Identify a person by picture. Can i find person by photo?

According to the pictures which she sent, we can identify the personDo you have picture of someone and want to know more about her? Is it possible to find a person by photo only? We will help you to identify an unknown person by picture.
Sometimes you meet a lady (woman, person) online on dating sites. You start to communicate and everything is great. Until you understand, something is wrong with her. She starts asking money, it looks strange and you suspect this might be a scam (fraud, swindle). You don’t know much about her, but she sent you some pictures.
According to the pictures which she sent, we can identify this lady.

Is picture research service a useful tool?

Yes, it is. Internet dating scammers use someone else pictures very often. Majority of scammers never show their face on picture. They prefer photos of good-looking girls and boys from various websites. For instance:

  • scammers have attractive ladies who agree to pose for pictures for them for money
  • lots of pictures are stolen from celebs, models, actors etc.
  • some of the pictures they find on the dating sites or social network sites.

How does this service work

It is not just a regular google image search. We use special search algorithms that allow us to get accurate results (far beyond google reverse search).

We search the Internet to check whether the pictures you’ve been receiving really belong to your penpal. It may be used for a scam in the past. In addition, these photos may belong to an actress, model, celebrity etc.

We will need you to provide us with all the photos of your penpal that you have for this moment. As well as her personal data to compare (in case you have it).

When we have this information, we start to search duplicates of those pictures on the Internet. In case we find such duplicates, we will send you the links where you can find it. Search dating sites by picture is possible too.

You will get the results in 6-12 hours, once the payment is confirmed.

Service of identify a person by picture cost $US 50.
Payment plans available: PayPal, Credit card, Western Union, Money Gram and wire transfer (SWIFT).
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Can I be 100% sure the photos will be found

Can we find a person by picture? Please note that identify a person by picture service does not promise you a 100% result. As with any other research, the results are not guaranteed. This search has two important limitations:

  • We can only find pictures identical to the ones that you submitted. We cannot compare facial features by themselves. The entire photo (the background and all the objects in the photo) will have to match before our tools can identify a match
  • We can only find pictures that have been searched and indexed by various search engines. So, the pictures have to be located online somewhere

How do i identify a person from a photo. How to order

  1. contact us, email all the pictures you got. Once the payment is confirmed, you will get the result in 6-12 hours
  2. follow Pay online, check “Identify a person by picture” service, attach the photos, process the payment and get the results in 6-12 hours.

You can also send us an email manually to

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