Here you can read some feedback of our clients about ukrainian-passport.com

Thanks for a good job, what an eye-opener.

Glen, Canada

Your company was most helpful and saved me from wasting more time and money on something I suspected was not real. I will absolutely use you in the future and thank you very much.

Mr. J., Canada

You have saved me lots of money which would have gone down the drain. I only wish I had used your services before getting in touch with the girl. Three months of my life wasted. Thank you for the service.

Mr. N., United States

I had an exceptional experience with their service. In just a single day, I gained a ton of understanding about the intricacies of international dating, as well as tailored details concerning the woman I had been corresponding with for nearly ten months. The customer service was exemplary; their representative displayed a remarkable eagerness to communicate via phone or text, and I felt a genuine commitment from their side to assist me. If you’re considering international dating, this service is indispensable — a true game-changer in the world of international dating.

Andres, United States

Zuerst dachte ich, dass diese Seite auch nur ein weiterer Betrug ist, nur auf eine andere Weise. Aber dann habe ich die YouTube Videos des Inhabers dieser Firma gesehen und diese haben mich überzeugt, es zumindest einmal zu versuchen. Also, habe ich erstmal nur einen Ausweis-Check hier gebucht und vorab bezahlt. Und ich war sehr positiv überrascht. Es wurde mir nicht nur geschrieben, dass der Ausweis gefälscht ist, sondern auch genau erklärt wieso. Dann habe ich das ganze Paket gebucht. Und ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Man hat das richtige Geburtsdatum, die richtige Adresse, den richtigen Namen und Internetprofile von der Frau / der Betrügerin gefunden. Ich bin wirklich sehr zufrieden und werde diesen Service hier in Zukunft öfter nutzen. Ich kann es jedem empfehlen!

Mr. O., Germany

Thank you very much, I may have spent $195, but I saved thousands and got nothing in return for her scam. Sometimes a little work pays off!

Jerry, USA

Dude you are the fucking best! you must love your job.

Mr. R., USA

Amazing results!!! Appreciate all your help and fabulous work!

Mr. J., USA

I wish I had found you guys a long time ago! Your service is a fantastic opportunity to save a tremendous amount of money!

Mr. J., USA

I am very satisfied. Your research has given me more confidence about my interactions with this person. You have answered some questions I had, and given me enough information to find my own answers to some other questions.

Mr. D., Australia

You guys just saved my ass!

Mr. D., United States

Thank you. I received more than I expected and it met my needs perfectly. I will turn to you again as the need arises.

Mr. J., United States

Great job! Thank you a lot, you save me a lot of unnecessary actions 😊

Mr. T., Poland

I am very pleased with the speed and professionalism of your service. Thank you for helping me avoid further pain. I was referred to you by my friend. I will use your service in the future and refer any friend in the same situation to you. You have saved me a lot of money and educated me on how not to get scammed in the future. I am grateful.

Mr. R., USA

Herkese selam. Konuya direk giriyorum. Ukraynalı bir kız ile evlilik amaçlı ukrainedate.com sitesinde tanıştım ve bana telefonu verdikten sonra hayatım kararmaya başladı. Kısaca $2700 kadar dolandırıldım. En sonunda geç oldu ama şüphelendim ve bu kızın gerçekte kim olduğuna dair bilgi bulmak için Google da arama yaptım ve bu site karşıma çıktı. Whatsapp ile iletişim kurdum. Dolandırıcı kızın bilgilerini verdim ve 10 dakika gibi kısa bir zaman da bu sitenin bana sağladığı bilgiler ile konuştuğum kızın profesyonel bir dolandırıcı olduğunu anladım. Biraz geç oldu ama daha fazla para kaptırmadıysam bu sitenin sahibi arkadaşa borçluyum. Verdiğiniz paraya değiyor ve doğru bilgileri size veriyor. Bu hizmeti veren kişiye çok teşekkür ederim. Acı ama gözünüzün açılmasını sağlıyorlar.

Mr. E., Turkey

I am very satisfied. Results delivered in very short time, conclusions very detailed and useful. Also the fact you don’t just tell it is a fake but can also indicate to whom belong the pictures is great!

Mr. J., France

Thank you very much! The information you provided is invaluable in helping to avoid the scam and loss of more time.

Mr. J., USA

Well worth the cost of working with you.

Mr. J., USA

I got my money refunded for that last girl

Mr. P., USA

I just wanted to close the loop by letting you know that with the aid of your service I was reimbursed for all the funds I spent on that dating site.

Mr. C., USA

After a series of misrepresentations and some questionable encounters with Ukrainian women on a dating site I wanted to find a reputable company to assist me in determining the identity of someone with whom I was currently corresponding. The owner of Ukrainian Passport reached out in response to an inquiry and promptly conducted a search yielding immediate results. Subsequently the company was very helpful in following up on additional questions I raised. I will continue to use Ukrainian Passport’s services as I find them both personable and responsive to my needs

Mr. M., USA

I want to thank Ukrainian passport for a very fast check-up of a nice Ukrainian girl that I met on a dating site Russian Cupid. They found out that she was a scammer and save me a huge amount of money. I have no words to thank them enough.

Mr. B., Montenegro

Thank you for your hard work and saving me a lot of money and time on two cases of fraudulent identity. Ukrainian-passport is well worth the money and gives peace of mind. Andriy is thorough, detailed, with top notch service and fast results. In my opinion, anyone looking to find that special someone overseas should hire ukrainian-passport as a sanity check. Thank you for what you do, you saved me a massive headache.

Matt from USA

الحصول على أموال مني باستخدام صور سيدة أوكرانية وأخبرني أنها تريد زيارتي في بلدي وصنع جواز سفر مزورًا للسيدة الموجودة في الصور. و قال الشخص المزور عن وكالة سفريات أن تصنع جواز سفر دولي للسفر للخارج و تذاكر طيران و تأمين طبي .. طلبوا مني ٥٠٠ دولار و بعد ذلك ١٣٠٠ دولار رفضت في البداية لكن بعد أن أرسلوا لي جواز السفر ظننت لقد كان الأمر حقيقيًا ، لذا فقد تمكنوا من خداعي بطريقة خبيثة .. وبعد ذلك لم أرهم مرة أخرى … اتصل بي شخص مزيف آخر بصفته صديقة للسيدة في الصور وطلب مني شراء هاتف كهدية لإثبات أنني حقًا أحب صديقتها ثم اختفت! لقد تواصلت مع “Ukrainian-passport.com” بشأن القصة وساعدوني في اكتشاف الحقيقة. شكراً جزيلاً لكم لمساعدتي في اكتشاف الحقيقة. يجب أن أحذر الجميع من أن ينخدع أي شخص من بعض الأشخاص السيئين الذين يستخدمون بريدًا إلكترونيًا ويرسلوا الصور ويطلبوا المال لزيارة البلدان لا ترسل الأموال أبدًا إلى شخص ما من الإنترنت ولم تلتقي به بعد لأن هناك الكثير من أفراد العصابات لذا كونوا في قمة الحذر يجب التأكد أولا من صحة المعلومات عن طريق هذا الموقع وهو موثوق وأنا أقدم شكري الجزيل لهم لمساعدتي https://Ukrainian-passport.com

Mr. M., Saudi Arabia

I was on a international dating site for three months who is owned by Russian I quickly realized I was talking to a fake person even though the support service always claimed the person was a confirmed member who is English. My suspicions were confirmed when the Ukrainian passport staff found the man in the photo and determined that he was a Belarusian actor. I am happy to have learned the truth. Although I still don’t know who I was actually talking to. Worst of all, it was a very expensive site where the chat was charged almost 1 euro per minute. It was a terrible experience. The owners of the site are demons.


Ms. D.P., Croatia

Thank you very much for investigating this issue for me. As you know it involved a girl who contacted me on the business related social messaging platform linked in. She requested that I send her funds so I became suspicious and engaged your company to investigate. In a very timely matter you were able to produce a full report which exposed the solicitation as a scam. Before I ever develop any sort of relationship with Ukrainian girl in the future, I will contact you and we will investigate first.

Mr. S., United States

My online relationship was getting really serious, for three months I thought I had found the one. There had been a few doubts here and there at times, but like usual love can overtake everything. Then one evening, by pure chance I came across Ukrainian Passport, their service is exceptional. Within a couple of hours they had given me all the information about the scam. Highly recommend their services. Saved me a lot of money. Thanks

Mr. J., Australia


Ukrainian passport quickly helped me to identify my supposed Ukrainian date, even fiance’ after many months of communications through dating site supposedly created for primarily Ukrainian/Russian and other foreigners to receive completely anonymous translations. Flamewish.com & Online-Translate.com Andriy quickly in a matter of hours had results back that I was cringing hoping it wasn’t true. I didn’t have anything except for this girl’s Alleged name and Birthdate. Andriy and his team found this girl’s real name just based on her pictures and first name! Her real last name and birthdate were clear. She was 10 years younger than she purported to be. Andriy’s team found her VK, & Facebook profiles, her Bio/CV online, even her college graduation records. He showed how the COVID test I was provided as the reason she could not meet, was in fact falsified/fraudulent, photoshopped with things changed from the real one from the Ukrainian clinic. Thank you so much Andriy and Ukrainian passport, the only regret I have is that I didn’t contact you months ago. I would have saved myself alot more time, money, and pain. (See my story under Ukrainian Translation Scam)

Mr. A., United States

I used this company twice and Andriy exceeded all of my expectations. They’re not a scam and the customer service is worth the money. You can save yourself a lot of valuable time and money with their service instead of finding out things the hard way! Their research is accurate and provided in a timely fashion. Highly recommend this company!

Mike A., USA


I met a girl on a Ukrainian dating site a few months ago. It was a site where you have to pay for sending/receving letters, until the amount of 15 letters were received from the girl, then you can get her contact details and move on to direct communications. So we moved on to direct communications, and everything was going good and she wanted to come to visit me in the USA. She said she was paying her own way and completing all the paperwork for the visa and working with a travel agency, and they guaranteed there would be no problems. Until there were problems and some of the things she was telling me made me have questions about the whole thing. I could see the direction it was heading, and that she was going to need money. So I contacted ukrainian-passport.com and provided them the information I had for her. They gave me very quick response to my questions and within hours they had a full report on the person, which showed that she was using someone elses’s identity and was a scammer. I highly recommend the services of ukrainian-passport.com, if you have any questions about a girl you met on one of these dating services, or even just for piece of mind that the girl is legitimately who she says she is.

Mr. W., USA


After about 8 months of communicating with a Ukrainian Lady who seem to be so honest calm and very respectful, I came to devastating point in my entire online dating experience. As I already said our communication was over 8 months during that time we had numerous phone calls and we were communicating through WhatsAap app. For some reasons which I also cannot explain I ignored the golden rule of never send money to someone you have not met and I must admit that I did not insist on having video calls or Skype with her. After sending her money for passport, visa and ticket for herself and her 4 year old daughter she vanished.

Not knowing what to do, searching through the internet I came across ukranian-passport.com website. After browsing through the site listening and watching a number of videos explaining the kind of services they offer. I knew I have come to the right place to find closure. I immediately made payment for the service I wanted them to assist me with. Exactly like they say on the site, it didn’t even take them 24 hour to investigate my case and provide me with all the information I needed. Even though it was a painful experience hearing what I didn’t want to hear but I was also great that now I come to accept that I have been scammed as embarrassing as it is to come to terms with that.

General Manager of the site was very helpful and constantly provided me with every informing they discovered from time to time. I will continue using their services as I continue looking for my soul mate. I recommend them to everyone who is serious about finding a life partner in Ukraine, Use their services to stay safe from scammers and avoid wasting your precious time and your hard earn money.

Mr. Z., South Africa

I am completely satisfied with your service and there will be other women that you will have to check in the near future! It is clear to me that serious candidates will have to be checked by your service!

Mr. M., Denmark

Thank you very much for your explanation and I do agree it all makes sense. Again thank you for your professional and valuable help.

Mr. K., United States

Yes. Good job. Thank you

Mr. ?., Italy

Thank you you kindly for your report. You have answered all my questions for this.

Mr. D., United States

As your support and service is really helpful, I will share my experience with all my friends, I hope it will help them to avoid any further silly requests from scammers.  Thank you again for your incredible help. The cost is worth of this service because otherwise people might lose much more money then for your service.

Mr. E., United Kingdom

Wow!! Thank you …, you just saved me a lot of money! She wanted me to pay for her passport which I did. Now she wanted me to pay for her visa, and her trip here to America. Thank  you, as I see all the women I have met from the Ukraine want money right away. Once again thank you so much for your help, well worth the $90.00.

Mr. R., United States

Thank you for your services. Like many other people who have used your services, you saved me and them a lot of money. I received the results of their investigation within 2 days. Very responsive and very helpful. Thank you Ukrainian-Passport.com!!!!! I highly recommend using them.

Mr. A., United States

That was outstanding service. Thank’s a lot! I was sure it was fake just wasn’t sure in which way and how it was done.
I am glad I have found your web page and I might use the service again in the future. In any case the link goes to bookmarks.
Thank you one more time.

Mr. A., United Kingdom

Thank you Ukranian-Passport.com for your quick response in confirming my suspicions about the lady named Olena that is not who she says she is. The internet is so full of scam artists it is difficult to identify the people you come in contact with. I know I did my preliminary investigation and did not find her anywhere. Within a few hours you had located her (the scammer) and reported back to me that “she” was a true scam artist!

Mr. R., USA

Merci beaucoup pour vos services, grâce auxquels j’ai pu gagner du temps et de l’argent. En fait, le travail que vous faites est plus un travail humanitaire qu’un travail commercial. C’est bien d’avoir votre site Web sur Internet pour aider les gens à éviter la fraude.

Mr L.T Algérie

Thank you for your email and great investigation for the passport.
I am very happy with your job.
I think your job is very important in Ukraine to protect many people from all over the world.
I wish you may help a lot of people around the world, since we have online SOCIAL NETWORK is very common now.

Mr. H., Malaysia

Thanks for the quick examination of the passport copy. I have been thinking that it looks fake, but wanted to have some professional opinion. It is really helpful for me. Whenever I have some similar inquiry, I will ask you again to check.

Mr. A., Bolivia

Thank you for your amazing technical report!

Mr. A., Saudi Arabia

Many thanks for a quick reply and for saving me from a scammer!

Mr. J., USA