Tips for Using AnastasiaDate, Part II

elements of online dating, such as chat bubbles, profile pictures, and a computer screen. Incorporate icons or symbols representing both genuine connections and potential scams, like a heart and a warning sign
Alright, gents, fellow brothers in arms, here is my second blog post regarding AnastasiaDate. The first one, some weeks back, addressed the possible, but still rare, use of AI generated “ladies” on the site. This post today will address the normal situation, what one sees overwhelmingly.

Again, by way of background, I have spent a lot of time and money on AnastasiaDate (“AD”) at this point, and been approached by and conversed with many, many ladies there. The numbers are actually somewhat staggering. I have probably spent some $20,000 to $30,000 on that site now alone. The number of letters from ladies I have received has been enormous. Once I blew past 15,000 letters received on AD, the site started deleting the older ones for reasons of storage, and that was some while back. Now, many ladies will send multiple letters, so the number of unique individuals is smaller, but still a huge number. At its peak, I was regularly receiving more than 300 letters a day. And I have interacted with quite a few ladies, at varying levels of depth. So what I’m describing here below is based on a pretty robust sampling of what you’re likely to find on the site.

There are two basic theories of what the site really constitutes. I don’t know what the truth in fact is, and I make no assertion. But I discuss the possibilities and the evidence I have seen…

One, the entire operation might be a huge, coordinate fraud. It could be a large company which employs skads of attractive women on an independent contractor basis. In this scenario, the ladies would be getting a kickback, a percentage, of all the revenue they generate for the site from the paying customers, namely the men. So an attractive lady who manages to get a large number of men ensnared in lots of chats, video chats, cam shares, exchanges of gifts, etc., and keeps the men there on the site, and is not willing to off of the site with them to start communicating via a messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram, will generate a lot of revenue for the site and a lot of kickbacks for herself. There is an enormous amount of evidence which points in precisely this direction, as I will describe below.

Two, the site might be entirely innocent, it does its best, it’s a premier league site, and if a lot of ladies on the site don’t have genuine intentions, that’s hardly anything the site could know about or control for effectively. The “gosh golly” side of my personality has wanted desperately to believe this is so, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. But I grow jaded as time goes by and my experience piles up.

So the basic, plain vanilla fact pattern that I have faced countless times on AD goes something like this…

To begin with, just for understanding where I’m coming from in case if affects your own analysis of the situation, I have an unusual and distinctive background, in terms of my beliefs, characteristics, history. I am also looking for a very, very rare type of lady in terms of her beliefs, something so rare, it is almost impossible to find in modern society these days. I am also looking only for a lady of child-bearing age, so in her 20s or early to mid 30s. And I’m looking for a lady who could inspire a gent in the bedroom. She doesn’t necessarily have to be a “10”, but I have generally been responding to ladies who are toward the upper end of the attractiveness scale, or at least in the upper half of the attractiveness scale. So someone who is looking for a different type of profile than I have been might well have a very different experience than I have.

The basic pattern is this. Due to the number of letters I have been receiving, I don’t actually approach any women myself first. I look through ladies who have sent me letters, and respond by letter to some of those where I think there might be promise. I typically ask if they have had a chance to really read through my profile, as I put a lot of information in there about myself and whom I am looking for.

They then reach out to me, either by response letter, or with chat invites. And we have an initial chat. Things generally go well, and both of us express interest in each other and in more chats, and often we arrange our next chat day and time, etc.

We then have a series of chats over time, getting into not only lighthearted but also truly substantive matters and those of the soul. But communicating via the site has some downsides.

Principal among them is the cost. The man (not the woman) gets billed for every minute of chat. Video chat, where you can see her but she can’t see you, is billed at 2x the rate. Cam share, where you can both see each other simultaneously, is billed at 6x the rate. But in none of these options can you actually speak with each other in real time audio. You always have to type your communications back and forth to each other via text.

So what, you might say to yourself, who cares? Aren’t text messages good enough? Yes and no. The site does have a built in translation program, which works fairly well, and is fairly quick. But it’s not perfect, and sometimes gives translations that are off, in ways that can actually adversely affect the couple’s ability to understand their true emotions and intentions. Second, there is always a time lag in the translation, so that by the time you see her text to you, she is responding in it to something you wrote a few texts ago, and you are already typing your next thing to her. It’s crunchy, and again can lead to damaging misunderstandings. Third, each little text you type to her is sharply limited in length. To really tell a story, for example, of personal history, the long list of sordid events leading to your divorce from your prior wife, whatever, it’s very tough to do so in lots of tiny little bites. It’s like trying to write War and Peace using nothing but Twitter texts. Doable, but tough.

Worse, and truly devastating, is that I have a number of times now lived through situations where I’m pretty darned certain that the lady herself isn’t in fact typing. That is, there’s some 350-pound hairy guy sitting in soiled shorts in his mother’s basement in Hamtranck, Michigan, or somewhere in the suburbs of Kyiv, who is actually reading what you type and responding to you. The girl is just a pretty face sitting there, trying not to screw up, and listening to the actual correspondent telling her when you have asked that she smile at you, or wave to you, or do something specific that you think might verify that she’s really a part of this conversation. I have seen this not just on AD, but also more than once on the UA Dreams dating site as well, so beware!

But many of the ladies on AD are real ladies, having real conversations with you themselves, and that is reasonably evident from what you can observe on the video of them.

But that doesn’t mean her intentions are true.

So, because of the horrific cost of comms via the site over time, and so that I can see the lady and speak with her real time, both for verification of her authenticity as well as to gauge our ability to communicate effectively with each other in English, and for the quality of the conversation in terms of real time reactions and responses, and in order to be able to pre-prepare blocks of text which I can send to her efficiently, or to send her articles, photos and memes of potential mutual interest, I ask her if she would be willing to start communicating with me off the site, either through direct personal email, or via a messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram.

And here’s where things go south.

The lady doesn’t want to. She prefers the site. Why?, you ask. Because she feels safe there. OK, maybe there’s something to that, the site does only show you her first name, and city she lives in, and some basic profile type info. The guy doesn’t know her last name, or where she works, or her email address, or phone number, etc.

So I work with her. I say, well why don’t we just do personal email at first? Then at least I can write something longer, and attach files and photos, and not go bankrupt paying huge fees to the site all the time. No, she doesn’t want to do that. Wants to get to know more about each other on the site first. OK, I say. Even though she could set up a fresh, dummy email account, no problem, and communicate with you that way, without ever having to disclose her real last name or any other identifying information. But she doesn’t want to, doesn’t feel comfortable.

And most certainly she doesn’t want to go on a messenger. She doesn’t trust those. And she would have to use her own phone number (or, of course, a new one set up for the purpose of not contaminating her normal phone number), and who knows what horrible things could happen to her then! And don’t you know that Telegram is owner and run by Pavel Durov, who is Russian and a former member of the intel services there, so of course we can’t use that. So let’s use WhatsApp, I say, I use it all the time. No dice, she doesn’t want to.

And don’t you trust me, she asks? Our relationship has to be built on trust. Why won’t you trust me?

And so I ask again, I try to explain how expensive the site is. And she comes back at me with, “You keep pushing at this, and that makes me only more uncomfortable.” In other words, bring it up again, bud, and it’ll never happen.

But I’m persistent. Then she rolls out the heavy guns. She had a bad experience in the past. That is why she is uncomfortable getting off the site. She doesn’t want to get into any of the specifics of what that bad experience was, just that she had a bad experience. This kills any further discussion of the subject. I have heard this precise line so many times now, bad experience, means won’t go off site, but won’t tell you anything about what that bad experience was, that it’s like a get out of jail free card, or a trump card. You’re not getting off the site. I keep wondering who all these monsters are out there, all these horrible men who have been contaminating the entire pool of available women with bad experiences. I don’t think I know any guys like that. Maybe a handful, here and there, but so many that every single woman you talk with had her life ruined because some guy knew her email address or cell number? It doesn’t make any sense. On email, you can block someone. And on your cell. And if it’s a really bad situation, you get a new cell number. None of those involve disclosing to you her true last name, or where she lives. So who are all these monsters out there? I don’t know. It sounds to me like a pat excuse fielded by the ladies like kryptonite against Superman to get him to shut up about communicating outside of the site.

So OK, I’ve been shut up. But I have to reproduce. So I have to find a lady. And this is a real lady, willing to at least interact with me via the site, and she’s hot. And she’s otherwise acting quite interested. So I keep blowing fistfuls of cash on chats, video chats, etc. etc.

Also worth discussing how to leave the AD site if you in fact find a unicorn lady willing to do so with you. The site very aggressively and very successfully uses an AI system to block any and all attempts you might make to communicate to a lady via chat what your cell phone number is, or your email address, or your home address, or your last name, etc. You’re in a lobster trap, and you can’t get out. The site carefully gatekeeps so that there are two ways out, only two, and each of them involves you paying a stiff toll for the right to tell the lady your name and cell number. One, you can schedule a “Call Me” cell call with the lady. This can only be done via the auspices of the site, the site lines it up, and calls you on your cell, and a translator is on the line with you to help with linguistic understanding, and the site has promised that it will not censor what you say to the lady, including your real name and cell number. It costs 100 credits to do so, so $40.

So you propose this to the lady. Never once have I had a lady agree to the Call Me option. “No,” she says, “there have been electrical outages, there are problems with cell phone communications.” No problem, I say, let’s schedule it anyway, and maybe we get lucky, maybe there’s good reception and no power outage. No, she says, too uncertain. And she won’t budge. No matter what. She’s more dug in on that position than Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima in WWII.

OK, I say, there is one other option the site offers, namely I send you a gift. It’s much more expensive for me ($200 minimum, or higher, like $350). But she’s worth it, right? She’s hot. She says she likes you. The site makes it easy to send a gift, they have a menu for that. You never learn any info about the lady, but you can write your gift card that accompanies the gift, and you can write your full name and cell phone number on there, and she will get it. And it’s a high quality gift, not garbage. It is, in fact, something you can be proud of.

Now the delivery time is not what the site says. The site says 3-5 days. Not true. Probably due to wartime conditions, and this is no slight against the site whatsoever, they’re doing a good job here, it will take typically 10 to 14 days to arrive. But it will arrive, and they take a picture of the lady receiving it, so you know. And now she’s got your contact information.

So you mention the gift option to her, you offer to send roses (there’s a minimum number that guarantees the site its revenue). If she’s gracious, that’s great. But time and again I have mentioned roses, and she then asks me to send her one of the gift cards instead, for food, or cosmetics, or lingerie, or household wares. You send her the gift, she gets it, and she keeps sending you chat invites and letters on the site, and doesn’t use the direct contact info. I have scars all over my body from this fact pattern.

So to boil it down, even if you can, like pulling teeth, finally get her to agree to try comms off site, she will steer you away from the cheap, quick Call Me option, to the gifts, and specifically to a gift with enduring monetary value rather than the beautiful and romantic but ephemeral roses.

I, however, like Sisyphus, keep pushing the boulder up the hill every day, and have succeeded in getting precisely 5 ladies to actually communicate with me off the site. It has been a Herculean effort, but now I am in the promised land, right?

Not so fast. Even if you get her to communicate with you via a messenger, you have some exchanges there, and then you start to see her sending you chat invites and letters on the site again. Why? You haven’t been a monster. You didn’t ask for any risqué photos of herself. Nothing like that. A true gentleman. But here she is, migrating back to the site. And this is even for ladies with serviceable to even very good English, so the built in translation program on the site plays much less of a role in dictating preferences. So why? Well, here the little green man in your head, the red who lives under your bed, in the immortal words of the Kinks, starts to clear his throat. Maybe, just maybe, the lady earns a kickback off of all the comms you have with her on the site. That doesn’t apply when you communicate off the site…

Or, and I’ve had this twice now, the lady, after being pulled and pushed and prodded into finally doing something, anything, off the site, still won’t use her cell to look you up on a messenger via your cell. Instead, she sends you only a direct personal email. And it’s not from a real email account in her own name. It’s obviously a new dummy account set up for the purpose of concealing her true identity. Or appears to use her real name, but it turns out that’s not her real name. And she asks you now for money. For the trip to visit you that you had been discussing, to get a visa, to pay expenses for her family that she can’t afford, and don’t you care about her family too? And no, you can’t wire it to her, or send her a check, because that would involve her disclosing her actual, real name. So she wants you instead to wire the money via PayPal to a “friend” of hers, who will in turn, for sure, give her the cash. Riiiight.

Or, I’ve gotten the straight out sugar daddy request, could you please send me money for my exercise classes, and by the way, don’t I look great in this sheer fitting bra over my ample chest?

So when the request for actual cash money finally bares its fangs, I always go to Andrij at Ukrainian Passport, and ask him who this lady really is. And the results have been amazing. And have saved me piles of cash, and countless hours, and immeasurable heartbreak. They can sniff out—and prove up, with hard evidence of staggering depth and breadth—a fraud two miles against the wind like an Alabama hound dog in its prime.

But here I sit, broke, and brokenhearted, with a huge stable of gorgeous ladies on the site, none of whom is willing to communicate with me outside the site. In the few cases where I have finally dragged one by main force into comms outside the site, in three of five of those cases, it has turned out to be, again, a financial fraud. So two dogs left in the hunt, off site with me. One great lady on the site who has thrown every conceivable objection up against comms outside the site, but I have persisted, and she says she’s going to try to figure out how to get a messenger to work on her computer… And that’s it.

I’m happy to have direct conversation with anyone who would like more granular info or to run fact patterns by me. Just let Andrij know, and he can run it past me to see if I’m free to do so.

All the best in your hunt and in your travails,

Your brother in arms

Beware of Online Antique Scams: A Real-Life Cautionary Tale

image depicting an online antique scam scenario
In today’s digital age, the convenience of online shopping has revolutionized the way we purchase goods. From everyday items to rare collectibles, nearly everything is just a click away. However, this convenience comes with its own set of risks, especially when it involves large transactions and international sellers. Here’s a real-life story of an individual who learned this the hard way, shedding light on the perils of online antique scams.

The Lure of a Unique Find

Barry, an American living on a modest disability income, was thrilled when he stumbled upon an antique clock listed on eBay in January 2024. The clock, priced at $1260 with an additional $100 for shipping, seemed like a perfect addition to his collection. Unable to pay the full amount upfront, Barry was relieved when the seller agreed to a four-month installment plan. He made the payments directly to the seller, bypassing eBay’s secure payment system to save on immediate costs.

A Suspicious Turn of Events

All seemed well until Barry completed his final payment. The seller, who had been responsive and accommodating, suddenly went silent. Emails to the seller’s address ( went unanswered, and Barry’s anxiety grew. The tracking number provided (CQ062892515UA) indicated that the clock was held at Ukrainian customs, but with no communication from the seller, Barry started suspecting foul play.

The Financial and Emotional Toll

Living on a small disability income, Barry couldn’t afford to lose the $1360 he had already paid. He changed his debit card to prevent further unauthorized charges but was left with a sense of helplessness. The absence of direct communication with the seller and the lack of a phone number made the situation even more daunting. Barry’s attempts to connect via international calls were futile, and he preferred handling the investigation through email due to his limited resources.

Seeking Justice and Assistance

Determined to find a resolution, Barry reached out to various authorities for help. He contacted local law enforcement in the United States and sought the email address of the appropriate police department in Ukraine. Barry’s primary goal was twofold: to confirm whether Ukrainian customs were indeed holding the clock and, if not, to ensure that the seller faced prosecution.

Protecting Yourself from Online Scams

Barry’s story is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities associated with online transactions, especially those involving international sellers and significant amounts of money. Here are some key takeaways to protect yourself from similar scams:

  1. Use Secure Payment Methods: Always utilize secure payment platforms like eBay’s official system, which offers buyer protection.
  2. Verify Seller Information: Before making any payment, thoroughly research the seller. Check for reviews, ratings, and any red flags in their history. You can request a background check of a seller from Ukraine to make sure that this person is legit.
  3. Be Wary of Installment Plans: While paying in installments can be convenient, it also exposes you to potential scams. Ensure that any such agreement is documented and verified.
  4. Communicate Through Official Channels: Maintain all communications through the platform where the item is listed to ensure there is a record of your interactions.
  5. Report Suspicious Activity Immediately: If you suspect a scam, report it to the relevant authorities and the platform where the transaction occurred as soon as possible.


Barry’s unfortunate experience serves as a valuable lesson for all online shoppers. While the allure of unique finds and great deals can be tempting, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and cautious. By following the above tips and staying informed about common scam tactics, you can safeguard yourself from falling victim to online fraud.

If you or someone you know has experienced a similar situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to local law enforcement or consumer protection agencies. Sharing stories like Barry’s can help raise awareness and prevent others from becoming victims of online scams.

Why Are There So Many Romance Scammers in Ukraine

an image that illustrates the concept of Ukrainian romance scammers
Just like in any other country, there are scammers in Ukraine. Their goal is to make money by deceiving or exploiting trust. However, scams involving romantic manipulation seem especially prevalent in Ukraine. But why is this the case?

The Impact of War and Economic Hardship

Currently, Ukraine is at war, and the population is struggling financially. The lack of money and opportunities pushes some people towards crime. Many have lost their savings, property, jobs, and homes, leaving them with nothing to live on. The government spends almost all its funds on defense, so social issues often take a backseat. With many men either fighting in the war or having left the country, women are often left to fend for themselves.

Weak Legal Enforcement

Another factor is the lack of a strong system to punish fraudulent actions. International police cooperation typically focuses on solving serious crimes, leaving many scams uninvestigated and unpunished. Additionally, money transfers usually happen voluntarily, with the victim trusting the scammer, making it hard to prove criminal intent. These cases often have little chance of leading to prosecution.

Beauty and Brains

It’s also important to note that Ukrainian women are known for their beauty and intelligence. Their attractiveness is admired worldwide, and they know how to use this to their advantage, often overpowering “cold logic” with emotional appeal.

Scams from Abroad

Many scams are carried out in the name of Ukrainian women, even though the actual scammers may not be Ukrainian or even in Ukraine.

In summary, the combination of economic hardship, weak legal enforcement, and the allure of Ukrainian beauty makes Ukraine a hotspot for romance scams.

Tips for Using AnastasiaDate, Part I

humorous and smart image depicting AI-generated personas on a dating site like AnastasiaDate.comAs someone who has now spent several months and thousands and thousands of dollars on, I thought some of my recent experiences might be of use to other men using that dating site. On that site, I have also received thousands upon thousands of introductory letters from ladies, and have had chats and videos with quite a few. Therefore, my thoughts and observations, whether correct or incorrect, are at least predicated upon broad experience.

Prefatorily, AnastasiaDate is overall a very good dating site.  The women are generally real human beings (more on that below, re AI), and many strike me as genuine in their emotions and intentions.  It is expensive, but everything of value tends to be.  The women on the site are in many instances spectacularly beautiful.

However, fraud can occur on AnastasiaDate (“AD”) just like anywhere else, and I therefore strongly recommend employing the services of Ukrainian Passport to run a background check on a lady before committing either too much time, or money, to her.  Here are some of the species of fraud I have observed.  I will not address some of the worst and most sensitive – again, I strongly recommend Ukrainian Passport to help uncover those.

In all of the following, by the way, I am presupposing that AD is not itself an enormous criminal enterprise, though this is of course possible (more on this below as well).

Artificial Intelligence

I have the overwhelming impression that at least three ladies with whom I have had actual video chats were in fact AI generated images, not real human beings.

This is initially surprising, as to my understanding AD conducts diligence on all the ladies who wish to become members of the site, including review of their passport and various other identifying information, questionnaires, and a real time interview.

However, it appears that an individual who has a false passport can get past the site’s national ID checking protocols, and with a sophisticated AI system can get through the real time (presumably video) interview.

The reason I think at least three of the ladies with whom I have had long video calls were fact AI, not human, is based on the following observations.

First, the image does not move like a normal human being. The image is too still, too static, and the movements exhibited are limited to a small handful, none of which involve gross motor movement but instead are generally restricted to the head, neck, face areas.  In particular, the arms don’t move.  This is a person who is allegedly typing chat responses to you.  If you watch very carefully, staring at those arms, they won’t move.  The shoulders don’t move.  In one, the spacing between the arms and the body was slightly different on the two sides, but that spacing never varied, not even once, over the entire course of a long video chat.  The movements of the face, for example the smile, look identical each time they are made.  Similarly, there are often large movements of the head to the side, apparently hearing something or looking at something off screen. But every single time, the precise pattern of the head turning, the angle, the direction, everything, is precisely identical each time.  Moreover, the larger movements, like the head, are a little crunchy, not smooth and continuous, but rather like a series of shorter sequences pasted together.  And identically the same, each time.  That is, there is a kit bag of facial expressions and movements from which the AI system may draw something, but it is a limited kit bag, and every single movement comes from that kit bag.

To uncover and defeat this, I have asked such a “lady” to do something that likely wouldn’t be in the kit bag, for example, take off the locket around her neck and hold it up to the camera, or move around a bit in her chair, anything other than the established kit bag.  The response (approximately): “This is an unusual request.  Why do you want me to do that?”  I said, “To show me you aren’t just an AI image.  Play along with me, humor me, please.” No movement, just a chat response, “Why would I make ridiculous movements in front of the camera? Why are you asking me this?”

But don’t rely on waving at the lady and hoping she’ll wave back – the AI picks up on that, and has a wave all ready to go for you.  Likewise, don’t just ask her to smile, the AI is all over that, and will trigger an automated smile by the lady.

The resolution of the AI images is also not quite as sharp as the real human beings.  The humans can have crystal sharp resolution, which is difficult for an AI system to mimic.  A slight lack of focus, a slight haziness, helps the AI system past all that.

Then, there are the responses in conversation.  Again, the kit bag.  The AI system has a collection of stock things a lady can say to a guy which guys tend to like.  The AI systems are really good at mimicking normal conversation.  But if you go off the beaten track, particularly if you ask the AI system a question, something more complex, some atypical, the AI system may not have an obvious stock response to give.  So it reaches back into the kit bag, finds something it thinks will like to hear, and “types” that back to you, rather than actually answering your question.  This can, of course, also happen with real humans, but if it becomes a pattern, if it becomes an impediment to conducting an actual exchange of ideas back and forth, then my own conclusion has been AI.

Your brother in arms”

Free government passport check won’t verify your Ukrainian passport

Free Ukrainian passport check on the government website will not help to verify the passport

Free Government Service for Checking Ukrainian Passports

On Google, you can find a free Ukrainian government website that checks Ukrainian passports. It’s run by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. It seems like an easy and free way to solve the issue.

This is a secure government service that helps you find lost or stolen Ukrainian passports.

However, this service won’t verify a specific passport copy. It only checks if the passport series and number are reported as lost or stolen. For example, if the passport number you check isn’t in the database, you’ll get a result like “Passport XX 000000: not found among stolen or lost.” This might not be very helpful.

For example, we tested a random (non-existent) Ukrainian passport number “KЮ 139073.” The system responded with, “Passport KЮ 139073: not found among stolen and lost passports.” This only means the number isn’t reported lost or stolen; it doesn’t confirm the passport is valid.

Comprehensive Verification Services

The most common way to fake Ukrainian passports is by altering them in Photoshop or similar programs. Scammers use real passport series but change other details like the photo, date of birth, and place of birth. You can’t verify this data with the free government service.

Free online checks won’t give you a quick and thorough result. While you might save money on verification, you risk missing a scam.

Our inspections are comprehensive. We analyze the document’s appearance, watermarks, and all the data. We verify if the person exists and can even find their social media profiles. Details matter, like different document designs and watermarks used at different times. Without expertise, you can’t properly check a Ukrainian passport.

Our verification results include step-by-step reasons why the document is real or fake. We also answer any additional questions.

Our company has the skills, tools, and experience. Since 2010, we’ve checked over 2,000 Ukrainian and Russian passports for our clients. Our checks aren’t free, but they give you an accurate answer about whether the passport is real or fake.

You can trust us. Check a Ukrainian passport now.

Russian scammers pose as Ukrainian women

Emerging Trend: Russian Scammers Masquerading as Ukrainian Women

Life is in a constant state of change, and this applies to the world of online dating scams as well.

Recently, we have noticed an interesting trend. We checked several Ukrainian passports for our clients and found that the photos depicted women from Russian who have long been involved in fraud.

Why is this happening? It’s difficult to determine the exact reason. However, it is suspected that this presents another opportunity for love scammers from Russia to profit. Due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, a common tactic among fraudsters is to deceive individuals into providing money to escape Ukraine and relocate to be with a man.

Apparently, Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine has negatively impacted Russian women. Fraudsters have taken advantage of this situation by pretending to be Ukrainian women trying to escape the war.

Let’s take a look at a specific example.

Anastasiia Chernykh, fake Ukrainian ID card

The client provided a Ukrainian ID card for verification, but our investigation revealed that the document was fraudulent. We then conducted further research to determine the identity of the individual in the photograph.

As it turned out, this was not her first fraudulent experience. For instance, her pictures and instances of duping men on dating websites are visible on a well-known German anti-scamming platform.

russian scammer girl acts on dating site as a woman from Ukraine. Screenshot from a German anti-scam portal

There, she is known as Khrystyna. Additionally, there are bank details for sending ‘help’ to a Ukrainian bank. It is evident that she has one or more accomplices in Ukraine.

It was discovered that this individual possesses talents beyond pretending to be a Ukrainian refugee. Furthermore, numerous photos and videos of her as a webcam model can be found on the internet. By the way, we excel at identifying webcam girls from Ukraine and Russia.

berycole screenshot russian scam

There is much more to write about her.

We managed to find her personal information.

Full name Aleksandra Zhurova (Журова Александра Сергеевна)
Date of birth May 01, 1999
Address 10A Depovskaya Str., apt. 5, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
Phone number +79953581086
Telegram ID @luher


Before you date someone from Ukraine, give us an opportunity to ensure you know exactly who you are talking to

This case is one of many that highlights the importance of verifying the identity of individuals met through dating sites. The nationality of the person, whether Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh, or otherwise, is not relevant. Often, the person you are dealing with may not be who they claim to be, putting your money at risk.

Since 2010, our company has been offering a service for verifying women on dating sites. Our analysts have the necessary experience and tools to identify a girl you’ve met online, check her documents or find out if she’s telling the truth. Our checks are fast, confidential, and reliable. Do not let scammers deceive you!

Main Elements of Ukrainian Citizen Passport Protection and Methods of Their Counterfeiting

Ukrainian Citizen Passport Protection

Importance and meaning of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine

The Ukrainian citizen’s passport is a crucial document for strict accounting and reporting. It holds significant social and legal importance as it contains comprehensive information about the holder and their relationship to Ukrainian citizenship.
The role of a passport in civil law relations

A passport is a legal document that establishes a person’s identity and provides legal capacity in civil law relations. It is also the main document used for notarial acts. Unfortunately, passports are often targeted by criminals, including internet romance scammers.

Issuance Process and Characteristics of a Ukrainian Citizen’s Passport

The Ukrainian citizen’s passport is valid for civil law transactions, banking operations, and issuing powers of attorney for representation before a third party within Ukraine, unless international treaties state otherwise.
The central executive body responsible for citizenship issues issues the passport to citizens upon reaching 16 years of age.

Features of the passport booklet and card

Passport forms are available in two formats: a passport booklet or a passport card. These formats are based on uniform samples approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The passport booklet is a threaded trimmed booklet measuring 88×125 mm, consisting of a cover and 16 numbered pages.

Each page depicts the State Emblem of Ukraine and the passport series and number perforated by printing.

The front cover of the passport displays the word ‘Ukraine’ at the top, followed by the State Emblem of Ukraine and the word ‘Passport’.

The inner left side of the cover features the State Flag of Ukraine and the words ‘Passport of a Citizen of Ukraine’.

What information is entered in the passport of a Ukrainian citizen?

The first and second pages of the passport booklet contain the name, surname and patronymic, date and place of birth. The first page also contains a 35x45mm photograph and a space for the passport holder’s signature. The second page contains information on gender, date of issue and issuing authority, as well as the signature of the official responsible for issuing the passport. The entries are certified with a mastic stamp and the photo is certified with a convex dry (heat seal).

The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth pages are intended for photographs, which are added to the passport after a certain age, and the seventh, eighth, and ninth pages are intended for special marks. The tenth page contains information on the marital status of the passport holder, and the eleventh to sixteenth pages contain information on the registration of the permanent residence of the citizen.

Procedure for additional additions to the passport of a citizen of Ukraine

At the request of a citizen, the passport (pages seven, eight and nine) may be supplemented with data on children, blood group and Rh factor on the basis of relevant documents.

An extract from this regulation is printed on the inside right of the passport cover.

It is forbidden to make entries in the passport, which are not provided for by this regulation or legislative acts of Ukraine.

Methods of authentication of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine

When checking a passport, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether the photo on the first page of the passport has been replaced by pasting over, for this purpose, under different angles of light, it is necessary to examine whether the dry (heat) seal on the passport page blank and on the photo continues.

When checking a passport, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether the photo on the first page of the passport has been replaced by pasting over

This picture shows that the impression of the dry (heat) seal on the passport page blank and on the photo does not continue.

This picture shows that the impression of the dry (heat) seal on the passport page blank and on the photo does not continue

Key aspects of determining the authenticity of a passport photo

This picture shows that the impression of the dry (heat) seal on the blank passport page and on the photo has its continuation.
When checking the lumen of the pages of the original passport, there are watermarks in the form of inscriptions “UKRAINE” all over their surface.

When checking the lumen of the pages of the original passport, there are watermarks in the form of inscriptions "UKRAINE" all over their surface

When the pages of the counterfeit passport are examined, the watermarks in the form of the inscription “UKRAINE” are not clear or not visible at all.

When the pages of the counterfeit passport are examined, the watermarks in the form of the inscription "UKRAINE" are not clear or not visible at all

When the original pages of the passport are examined using an ultraviolet radiation source, the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine in the form of a trident on each page of the passport acquires a light green glow, and protective fibers invisible to the naked eye are observed which glow in light green, pink and blue, and the thread with which the pages of the passport are sewn acquires a light green glow.

When the original pages of the passport are examined using an ultraviolet radiation source, the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine in the form of a trident on each page of the passport acquires a light green glow

When counterfeit passport pages are examined using an ultraviolet radiation source, they do not extinguish their luminescence, but turn a bright light green color, the protective fibers are not visible, and the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine in the form of a trident remains unchanged.

When counterfeit passport pages are examined using an ultraviolet radiation source, they do not extinguish their luminescence, but turn a bright light green color, the protective fibers are not visible, and the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine in the form of a trident remains unchanged

Examining the printed texts on the pages of the original passport, the letters and numbers have a matte surface of strokes; superficial, thin layer arrangement of dye on the paper surface, clear, even edges of strokes, which indicates that the texts were made using printing equipment.

the letters and numbers have a matte surface of strokes; superficial, thin layer arrangement of dye on the paper surface, clear, even edges of strokes, which indicates that the texts were made using printing equipment

Comparison of features of real and fake passports

On the forged passport pages, letters and numbers, although generally similar to the printed ones, have a non-standard structure (uneven structure and size of letters of the same name, uneven spacing between characters, irregular shape of ovals and semi-ovals, etc.), uneven distribution of ink in the strokes, blurred edges of strokes, strokes of letters and numbers are formed by numerous, chaotically arranged, multi-colored, intersecting strokes. ), uneven distribution of the dye in the strokes, blurred, uneven edges of the strokes, strokes of letters and numbers are formed by numerous, chaotically arranged, multicolored, intersecting dots, the dye is located in the thickness of the paper, when the dye is exposed to water it becomes blurred, which indicates that the inscriptions were made using an inkjet printer with a color reproduction method.

On the forged passport pages, letters and numbers, although generally similar to the printed ones

The micro-printed texts on the pages of the original passport have a clear appearance, the same structure and size of letters of the same name, the same spacing between characters, the correct shape of ovals and semi-ovals, and smooth stroke edges.

The micro-printed texts on the pages of the original passport have a clear appearance

Text printed by microprinting on the pages of a forged passport has a blurred appearance, uneven structure and size of letters of the same name, uneven spacing between characters, irregular shapes of ovals and semi-ovals, etc., uneven location of dye in the strokes, blurred, uneven edges of the strokes.

Text printed by microprinting on the pages of a forged passport has a blurred appearance

When examining the series and number of the original passport made by the perforated printing method, there are clear, even edges of the holes that form the letters and numbers, the same distance between them in the same digits.

clear, even edges of the holes that form the letters and numbers, the same distance between them in the same digits

When examining the series and number of the counterfeit passport made by perforated printing, it is unclear where the edges of the holes that form the letters and numbers are located. Additionally, the distance between the holes within the same digits is unequal, and the holes themselves are slightly larger in diameter than those in the original passport.

the distance between the holes within the same digits is unequal, and the holes themselves are slightly larger in diameter than those in the original passport

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  • How much Ukrainian escorts earn in Ukraine and other countries;
  • What working conditions escort agencies offer to models;
  • How to identify and find an escort model from Ukraine.

Escort agencies in Ukraine

Escort agencies in Ukraine advertise for new faces through veiled ads.  These ads may include high-paying work for girls, modeling agency work, or work in luxury apartments.

Work in big cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia.

Ukrainian escort agencies offer girls a salary of 6 to 10,000 USD per month. The agency keeps half of the payment. Individual schedule, a team of professionals, respectful attitude, trusted clients, round-the-clock support. In addition, the agency provides advertising, apartments in the city center, many orders and a daily salary. In fact, girls are offered a lot of money without much effort. And of course, no problems with the police.

Requirements for candidates: age 18-35, cleanliness, punctuality, non-conflict, no alcohol and drug addiction, politeness and ability to communicate. The agencies assure that they guarantee safety and anonymity.

Specialized chat rooms exist where girls offer their services for a fee. The cost is $130 per hour or $650 per night. These chat rooms also contain men seeking financial arrangements with girls in exchange for sex.  In Ukraine, these men are referred to as sponsors.

It is funny that certain Kyiv escorts accept payment through credit cards and even cryptocurrency.

The client can either visit the models or have them come to their apartment.

Certain Kyiv escort agencies advertise a variety of options, including models with silicone breasts, fitness girls, and Instagram models, to cater to different preferences.

The client conditions are very flexible. You can choose an individual, a masseuse, or a dependent, all within your budget.  There is a permanent meeting place available for you, whether it be at your home or while traveling. Special catalogs with profiles are also available.

How Ukrainian escorts work abroad


They invite girls who want to work and earn money. Agencies promise 160-240 Euros per hour + tips. Free tickets, advertising at the expense of the agency. So-called “tours” of 14 days or more. All travel expenses are covered by the agency. The work schedule is negotiable. Accommodation – a room or hotel in the city center.

United States

In America, girls from Ukraine are promised higher earnings. On average, $50,000 per month or $400-600 per hour. The girl takes 70% of the payment, and the escort agency takes 30%.

Accommodation in a 4-star hotel, “tours” from two weeks. The best cities in America.


The employer states that it has been working in this market for more than 5 years, and is looking for women aged 18 to 40. 250 Euros per hour. The distribution of money is 60/40. All expenses for staying in Italy are 50/50. The agency assures that it checks each client.

 Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan

Girls from Ukraine are offered work in comfortable rooms without going to clients, a 50/50 split of money, and visa processing in one day.

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