huge number of Ukrainians have moved. Many people (mostly women and children) went to Poland and further to the West.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army recaptures the temporarily occupied territories and the people return to their homes. At the moment (end of May 2022) more people are returning to Ukraine than leaving. This is a very important point. But the swindler will not tell you about it. Instead, you’ll hear something like:

Yes, things are getting worse in Ukraine. I so want to leave Ukraine, but now I need to be able to escape from here at least some finances. The  Polish  border  is flooded with hundreds of thousands of refugees and  they  all  need  shelter and housing, you can see a lot of people walking  across  the  border.  Also, the Russians moved to Kharkov and there  are fights, and the Russian invaders are also trying to capture Kyiv,  or  rather  the  Kyiv  authorities  in  order  to overthrow our president  and place their Russian puppet there. There are very fierce battles going on.  Kyiv has already become a dangerous place. Here the Russian military and they fire at the ordinary population,   civilians and schools and kindergartens.  They kill children and women!!!!  Understand? It’s just not possible to endure and endure.

Cute shelling is now regular! I’m so scared, I’m so uneasy! Lord, how scared I am here now, I just every. cherish my life for a second! I appreciate this life so much!
The sound of a siren calls me to a safe place, and I understand that my salvation may be there. But at the same time, I understand that this is the sound of an attack, I understand what it means: someone, somewhere will suffer. Maybe not where I’m sitting in the bunker, in the basement. Or where I sleep, because I am very tired and do not want to go down to the basement for the fifth time in one night.

But I understand that after this siren someone will die. Maybe not me. Most likely not me. But someone who must not die. And that’s why it’s scary. And I have the sound of this siren in my ears even in the basement where I am now. I will never forget this sound.

There is only one conclusion: you have to send her money. Otherwise she will die. You understand? Don’t waste a minute. Hurry up and send her money, because scammers need it. Your money.

The funniest and and the most disgusting is that under conditions of constant shelling and colossal destruction, the girl is able to take your money in almost any way:

if you are ready to help me – please, write me the  money  transfer  system you can use to send funds for me: PayPal, Western   Union,  MoneyGram,  Ria,  IntelExpress,  Meest,  Wise,  bank account,  Paysend, cryptocurrency “USDT” and I will give you the exact information how to send funds for me.

It is unclear where and how she is going to get the money. In which branch of the bank (because everything is destroyed or does not work). And then how she is going to buy food, because the stores have been bombed as well…

Urgent move to Poland

The trends here are as follows: a scammer asks for money for a taxi or a special bus. She names a sky-high price – from $US 500. Obviously, this price is not true. The Government of Ukraine constantly organizes evacuation trains. Therefore, in fact, this transportation is free.

i  live  in  the other side of Ukraine from the Polish border, look at the  map yourself where Lugansk region is situated and where is Poland –  1700  km.  all Ukraine is in fire and all men are mobilized for the war so only old men drive busses and they do not drive for free. to be able  to  go  from Beloe to the Polish border by bus – it is needed to pay  $500  for every person. it is a pity i do not have these funds:(( so I will be able to go to the safe place to the Polish border only if you help me…

As for crossing the Ukrainian border, she will complain that she does not have a passport, visa, etc. In fact, crossing the border is as simple as possible. There is an understanding on the part of the government that many people have lost their documents, so crossing the border on both the Ukrainian and Polish sides is possible with a minimal set of documents. Of course, no one requires any visas! This is nonsense under these circumstances!

Other possible legends: she goes with the child. Something is happening to the child, surgery is needed (big money, which of course YOU have to send her). We also heard stories about how she was beaten at the airport by a Russian because she is the greatest patriot of Ukraine of all times and peoples!

Or other nonsense: the woman claims that she is now in Germany. Her visa is expiring and she urgently needs to return to Ukraine (!!!!) to renew her visa. Once again: no visas! There is a war in Ukraine. European countries tolerate refugees from Ukraine. No visas are required for this period.

Broken smartphone and problems with Internet

Classic, isn’t it? Her phone broke; her ex-boyfriend/ex-husband did that. That’s why video chat is impossible now and you can’t see her face (see who you’re really dealing with).

my  ex took away my lap top when I left him in hurry, he also broke my smartphone  so  the screen of it is crushed so it is impossible to use it,  sometimes  it is possible to call by it, to receive calls…. but only  sometimes:((( I have found an Internet cafe here but going there and  knowing  prices  – I was totally shocked:(((

And it is not surprising, because at the opposite end, instead of a beautiful girl, with a high probability, there may be a man. Yes, I’m fucking serious! A man with a beard and balls pretending to be a woman,  trying to steal your money!

Another insanity about the Internet in Ukraine during the war:

she explained me that Internet is so expensive here because everything is  ruined  here and nothing works here, battles are going here in the different  places  so the Internet line is damaged with battles and is being  fixed  almost daily. so Internet is very costly here:(( but for now  i am paying in Internet cafe even it is very costy for me..

I need to check a person from Ukraine

Don’t let romance scammers deceive you. How not to waste time and money on dating sites? – Verify the girls from Ukraine you meet. Our company offers a service of Spot a Ukrainian scammer. We have the 10+ years of experience, knowledge and tools to do that. The service is quick, cheap and confidential. Contact us right now to place an order. Stay with Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!

How long does it take to get a Ukrainian Passport?

issuance time Ukrainian passport

For several years now, Ukrainians have been enjoying a visa-free regime with EU countries. To travel, Ukrainians need only one document – a passport to travel abroad. This article goes on to say how long does it take to make a Ukrainian biometric passport to travel abroad.

Period for issuing the document

Ideally, passport applications are considered within no more than 20 working days from the date of filing/ submission of documents.

Exception: in case of urgent issuance (at the request of a person) – up to 7 working days. In this case, the cost of state duties and services doubles.

Ukrainian passport can be issued within three working days if:

  • the trip is related to the immediate care of the leaving person;
  • the trip is associated with the departure of a person accompanying a seriously ill person;
  • death of a relative who lived abroad

However, realistic time frame for the issuance of passports, unfortunately, is sometimes very different from the above. Especially because of the war and COVID.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip, get ready for the fact that it will most likely not be possible to get a passport urgently. The document (Ukrainian passport) should be taken care of in advance.

How to spot a fake Ukrainian passport

There can be various situations when you need to check if Ukrainian passport is real or fake. Here are few:

  • check a girl from dating site;
  • check a potential business partner from Ukraine;
  • check a person from Ukraine claiming to be a refugee;
  • other cases.

We offer a service – check Ukrainian passport online. It’s reliable, cheap and fast way to verify a passport from Ukraine.

Our company has been checking Ukrainian passports since 2010. We have the necessary experience and tools. The process is strictly confidential and the result is ready in less than 24 hours.

Ukrainian women Chinese men

Ukrainian women looking for men

Mixed marriages, when Ukrainian girls marry foreigners, have long been a fashionable trend.  This phenomenon originates in the mid-90s, and by the beginning of the new century, marriage immigration became especially popular.  Basically, these are young Ukrainian girls under 30 years old (60%), the average age is 28 years old.

Men from other countries are also willing to marry Ukrainian girls. The main reasons: Ukrainian girls have a high level of culture and education, they are young and beautiful, as well as hardworking. Many experts believe that mixed marriages, especially when Ukrainian girls marry Chinese men, can lead to a leak of Ukrainian genes, which is in no way inferior to the “brain drain”.

Why Chinese men attract women from Ukraine?

What kind of men do Ukrainian girls like? One of the answers that shocked the Chinese men is that Ukrainian girls like caring and sincere Chinese men.

The first advantage: Chinese husbands are the best at taking care of the family. Of course, not all people are the same, but most Chinese husbands are fully responsible for the family.

Second, the Chinese do not abuse alcohol.

Third, Chinese men help around the house. Chinese food is delicious. Chinese men can wash and cook food, so they have won the image of calm and faithful husbands. In addition, Chinese husbands get a massage to their wives. This is something that men of other countries cannot give to their spouses.

Fourth advantage: Chinese men are wealthy. The economic development of China has made Chinese men popular.

Fifth, Chinese men take marriage very seriously.

And finally, Chinese men attract women from Ukraine because they’re devoted.

Ukraine girl in China

In China, Ukrainian women are considered very attractive. Although there are prejudices due to stereotypes about Ukrainian women prostituting.

There is an opinion that the popularity of Ukrainian women in China is a myth. A foreigner is more for fun. For the Chinese, marriage is an important decision in life. There is much less love in China than in Ukraine. The Chinese predominantly marry Chinese women, and most marriages are a kind of agreement between families. Therefore, if this is a Ukraine girl, then there must be a very serious reason for marriage – social status, appearance or youth.

“On the street, in the subway and in the store, they come up and say how beautiful you are! Men in China ask you to take a photo, even if I am completely without makeup “. This is how Ukrainian girl Anna tells about her experience of life in the Chinese region of Macao.

“Ukrainian women are beautiful girls. You don’t need to pay them for marriage. They’re homemakers”. Olga, who spent four years in Shanghai, faced such an attitude towards Ukrainian ladies.

Ukrainian women scam

Ukrainian women dating becomes more and more popular for Chinese men. It’s no secret that romantic online dating is often fraudulent. This is especially dangerous, given the fact that men from China know very little about Ukrainian culture and customs.

Check out a girl from Ukraine before moving on to a serious relationship. This is a good idea because you save your time and money.

Our company has been checking women from Ukraine and Russia since 2010. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and tools for proper verification. The most important thing is we’re based in Ukraine. Our experts are able to distinguish where there is truth and where there is a desire to deceive and extort money.

We can identify a person by a photo, verify the authenticity of a passport or check other information about a girl from Ukraine. Our services are affordable, fast and secure. We are ready to provide any assistance.

Online dating Ukraine scams

Online dating Ukraine scams

Online dating Ukraine complaints

Of course, the war has completely disrupted so much business in Ukraine.  Even when it is over, it will take months and even years to get back to normal.  Dating Ukrainian girls is not a very practical proposition for men from other countries at the moment.  Thereof, anything I have to say really only applies to a context where there is no war.

Online dating Ukraine girls

What I have learned (painfully) is that some of these online dating sites are scam, scam, scam.  Sites like GoldenBride, Anastasia, LoveMe and probably others all seem to have scam operators representing themselves as the woman in the profile. 

The girls they employ have been well trained to maximize revenue, by keeping chats going, sending multiple frivolous messages, encouraging expensive gifts and telephone calls.  And they pretend that the software doesn’t allow communication information to be received because of clever identification and erasure technology (I am not sure if the software does disguise telephone numbers and the like, or the girls just pretend they don’t receive it).

Online dating Ukraine scammer

Furthermore, they have a clever system of having the real person appear in a photograph holding a card and the gift (which presumably they keep).  In addition, the real girls have been required to sanitize the internet of any form of social media or presence, so that they only seem to exist on the dating sites.

Things get difficult when the man decides he really wants to move to private conversation or contact away from the site. 

The girls have multiple lines and arguments why the timing is not good, their technology doesn’t work well, they can’t afford to maintain a mobile phone or they have roommates or guests staying.  Any excuse can be used.  And when the man challenges them, they push back saying that they don’t feel ready, and maybe in a few more weeks they will.  Of course, this time never comes.

It is so easy to fall in love (well, infatuation, not love) with the image of a beautiful Ukrainian girl and convince yourself that she is real.  And, with this, it is possible to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on one girl in a matter of weeks.

It is a sick, cynical, dishonest and shameful business.  And yet the sites are all beautifully made and presented, the girls sparkle, and it all has the feeling of legitimacy. Incidentally, most of the businesses seem to have their main offices in Cyprus – presumably Russian owned?

Antiscam verification

Nobody wants to be fooled. We understand how important it is for you. We offer our help in verification of girls from Ukraine. Every process is strictly confidential so the girl will not know she’s been checked.

Since 2010 our company helps men to verify girls from Ukraine and Russia. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and tools. Using our services, you can verify a girl from Ukraine in various ways: find out her full name, date of birth, address, phone number, education, marriage status, check if she’s an escort and many more. Contact us today. Save your time and money.

Ukraine passport issuing authority

issuing authority passport of Ukraine

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad (travel passport) is a document certifying the identity of a citizen of Ukraine while crossing the state border of Ukraine and staying abroad.

Issuing authority Ukraine passport

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 07.05.2014 №152 “On approval of the sample form, technical description and the procedure for issuance, exchange, transfer, seizure, return to the state, destruction of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad, temporary detention and seizure” territorial authority or subdivision of the State Migration Service of Ukraine that registered and issued a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad are denoted by a four-digit number.

Department code passport

The four-digit number AKA department code passport.

The first two digits indicate the regional code of the oblast (region) according to the state classifier ДК 014-97 «Classifier of objects of administrative-territorial organization of Ukraine».

The last two digits are the code of the territorial body or subdivision of the migration service that registered and issued the Ukrainian passport for travel abroad.

Place of issue Ukrainian passport

When applying for a job (change of surname), employees provide an ID-passport, in which the issuing authority (territorial subdivision) of the Migration Service of Ukraine that issued the passport is marked with a 4-digit code.

How to find out the issuing authority of the ID card and passport? On the back of the ID-card, the information is presented in the form of a four-digit numeric code, which is the issuing authority of your passport.

The full name of the unit was reduced to four digits. And each State Migration Service unit has a different code. Information about the place of issue of a passport can also be found using the code specified in it.

It’s possible the document was issued in one place and its holder lives in other city.

Ukraine passport number format

Ukraine travel Passport is made in the form of a passport card (information sheet) and has a size of 80 x 60 mm. The photo is pasted in the information sheet. There is information about its holder: last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth and personal number, as well as the date of issue and the code of the issuing authority.

Ukrainian travel passport has 32 pages. Its passport number (number and series)  are recorded on the page where the photo is located.

All paper pages of the passport (except the first) are numbered. The passport number is marked on each of them. In addition the passport number can be found on the right part of the cover. It’s made by laser perforation.

The upper right corner contains the inscription “Passport number”. Its format consists of two letters and 6 digits. The first two letters of the designation are the passport series, and the 6 digits are the passport number.

On the pages from the first to the thirty-second and on the right part of the cover at a distance of 3.0 ± 0.5 millimeters from the top edge of the booklet the series and passport number are perforated.  The passport number format is two letters and six digits, respectively.

The document number is made by laser engraving in a touch-sensitive font.

Place of birth Ukr

The place of birth can be found in the 6th line of Ukrainian travel passport. It is written in Ukrainian. Show the city or oblast where the holder was born. If the citizen of Ukraine was born in other country, you will see the country name in this line.

Check passport authenticity

In the United States in 2021, more than 20,000 people became victims of romance scams. Fraudsters lured over $ 140 million. Ukrainian love scammers are reaching the international level. Ukraine is among the top 15 countries from which they hunt for American money.

fake ukrainian passport example
Sample of fake Ukrainian passport

Ukrainian passports are often part of fraud on dating sites. The most common situations are:

  • lady says she needs to apply for a passport to visit the man;
  • a woman sends a copy of her Ukrainian passport to confirm she’s legit;
  • she sends a photo of her passport so you can buy plane tickets;
  • some scammers pretend they’re refugees fleeing from war and they may send a photo of their Ukrainian passport to “confirm” she’s real

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