Verification of Ukrainian woman on dating websites

Ukraine scam check

Check if she's your "Real Love" or scam

Verification of Ukrainian women on dating sites

Many of the dating sites have some women with “verified” or “confirmed” profiles, but its rare women verify their profiles. Also, some of the verification is low quality and scammers fool the sites. Verify it’s “Real Love” and not a scam. We offer a comprehensive approach to confirm if your lady is legitimate.

Our mission is helping you understand if your woman is real or dating scam. We perform verification of profiles on dating sites, validation of Ukrainian and Russian passports, identify a person from a photo and other services.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

We will help you to find out if she’s your real love or dating scammer

On time

On time

You will get the result of our investigation by email within 24 hours



The person we check will not know anything about our investigation

Everything you have to know about Ukrainian Passport

hide show Is Ukrainian Passport a legitimate company?

We are a legitimate company officially registered in Ukraine. All our activities are official and legally transparent.

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hide show How do you check Ukrainian passports?

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to check passports. First we make a visual check. Next we check it for matches with the numbers of stolen, lost, and invalid documents in the registers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

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hide show How much do you charge for your services?

We are very transparent and each service has its price so clients can choose what they want to find out and know exact value of each service.

hide show Will she find out about your investigation?

Your privacy is our priority. She will not know about our investigation. It is confidential. We place our highest value on your trust. We hence collect a minimal amount of information only with your permission and use it solely for its intended purposes.

How to check Ukrainian woman on dating sites with Ukrainian Passport

  • 1
    Contact us and describe your situation
  • 2
    Send us the material (name, pictures, passport copy, address etc.)
  • 3
    Confirm the payment (secure online payment is available)
  • 4
    Get the result by email within 24 hours

Safe online dating

How many times have you met girls online in the last year? According to statistics, about 25% of all marriages in the USA in 2016-2019 were the result of online dating and this trend is becoming more and more popular. However, most men do not know what kind of danger they can expect from such acquaintances. You can fall for the tricks of a swindler and become a victim of online fraud:

  • Cheating for money;
  • A scam for expensive equipment or clothing;
  • Blackmail with personal photos or videos;
  • A draw from ill-wishers.

How Tinder scam works in Ukraine

It is known that up to 40% of men are also wary of dating and communication on the Internet, most often this is associated with safe dating scam. It looks something like this: an unfamiliar pretty girl writes to you without a verified Ukrainian passport, pleasant communication is struck up between you, it makes you sympathetic. Further, a trusting relationship is formed between you and this swindler comes up with an excuse for deception. You do not make a fake Ukrainian passport inquiry and send her some money, for example, for a plane ticket to your city. After that, especially naive men can go to meet the girl at the airport, but most often the swindler will disappear from the connection immediately after receiving dishonest money.

Dating fraud investigation

It has been proven that in 92% of cases, unscrupulous men are a fraudster disguised as a girl. They perfectly understand male psychology and can easily deceive a gullible user of dating sites that does not produce a Ukrainian passport check. If you’ve been the victim of a scam like this once, you’re in luck if you just lost some money. Some malicious scammers can blackmail you with personal photos, videos, screenshots of correspondence. Thus, your relatives and friends can find out about it, and it is very difficult to restore a reputation.

More and more men who do not know about digital security are becoming victims of dating scam in Ukraine. Also, it has been proven that it is easier for men to enter into trusting relationships and use them for fraudulent purposes, especially men at a young age who are naive and gullible. According to unofficial data for 2020, more than 3,700 cases of Internet fraud have already been recorded in Ukraine. Our background check in Ukraine will put an end to such fraudulent activities.

How to use Ukrainian dating sites safely?

We carry out a comprehensive check of women’s profiles on hundreds of dating portals for your confident and safe continuation of dating with girls. Order her Russian or Ukrainian passport verifying and be sure that you are communicating with a real person, not a swindler who wants to get your money. How we are working:

  • We use a special parser with a dating API to scan a girl’s data by her first name, last name, photo, address, passport number, or phone number. Just provide us with all the data you have;
  • We check girls on Ukrainian dating sites and find matches of her profile on different resources. You get full information about where and how long the girl has been registered on such sites;
  • We check russian or ukranian passport number in databases of the ministries of internal affairs and migration services. We work legally, all checks are allowed by law;
  • You receive all the information received and independently decide whether it is possible to continue acquaintance with the girl. If a swindler is found, we add the profile to our blacklist to help men not to fall into the trap of Ukraine dating sites.

Your digital security

The Internet is full of unscrupulous criminals, and unlike real thieves, Internet scammers operate within the law, because you independently decide to transfer money to them. On average, our services will cost you 15 times less than you can lose by being caught on a Tinder scam in Ukraine.

In 95% of cases, you will not be able to return the lost money, especially since cryptocurrency payments are becoming popular now, where it is impossible to track the owner of the wallet. And the most offensive will be the fact that you are disappointed in the girl and you have broken your heart. We help men make safe acquaintances – contact us and make sure it’s convenient and affordable!