about ukrainian passport team

Who we are: a group of people trying to make this world a little better

What do we do: we help people to verify women on dating sites; to understand where the truth is; where the real person is and where the fake is? It’s no secret that there are many scammers on dating sites. We conduct a comprehensive check of women on dating sites, verify Ukrainian passport and check Russian passports, identify people by photos, service of wingman in Ukraine and other similar services. We have 10 years of experience. We are ready to take on the most unusual cases.

Our values: the privacy of our customers is our highest value. We realize how important the results of our work are and the responsibility it imposes on us. All details of our investigations always remain confidential.

Our philosophy: Cupid’s arrow should hit you in the heart, not in the head. Call into question and challenge legitimacy is our job.

If you have any questions please contact us directly 24/7 by the number +380637707874 (we use WhatsApp and Viber)