Fast, Inexpensive way to verify your Ukrainian / Russian date is really who you think she is

Scam checking of Ukrainians and Russians

Get your Ukrainian or Russian date verified in less than 24 Hrs, Guaranteed Results, or your money back

Verification of Ukrainian women on dating sites

Many dating sites claim to have women who are “verified” and “confirmed.” In reality they rarely verify their women’s profiles. Many of these dating and translation apps are ran by scammers. Verify it’s “True Love” and not a scam. We offer a comprehensive approach to confirm if your lady is legitimate.

Our mission is helping you understand if your woman is real, or a dating scam. We perform verification of women on matchmaking platforms, validation of Ukrainian and Russian passports, identify a person from a photo and other services. Simply put, we will help you determine if your woman is a fraud.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

We will help you to find out if she’s your real love or dating scammer

On time

On time

You will get the result of our investigation by email within 24 hours



The person we check will not know anything about our background investigation

Always check the person you are talking to. Various types of scams we deal with:

hide show Verification of Woman On an Online Dating Site

You meet a lady on a dating site and want to make sure she’s legit. We can help you to verify her. If you have some suspicions as she was lying the entire time, we will help you. We will help you to figure out the identity of someone you only have photos of or provide her expended information Place an order on our website and get her informations within 24 hours.

hide show Fake Ukrainian or Russian Passport/ID card

Seeking to get a Ukraine civil passport verifiyed if genuine ot not? Romance scammers play games saying they need a new passport for travel. We’ve been checking passports since 2010. You’ll get a detailed report pointing why it’s fake or real.

hide show Direct scam

They lure you quickly off dating site to private email/WhatsApp, where they eventually ask for money Learn more about how Ukrainian woman make money with American men How I pretended to be a girl: the realities of working on a Ukrainian dating site How Ukrainian dating agencies actually work

hide show Find a webcam model from Ukraine or Russia

There are situations when your communication with a CamGirl online turns into something more. We will help you get closer. Secure Your Online Interactions: Verify Ukrainian Cam Girls for Authenticity and Safety

hide show Stolen / fake identity

The girl will use a stolen (invented) name / pictures / address / job / parents… everything. Will not show herself, refuse from video chat. Will use you only for money. With our help you can find out who she really is. We can identify a person by picture, check passport, address, phone number, analyze her messages to check if she’s honest with you. Read more about how we check woman’s profiles on dating sites

hide show Checking potential scammers from Donetsk and Luhansk (Ukraine)

Our experience shows that the largest number of online dating frauds is from girls from Donetsk and Luhansk. They usually cry how poor they are. Ask money to make Ukrainian passport, to buy a new smartphone to talk to you, new computer, pay for flat etc. Learn about your potential risks with girls from Donetsk and Luhansk

Simple steps to check a woman from Ukraine or Russia

  • 1
    Contact us and describe your situation
  • 2
    Send us the material (name, pictures, passport copy, address etc.)
  • 3
    Make the required payment for the service you need (in secure online portal)
  • 4
    Get your results of background check by email within 24 hours (usually sooner)

Secure Online Dating

Have you ventured into the world of online dating recently? According to statistics, between 2020 and 2023, about 25% of all marriages in the USA were the result of online dating, and this trend is gaining momentum. However, most men remain unaware of the potential dangers posed by these digital connections. Without proper fraud checking and scam checking, you could fall victim to unscrupulous individuals who seek to deceive and exploit you. Online fraud may come in various forms, such as:

  • Money Scams: Con artists looking to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash;
  • Scams Involving Expensive Items or Clothing: Deceptive schemes to make you part with your money;
  • Blackmail with Personal Photos or Videos: Manipulative tactics involving your private content.

How Tinder scam works in Ukraine

In Ukraine, where 40% of men remain wary of online dating, the primary concern is safe dating. Here’s how it often unfolds: You strike up a conversation with an unfamiliar but seemingly attractive individual, usually a young woman. The communication appears pleasant, and a connection develops, making you emotionally invested and vulnerable. As trust builds, the scammer concocts a pretext for deception before having their Ukrainian/Russian passport verified. They might ask you for money, like funding a plane ticket to your city. However, when you go to meet them at the airport, they don’t show up, claiming various excuses, and in some cases, they might demand more money.

Unmasking Dating Frauds: Fraud Checking and Scam Checking

Startlingly, in 92% of cases, it’s actually unscrupulous men posing as women who perpetrate these scams. They possess a deep understanding of male psychology and can easily deceive trusting users of dating platforms that lack Ukrainian passport checks. Frequently, they employ stolen images of young Ukrainian girls from the internet. If you’ve fallen victim to such a scam, consider yourself fortunate if you’ve only lost money. Malicious scammers can escalate their threats by blackmailing you with personal content, potentially tarnishing your reputation among family and friends. As digital security awareness remains low, more and more men are falling prey to dating scams in Ukraine. Shockingly, it’s often easier for these scammers to foster trust in order to perpetrate their fraud.

Statistics from unofficial sources suggest that in 2020, Ukraine reported over 3,700 cases of internet fraud, and many more likely went unreported. Our comprehensive fraud checking and scam checking services in Ukraine are designed to put an end to such fraudulent activities.

Safely Navigating Ukrainian Dating Sites

We conduct thorough profile checks on women across a multitude of dating platforms, ensuring your dating experience is safe and secure. Today, you can verify their Russian or Ukrainian passport to ascertain their true identity. Be certain that you’re not dealing with a scammer or fraudster seeking financial gain. Here’s how we operate:

  • We scrutinize women’s profiles on Ukrainian dating sites and provide you with information about their registration history on these platforms.
  • We cross-check Russian or Ukrainian passport numbers in government databases, ensuring that our fraud checking and scam checking are fully compliant with the law.
  • You receive the compiled information, enabling you to make an informed decision about continuing your acquaintance with the individual. If we identify a scammer, with your consent, we add their profile to our blacklist to protect others from falling into the trap of Russian/Ukrainian dating sites.

Your digital security

The internet is rife with unscrupulous individuals, and unlike physical thieves, online scammers often operate within the bounds of the law, as it’s your choice to send them money. On average, our fraud checking and scam checking services are a mere fraction of the potential losses incurred through falling victim to a Tinder scam in Ukraine. In 95% of cases, recovering lost funds is a long shot, especially as cryptocurrency payments become more prevalent, making it nearly impossible to trace wallet owners. More distressing is the emotional toll it can take when your heart is broken by someone who seemed so genuine.

We’re here to help men establish secure connections with fraud checking and scam checking. Contact us today – it’s a convenient and affordable solution to protect your online dating experience.