Russian scammers pose as Ukrainian women

Emerging Trend: Russian Scammers Masquerading as Ukrainian Women

Life is in a constant state of change, and this applies to the world of online dating scams as well.

Recently, we have noticed an interesting trend. We checked several Ukrainian passports for our clients and found that the photos depicted women from Russian who have long been involved in fraud.

Why is this happening? It’s difficult to determine the exact reason. However, it is suspected that this presents another opportunity for love scammers from Russia to profit. Due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, a common tactic among fraudsters is to deceive individuals into providing money to escape Ukraine and relocate to be with a man.

Apparently, Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine has negatively impacted Russian women. Fraudsters have taken advantage of this situation by pretending to be Ukrainian women trying to escape the war.

Let’s take a look at a specific example.

Anastasiia Chernykh, fake Ukrainian ID card

The client provided a Ukrainian ID card for verification, but our investigation revealed that the document was fraudulent. We then conducted further research to determine the identity of the individual in the photograph.

As it turned out, this was not her first fraudulent experience. For instance, her pictures and instances of duping men on dating websites are visible on a well-known German anti-scamming platform.

russian scammer girl acts on dating site as a woman from Ukraine. Screenshot from a German anti-scam portal

There, she is known as Khrystyna. Additionally, there are bank details for sending ‘help’ to a Ukrainian bank. It is evident that she has one or more accomplices in Ukraine.

It was discovered that this individual possesses talents beyond pretending to be a Ukrainian refugee. Furthermore, numerous photos and videos of her as a webcam model can be found on the internet. By the way, we excel at identifying webcam girls from Ukraine and Russia.

berycole screenshot russian scam

There is much more to write about her.

We managed to find her personal information.

Full name Aleksandra Zhurova (Журова Александра Сергеевна)
Date of birth May 01, 1999
Address 10A Depovskaya Str., apt. 5, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
Phone number +79953581086
Telegram ID @luher


Before you date someone from Ukraine, give us an opportunity to ensure you know exactly who you are talking to

This case is one of many that highlights the importance of verifying the identity of individuals met through dating sites. The nationality of the person, whether Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh, or otherwise, is not relevant. Often, the person you are dealing with may not be who they claim to be, putting your money at risk.

Since 2010, our company has been offering a service for verifying women on dating sites. Our analysts have the necessary experience and tools to identify a girl you’ve met online, check her documents or find out if she’s telling the truth. Our checks are fast, confidential, and reliable. Do not let scammers deceive you!

Main Elements of Ukrainian Citizen Passport Protection and Methods of Their Counterfeiting

Ukrainian Citizen Passport Protection

Importance and meaning of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine

The Ukrainian citizen’s passport is a crucial document for strict accounting and reporting. It holds significant social and legal importance as it contains comprehensive information about the holder and their relationship to Ukrainian citizenship.
The role of a passport in civil law relations

A passport is a legal document that establishes a person’s identity and provides legal capacity in civil law relations. It is also the main document used for notarial acts. Unfortunately, passports are often targeted by criminals, including internet romance scammers.

Issuance Process and Characteristics of a Ukrainian Citizen’s Passport

The Ukrainian citizen’s passport is valid for civil law transactions, banking operations, and issuing powers of attorney for representation before a third party within Ukraine, unless international treaties state otherwise.
The central executive body responsible for citizenship issues issues the passport to citizens upon reaching 16 years of age.

Features of the passport booklet and card

Passport forms are available in two formats: a passport booklet or a passport card. These formats are based on uniform samples approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The passport booklet is a threaded trimmed booklet measuring 88×125 mm, consisting of a cover and 16 numbered pages.

Each page depicts the State Emblem of Ukraine and the passport series and number perforated by printing.

The front cover of the passport displays the word ‘Ukraine’ at the top, followed by the State Emblem of Ukraine and the word ‘Passport’.

The inner left side of the cover features the State Flag of Ukraine and the words ‘Passport of a Citizen of Ukraine’.

What information is entered in the passport of a Ukrainian citizen?

The first and second pages of the passport booklet contain the name, surname and patronymic, date and place of birth. The first page also contains a 35x45mm photograph and a space for the passport holder’s signature. The second page contains information on gender, date of issue and issuing authority, as well as the signature of the official responsible for issuing the passport. The entries are certified with a mastic stamp and the photo is certified with a convex dry (heat seal).

The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth pages are intended for photographs, which are added to the passport after a certain age, and the seventh, eighth, and ninth pages are intended for special marks. The tenth page contains information on the marital status of the passport holder, and the eleventh to sixteenth pages contain information on the registration of the permanent residence of the citizen.

Procedure for additional additions to the passport of a citizen of Ukraine

At the request of a citizen, the passport (pages seven, eight and nine) may be supplemented with data on children, blood group and Rh factor on the basis of relevant documents.

An extract from this regulation is printed on the inside right of the passport cover.

It is forbidden to make entries in the passport, which are not provided for by this regulation or legislative acts of Ukraine.

Methods of authentication of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine

When checking a passport, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether the photo on the first page of the passport has been replaced by pasting over, for this purpose, under different angles of light, it is necessary to examine whether the dry (heat) seal on the passport page blank and on the photo continues.

When checking a passport, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether the photo on the first page of the passport has been replaced by pasting over

This picture shows that the impression of the dry (heat) seal on the passport page blank and on the photo does not continue.

This picture shows that the impression of the dry (heat) seal on the passport page blank and on the photo does not continue

Key aspects of determining the authenticity of a passport photo

This picture shows that the impression of the dry (heat) seal on the blank passport page and on the photo has its continuation.
When checking the lumen of the pages of the original passport, there are watermarks in the form of inscriptions “UKRAINE” all over their surface.

When checking the lumen of the pages of the original passport, there are watermarks in the form of inscriptions "UKRAINE" all over their surface

When the pages of the counterfeit passport are examined, the watermarks in the form of the inscription “UKRAINE” are not clear or not visible at all.

When the pages of the counterfeit passport are examined, the watermarks in the form of the inscription "UKRAINE" are not clear or not visible at all

When the original pages of the passport are examined using an ultraviolet radiation source, the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine in the form of a trident on each page of the passport acquires a light green glow, and protective fibers invisible to the naked eye are observed which glow in light green, pink and blue, and the thread with which the pages of the passport are sewn acquires a light green glow.

When the original pages of the passport are examined using an ultraviolet radiation source, the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine in the form of a trident on each page of the passport acquires a light green glow

When counterfeit passport pages are examined using an ultraviolet radiation source, they do not extinguish their luminescence, but turn a bright light green color, the protective fibers are not visible, and the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine in the form of a trident remains unchanged.

When counterfeit passport pages are examined using an ultraviolet radiation source, they do not extinguish their luminescence, but turn a bright light green color, the protective fibers are not visible, and the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine in the form of a trident remains unchanged

Examining the printed texts on the pages of the original passport, the letters and numbers have a matte surface of strokes; superficial, thin layer arrangement of dye on the paper surface, clear, even edges of strokes, which indicates that the texts were made using printing equipment.

the letters and numbers have a matte surface of strokes; superficial, thin layer arrangement of dye on the paper surface, clear, even edges of strokes, which indicates that the texts were made using printing equipment

Comparison of features of real and fake passports

On the forged passport pages, letters and numbers, although generally similar to the printed ones, have a non-standard structure (uneven structure and size of letters of the same name, uneven spacing between characters, irregular shape of ovals and semi-ovals, etc.), uneven distribution of ink in the strokes, blurred edges of strokes, strokes of letters and numbers are formed by numerous, chaotically arranged, multi-colored, intersecting strokes. ), uneven distribution of the dye in the strokes, blurred, uneven edges of the strokes, strokes of letters and numbers are formed by numerous, chaotically arranged, multicolored, intersecting dots, the dye is located in the thickness of the paper, when the dye is exposed to water it becomes blurred, which indicates that the inscriptions were made using an inkjet printer with a color reproduction method.

On the forged passport pages, letters and numbers, although generally similar to the printed ones

The micro-printed texts on the pages of the original passport have a clear appearance, the same structure and size of letters of the same name, the same spacing between characters, the correct shape of ovals and semi-ovals, and smooth stroke edges.

The micro-printed texts on the pages of the original passport have a clear appearance

Text printed by microprinting on the pages of a forged passport has a blurred appearance, uneven structure and size of letters of the same name, uneven spacing between characters, irregular shapes of ovals and semi-ovals, etc., uneven location of dye in the strokes, blurred, uneven edges of the strokes.

Text printed by microprinting on the pages of a forged passport has a blurred appearance

When examining the series and number of the original passport made by the perforated printing method, there are clear, even edges of the holes that form the letters and numbers, the same distance between them in the same digits.

clear, even edges of the holes that form the letters and numbers, the same distance between them in the same digits

When examining the series and number of the counterfeit passport made by perforated printing, it is unclear where the edges of the holes that form the letters and numbers are located. Additionally, the distance between the holes within the same digits is unequal, and the holes themselves are slightly larger in diameter than those in the original passport.

the distance between the holes within the same digits is unequal, and the holes themselves are slightly larger in diameter than those in the original passport

Secure Your Peace of Mind: Order a Ukrainian Passport Verification Today

Ordering a verification of a Ukrainian passport is highly recommended. Our company has been providing this service since 2010 and has extensive experience and expertise in this area. We have successfully verified over 1000 Ukrainian passports. Our service saves clients both time and money.

Our checks are fast, affordable, and confidential. Results are delivered within 24 hours of payment. Orders can be conveniently placed and paid for online through our website.

The person being checked will not be aware of this process.

Order a Ukrainian passport check today to protect yourself from fraudsters.

Detect lies in correspondence when dating a girl from Ukraine

lie detection service for correspondence with a Ukrainian girl

Are you unsure if a girl you met online from Ukraine is being truthful? Do you have suspicions about her behavior or are you unable to verify how she is using your money?

Our analysis will review her messages and determine if she is being dishonest with you.

Ukrainian women are popular on dating sites because of their attractiveness, responsiveness, and faithfulness, making them suitable for starting a family. But be warned! You cannot judge a book by it’s cover in any country. Therefore, men should be cautious before and when providing financial assistance. It is normal to help someone you care about, but unfortunately, some of these seemingly attractive and responsive Ukrainian women are not faithful and they will scam you.

Common lies told by Ukrainian women

Women from Ukraine on dating sites frequently fabricate stories about the war to explain their need to leave the war zone, move to Poland, transport children or parents, take a taxi, etc. It is important to be cautious and verify the information provided on dating sites.

Additionally, we frequently hear tales of false debts, her being detained (due to bribery) at the border, and even being compelled to serve in the military because she has a special skill set – like being a Nurse.

We have encountered numerous false claims of her having a severe illnesses, surgeries, costly treatments, and even fabricated pregnancies.

Professional certification

We know how to detect lies in correspondence especially as it relates when dating a girl from Ukraine. Our Analisyst attend and gratuate from a professional certification course in deceptive writing anyalitics. This is the same course that law enforcement and civilan detectives attend here.

As native Ukrainians residing in Ukraine, we possess a deep understanding of the current situation, culture, and social norms. With over a decade of experience in the field, we have checked and verified hundreds of women on dating sites, saving our clients both time and money.

How to order the service and what results to expect

To order our lie detection service for correspondence with a Ukrainian girl, simply send us her emails and specify your concerns. Our team of detectives will analyze her messages and provide you with detailed results, including any red flags and an explanation of whether she is being truthful or deceptive. Results are typically available within 24 hours.

What is the price of this service

200 USD

How to pay?
Payment methods available:

  • credit card
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • wire transfer (SWIFT)


How Ukrainian scammers use real passports to deceive victims

How to Safeguard Your Heart and Wallet from Ukrainian Passport Scammers

The Danger Lurking Behind Authenticity: Unveiling the Perfect Ukrainian Passport Scam

In this scheme, dating scammers from Ukraine use real passports. An image of a passport that actually exists. The scammer gets it from the Internet. These are special forums or groups in social networks where they publish what has been found/lost in order to find the owners of lost documents.

Next, love scammers find the social networks of the person whose passport they are using and communicate with potential victims on their behalf. This is where the scammers’ imagination comes into play. Depending on the photos at their disposal, they create an appropriate legend (young girl, mature lady, divorced, woman with children, widow, etc.).

The danger is that you will never be able to recognize that this passport is problematic. De jure, it is authentic. All the data is valid, the watermarks are real, and most importantly, the person really exists. It is a perfect Ukrainian passport.

Accordingly, the scammer will avoid video communication at all costs. This Ukrainian girl will tell you that her phone was stolen or broke, there is no Internet, she is in a bad mood… and 150 other reasons. In other words, you will never see her in person. And even if you do, the picture will be so shitty that you won’t understand anything. And if you start asking questions, she’ll blame you: “You don’t trust me”, “I’ve done so much for you”, “I just want us to be together”…

Stay Vigilant: Detecting and Avoiding Romance Scams with Professional Verification Services

To avoid such dangerous situations and quickly check out a girl from Ukraine, use our services. We are able to detect such passports, identify them as problematic and find the actual forums/sites/groups where this information was published. Even if you cannot find them on the open Internet. We have the experience to save you time and money.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the good guys. We have more than 10 years of experience, over 1000 successful verifications of Ukrainian women from dating sites and hundreds of grateful clients from all over the world. She will not know anything about this check and the result is ready in less than 24 hours.

How Ukrainian girls work as escorts

Ukraine escort girls
Are you someone who loves luxury, knows how to communicate effectively, and has no inhibitions, but struggles to achieve the best results? We can help! We are offering a job in Kyiv where you can earn up to $3000 per month
. This is a typical ad text from a special group where a Ukrainian escort agency is looking for new models.

In this article you will find out:

  • In which Ukrainian cities there are escort services;
  • How much Ukrainian escorts earn in Ukraine and other countries;
  • What working conditions escort agencies offer to models;
  • How to identify and find an escort model from Ukraine.

Escort agencies in Ukraine

Escort agencies in Ukraine advertise for new faces through veiled ads.  These ads may include high-paying work for girls, modeling agency work, or work in luxury apartments.

Work in big cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia.

Ukrainian escort agencies offer girls a salary of 6 to 10,000 USD per month. The agency keeps half of the payment. Individual schedule, a team of professionals, respectful attitude, trusted clients, round-the-clock support. In addition, the agency provides advertising, apartments in the city center, many orders and a daily salary. In fact, girls are offered a lot of money without much effort. And of course, no problems with the police.

Requirements for candidates: age 18-35, cleanliness, punctuality, non-conflict, no alcohol and drug addiction, politeness and ability to communicate. The agencies assure that they guarantee safety and anonymity.

Specialized chat rooms exist where girls offer their services for a fee. The cost is $130 per hour or $650 per night. These chat rooms also contain men seeking financial arrangements with girls in exchange for sex.  In Ukraine, these men are referred to as sponsors.

It is funny that certain Kyiv escorts accept payment through credit cards and even cryptocurrency.

The client can either visit the models or have them come to their apartment.

Certain Kyiv escort agencies advertise a variety of options, including models with silicone breasts, fitness girls, and Instagram models, to cater to different preferences.

The client conditions are very flexible. You can choose an individual, a masseuse, or a dependent, all within your budget.  There is a permanent meeting place available for you, whether it be at your home or while traveling. Special catalogs with profiles are also available.

How Ukrainian escorts work abroad


They invite girls who want to work and earn money. Agencies promise 160-240 Euros per hour + tips. Free tickets, advertising at the expense of the agency. So-called “tours” of 14 days or more. All travel expenses are covered by the agency. The work schedule is negotiable. Accommodation – a room or hotel in the city center.

United States

In America, girls from Ukraine are promised higher earnings. On average, $50,000 per month or $400-600 per hour. The girl takes 70% of the payment, and the escort agency takes 30%.

Accommodation in a 4-star hotel, “tours” from two weeks. The best cities in America.


The employer states that it has been working in this market for more than 5 years, and is looking for women aged 18 to 40. 250 Euros per hour. The distribution of money is 60/40. All expenses for staying in Italy are 50/50. The agency assures that it checks each client.

 Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan

Girls from Ukraine are offered work in comfortable rooms without going to clients, a 50/50 split of money, and visa processing in one day.

Identify an escort model from Ukraine

Our company has been screening girls from Ukraine since 2010. We will help you find the right girl you are looking for. Photo identification, document verification, etc. Write to us and get the result in a short time.

Are Ukrainian women allowed to cross the border during the war

ukrainian border Since the outbreak of the war of russia against Ukraine, there has been ongoing speculation and concern regarding the travel restrictions imposed on Ukrainian women. Various misleading claims have surfaced, creating confusion and anxiety. Clarifying the actual regulations regarding Ukrainian women crossing the border during the war is crucial to dispel misconceptions and provide accurate information.

The Ever-Evolving Tactics of Fraudsters

What do flies, elephants, and scammers all share? They never sleep. Fraudsters are constantly improving their fraudulent tactics to stay ahead of the curve. They adapt to the circumstances and try to capitalize on it. We’ve noticed a new trend in what we’re doing. Let’s say an American man connects with a Ukrainian woman through a dating website. This woman is attractive, youthful, and comes from a decent family. She currently has a job, but what she does is not very significant. What matters is that she previously studied at a medical college (or any other medical institution and is a nurse or other medical specialty). They talk and decide to meet. She plans to come to the United States, where he will be her knight in shining armor and rescue her from the war. Under this hype, the newly minted prince pays for everything she needs: a Ukrainian passport for traveling abroad, a visa to the United States (which is a separate fraudulent matter), medical certificates, escape from the war zone, taxis, rent, etc. During this epic, this beauty queen can potentially scam more money because she is not traveling ALONE. She’s got parents, brother or even a fucking cat! For instance, her parents need urgent medical treatment, her phone is broken, and her tooth is sore.

The Deceptive Romance: A Story of Financial Exploitation

The moment of truth has arrived. She is taking a bus to Poland, Romania, or Hungary, or wherever her travels may take her, where she will board a plane and journey to meet you. While you count down the hours until her arrival, she sends you a distressing message: “Hi dear, I’ve been detained at the border. According to the officers, I’m liable for military service. This is because, many years ago, when I was very young, I attended a medical college to study nursing. And now I am restricted from leaving Ukraine due to my military status and registration”. Usually, at this point, you will be offered to pay off the Ukrainian border guards for a certain amount of money (say, $1500). You can either pay immediately and the scammer will continue to dupe you with another scheme, or you can take a break. The fraudster will return to Ukraine in tears and send you a picture of her diploma along with an article from the internet claiming that women from Ukraine are banned from traveling abroad.

Understanding Travel Restrictions and Martial Law

Who is generally prohibited from traveling abroad in Ukraine in connection with Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the imposition of martial law? Men aged 18-60 are forbidden from leaving Ukraine during martial law. However, there are some exceptions, such as being unfit for military service, having three or more minor children, or caring for a person or child with a disability. Starting on October 1, 2023, women who have medical or pharmaceutical training and register for military service and become liable for military duty will have travel restrictions. Peaceful professions related to specific military-registered specialties may also register for military service if they agree voluntarily.

Ukrainian Women’s Travel Rights and Military Service

Free consent is crucial. For this reason, no one will be suddenly detained at the border. Instead, the person must inform the military registration and enlistment office and comply with the registration process. If there is no consEnt and she has not registered with the military enlistment office, then no one can stop a woman from crossing the border into Ukraine.
Currently, women registered for military service face no restrictions. Additionally, border guards lack the ability to confirm if a woman is a doctor, liable for military service, or registered in the records. The Ministry of Defense is working on a unified electronic register for persons liable for military service, but it is unclear how long this will take. Fraudsters in their emotional letters may reference Government Resolution No. 57, which outlines the rules for crossing the border during martial law and identifies who can and cannot leave. However, this Resolution does not address the restrictions for women liable for military service. That is the only relevant information. The doctors we spoke with who often travel abroad say they have experienced no travel issues thus far. “I’m a registered doctor, and there is no current travel ban in effect. At our routine check-up at the military office, we learned that a separate government decision would be necessary to impose such a ban.” As of today, no such decision has been made.

Trustworthy Assistance and Confidential Verification

If this situation is familiar to you, I urge you to investigate the person you are communicating with. We can assist you with this matter. We possess valuable expertise, proficiency, and resources, having handled over 2000 similar cases since 2010. We can determine the individual’s true identity, including their diploma, passport, and overall identity if any falsification has occurred. Everything she tells you, everything she asks for… we can verify. As Ukrainian residents, we have a comprehensive understanding of the current situation in our country. Scammers always attempt to make their targets confused. They create stressful situations or sudden changes. Your best defense is a clear head and critical thinking. We are here to assist with everything else. You can trust us. The verification will stay confidential. Our results are precise and available within 24 hours. You can pay using a credit card or PayPal.

5 Steps for Ukrainian Girls in their First Month in the United States

pretty ukrainian girl
A simple guide for your Ukrainian girlfriend who moved to the US. With these steps, she will feel more at home in the US.

It’s normal to feel confused and alone during your initial month in the US. However, it’s vital not to be stuck in this state. The best way for Ukrainian girls to adjust to their new country, status, and culture in the US is to take action. Here are the first steps you should take when you arrive on American soil.

Finding your first job in the USA

If you do not urgently need money, it’s wise to begin searching for a job in the US shortly after you arrive. Initially, this will provide you with the chance to garner experience, expand your social network, and enhance your language abilities all in one place. Additionally, securing employment quickly and on the first attempt is uncommon, so it’s best not to squander time.

Where and how to search depends on your qualifications. If you possess a popular profession, such as technical or IT specialties, fluent English, and sufficient funds, consider applying to American companies. Begin by drafting a resume and preparing for an interview.

However, it could be the opposite situation as well, where a Ukrainian girl is unable to compete with Americans after migrating to the United States. In such cases, beginning in an industry that requires no experience or allows for quick and free training (such as cleaning, elderly care, or waitressing) is a good option. Many job boards in the United States will offer numerous suitable vacancies. Though the job may be temporary, it can provide you with money, a chance to experience life in America, and the opportunity to make friends. Plus, in many industries, you can progress in both pay and positions, possibly even making it a permanent career.

Open a bank account

A strong credit history in America holds greater weight than any personal recommendations. Begin building it as soon as possible. To start, open an account at a big bank. You’ll need data about your place of residency, money to put on the card, and two types of ID (if you don’t have a Social Security number). You’ll get a debit card immediately and a credit card later. Use it regularly, meet payment deadlines, and accumulate credit points. The higher your credit score, the simpler it becomes to obtain a loan for a home or a car. Physical cards are sent through mail within a week, whereas digital cards are accessible instantly.

Get a US driver’s license

You can utilize your Ukrainian driver’s license in the United States. This is permissible for a duration of 3 to 6 months, which varies according to the state. Subsequently, it is recommended that you obtain an American license before the expiration date. In the absence of a license, acquiring one is necessary since the US transport system is primarily car-oriented.

In general, to get a driver’s license in the US, you must complete a training program and pass both a written and driving test. Some states, like Illinois, Florida, New York, and California, offer the written exam in Russian. You can prepare for the test at a driving school or on your own, but you must pay for the exams. After passing, you will receive a paper license immediately, with a plastic one mailed to you later.

Sign up for English language courses – ESL

Fluent English is important for adapting to a new society. You can find ads for language schools and tutors on any American classifieds website. But be patient: the government supports immigrants through the English as a Second Language program. These courses are often free or less expensive than private classes, and they are offered at schools, colleges, and libraries. These courses are perfect for Ukrainian women: they focus on practical classes for written and spoken language. They are offered in all states and cities and can be found on the U. S. Department of Education website.

Get your social security number

A Social Security number is a nine-digit identifier unique to an individual. It can be used for various purposes, including employment, taxes, and accessing government services.

For citizens and residents of the country, this number has no expiration date. Migrants with a work visa may receive a temporary number. However, the number may be invalid for employment as it is sometimes issued without a work permit.

SSNs are issued only once in a person’s lifetime. It streamlines your time in the country, yet obtaining a driver’s license, opening a bank account, and enrolling your child in school can still be accomplished without it. It is necessary to reach out to the Social Security Administration office directly and submit the required documents (they will provide guidance). There is no charge for this service, and the SSN card will be mailed within 1-6 weeks.

Check your Ukrainian girlfriend before she arrives in the US

Sometimes we make our plans by blindly trusting someone. For instance, a man from the United States meets a charming woman from Ukraine on a dating site. She is beautiful, caring, and from a good family, among other things. However, it is important to remember that these are only words, and it is better to verify them. Internet scammers are experts in psychology and can easily deceive anyone. You could potentially lose thousands of dollars without ever meeting your beloved from Ukraine. She may ask for money to relocate to a safe zone due to the war, obtain a Ukrainian passport for international travel, secure medical insurance, cover expenses for tickets, food, rent, and more.

You can rely on us. Our company has been screening ladies from Ukraine since 2010 and has  assisted countless American men. Checking whether she is legit, verifying her passport, photo, or phone number poses no challenge for us. Our findings are precise and available in 24 hours.

How to report a case of fraud to the Ukrainian police

report the Ukrainian police about a scammer
This is a short guide for reporting illegal activities and potential fraud to Ukrainian authorities.  Follow the step-by-step directions.

If you know about fraud in Ukraine and want to reach out to the National Police of Ukraine, here’s how you can do it. Gather as much proof as you can regarding the crime. Personal information such as names, addresses, (potentially related to the scammer’s contacts), documents (copies or originals), pictures, recordings, messages (screenshots), phone numbers, credit card numbers, receipts, checks, tickets, and any other identifying information that could suggest criminal activity.

All the evidence needs to be included with your application in the prescribed format. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Order No. 100 dated 08.02.2019 prescribes the process for accepting such statements, for maintaining a unified record of statements, and reports of criminal offenses and other incidents by police agencies and units. If you mail your document to Ukraine, you must provide the name and contact information of the organization and its head, along with your personal details and proof attached, such as address and phone number.

How can I report fraud to the Ukrainian authorities while I am in the United States?

Since you’re probably not in Ukraine, the best way to reach the Ukrainian authorities is to email the police department with the correct email address. This is also not so clear-cut, as there are three options where you can go:

  1. to the e-mail address of the National Police of Ukraine. However, most likely, your appeal will be forwarded to the territorial unit where the crime was committed;
  2. to the email address of the Cyberpolice of Ukraine. This unit handles solving these types of crimes with more specialized and human resources.
  3. to the email address of the district police department where the fraud happened.

Sending one appeal to all possible addresses may not guarantee better results, but it is still worth considering. The mailing and email locations of the Ukrainian law enforcement are easily accessible online.

Investigative services Ukraine

Our company has been conducting online background checks on women since 2010. We are a Ukrainian business, operating from Ukraine. We specialize in background checks, passport verification, photo identification, consultations, and analytics. One of our services is helping to prosecute scammers from Ukraine. We don’t wait around like the police. We’re ready to take action immediately and give you real-time advice.

We saved our clients from all over the world a lot of time, nerves, and money. Contact us right now.

Find a girl from OnlyFans

background check on onlyfans model

Trying to investigate one of the OnlyFans models? Our service can assist you in identifying the specific model from OnlyFans. We guarantee to provide you with the accurate identity or offer you a full refund.

The girls on OnlyFans are special. They drive millions of men around the world crazy: seductive shapes, interesting images, the embodiment of your dreams. Thousands of profiles, millions of photos. OnlyFans has a lot of girls from Ukraine, Russia, and other countries. While OnlyFans allows you to engage with models by subscribing, many seek more profound connections and authenticity. That’s where our expertise comes into play. We offer a comprehensive background check service, designed to reveal the real identity of an OnlyFans performer, including their name, phone number, and more.

Unfortunately, numerous girls partner with dating sites and get involved in scams. Scams include extortion of money, fabrication of documents, fake debts, bribes at border crossings, fake medical treatment and other deceitful practices. Our company has been diligently screening women on dating websites since 2010, equipped with the necessary expertise, tools, and a commitment to safeguarding your privacy.

How to Order a Model Search Service on OnlyFans:

  1. Provide us with the relevant details of the OnlyFans girl for whom you require additional information, including how she introduced herself to you, her photographs, a link to her profile, and any other pertinent information.
  2. Pay for our services, with a service fee of $399, conveniently payable via credit card or PayPal on our secure portal.
  3. Once your payment is confirmed, expect to receive the results within 24 hours, ensuring a seamless experience.

OnlyFans girls from Ukraine and Russia

OnlyFans is available in several countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as Australia, India, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela. However, it is restricted in certain regions like South Africa. In Ukraine, the selling of intimate photos is considered unlawful, although OnlyFans is not prohibited. There have not been any punishments for selling intimate pictures on OnlyFans in Russia and Belarus. But, both countries have criminal laws against producing and distributing pornography. You could face four years in jail in Belarus and six years in Russia./>

How much does this service cost

399 USD

How to pay?
Payment methods available:

  • credit card
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • wire transfer (SWIFT)


Frequently asked questions:

What countries does your service cover?

While we primarily focus on Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, we can still attempt to find models from different countries on OnlyFans.

What if you can’t find the information I need?

Then we’ll give you your money back. We cannot promise a 100% outcome. Just remember that many OnlyFans performers try not to be recognized, but we still achieve the desired outcome.

What other services do you offer?

We’re skilled in verifying women on dating sites. Our expertise includes passport and ID checks, phone and address verification, validation of medical and educational documents, monitoring of dating sites and social networks, and more. Additionally, we provide consulting services.

I have additional questions. How can I contact you?

If you have additional questions or need assistance, you can reach out to us anytime. We prioritize personal contact, and our dedicated team is available to assist you. You can find our phone number and messenger contact information on our website.

How to protect against romance scams

ukrainian romance scam protectionPeople spend most of their free time on the Internet, visiting all kinds of dating sites. Some want to pass the time with interesting conversations, others are quite serious about finding a serious relationship. Often you get messages with compliments and offers to get to know strangers. Of course, it’s possible to find nice and nice people, or to fall for a romantic scam.

How do love scammers choose their victims?

Any kind of fraud is sneaky, but romantic fraudsters are a special kind of crook. They skillfully waste their victims’ time and their money by entering into trust, promising love for the ages. Proven and reliable dating sites will not be insurance against the villains for whom they are a “gold mine”.

Which category of users do scammers prey on first?

  1. People aged 45+.
  2. Widows, divorced, abandoned.
  3. Single moms looking for a father for their children.
  4. Men dreaming of beauty and divine love.

Today social networks, apps and dating sites are popular with millions of people. They communicate, find new friends and a soul mate. Fortunately, not everyone falls for the “hook” of con artists. The main rule – do not put feelings above logical thinking and do not lose vigilance.

Three basic steps of love scammers to your heart and wallet

Romance scammers follow a single pattern.

  1. Attract a potential victim

The first sign is a fake profile to help maintain anonymity. Pay attention to the amount of filled in information and photos. Attackers are attracted by the high status of a man – a serviceman, a rich man, an employee of a foreign mission, a humanitarian organization.

Love scammers gain trust by copying the victim’s hobbies and interests. Too many coincidences? Think about it. It is expensive to believe in such coincidences. Try to interest the wealth from the first communication: flaunt expensive accessories, cars, houses and other elements of luxury.

It is also possible to fall for a romantic scam outside of dating sites. Such scammers send an SMS to a mobile number, then claim to be the wrong subscriber, luring them into dating and conversation.

  1. Relationship/communication without meeting in person

When the perpetrators have reached a person’s interest, they try to start a serious relationship. The actions are quite persistent: hundreds of compliments, begin to tell about intimate things and feelings, send gifts (sometimes).

The first bell of “scam” is a declaration of love in the first days/weeks of communication. But scammers can also write romantic messages for months, promising to come.

Of course, there are real situations of falling in love and mutual sympathy. But, it is almost impossible to distinguish falsity from the truth. The key sign of deception is the scammer’s refusal to meet in person.

  1. Asking to lend/transfer money, citing a life situation

When the victim’s heart is conquered, the next stage of the hunt begins – financial. The scammer’s problems come to a head:

  • Relatives fall ill, expensive treatment is needed;
  • There is no opportunity to buy a ticket to the beloved, and dreams of a meeting keep him awake at night;
  • They are offered a profitable investment, but the money is not enough.

Romantic scammers are very inventive and the reasons for needing a loan are completely different. The victim in love does not leave the lover in a difficult financial situation and seeks to help. This is a huge mistake, especially if there was no personal meeting with the person.

Life examples – a reason to think!

Unfortunately, there are many unpleasant situations that have emptied the accounts of naive dating site users. Below are some of them.

Example #1. A long-distance love affair with a serviceman

She met a young military man on one of the resources, and from the first minutes a fascinating conversation ensued. The guy talked about everyday army life, was gallant and attentive. Over time, communication moved to WhatsApp and there for the first time there were words about love.

The man assured he would visit his beloved after he finished his military service. There was a three-month wait, but thoughts of not having enough money for a ticket kept him going. He wrote to the girl in love and wanting to see her sooner, so she sent the necessary amount. The man disappeared from the messenger, along with promises and money.

Example #2. False investment in a common family future

A stranger writes to the user, introducing himself as the CEO of a well-known company, an entrepreneur, or other wealthy person. He begins to rub one’s confidence, demonstrating the “charms” of his luxurious rich life, talking about unique methods of enrichment, plans for business development, etc.

Later, there are offers to invest in a “profitable” business, allegedly a way to increase income tested on “his own skin”. Naturally, such fake “business opportunities” are an opportunity for fraudsters to get their hands on someone else’s money.

How to protect yourself from romantic scams?

To avoid becoming a victim of a fake online affair, check out the tips below.

  • Lack of specificity and incorrectness in what is written. Pay attention to the literacy of what is written. An entrepreneur cannot write with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Remember what the interlocutor says about himself. It is not uncommon for scammers to be confused about what they said, if they conceal the identity of several potential victims. The person categorically refuses to meet in real life, to communicate via video communication, constantly coming up with various excuses;
  • A declaration of love after a short time is a good reason to think about it;
  • Checking the reality of photos. Romantic scammers often use photos of other people. You can check their authenticity by using services TinEye, Ukrainian Passport or Google, which help to understand who owns the images. Enter in the search engine the field of activity and the full name of the person with the keywords: “online dating scams”, “romance scams”, “scammer”;
  • Money Transfer. Without meeting in real life, do not send finances to the person.

Caught in the “hook” of swindlers? We recommend that you do the following:

  • Block bank cards by contacting the support service. Such action is necessary if the scammer knows personal data. Periodically change your passwords. This way you will keep your bank accounts safe;
  • File a complaint to the police, providing correspondence and other tangible evidence;
  • Exposing the cheater publicly in a social network, application, dating site where the acquaintance took place. In this way you can protect and warn others from being cheated.

The percentage of repayment is minimal, but soothing your soul and pride will allow you to catch a criminal who did a mean thing to another person’s feelings.

Ukrainian Passport – a guarantee of safety of your hearts and money accounts.

For 13 years our company has built up a team of experienced specialists dealing with Russian or Ukrainian passport background checks. Avoiding a romantic scam is quite realistic by turning to qualified professionals for help.