Premium packages

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Our premium packages of checking men and women on dating sites give you peace of mind throughout the year. Go on, allow yourself more online dating, more confidence and most importantly – complete security against scammers!

We have been inspecting men and women from Ukraine and Russia for 11 years. As a result, we have the necessary experience and knowledge as well as a huge number of satisfied customers from all over the world.   It is no secret that many people are in contact with several potential candidates on dating sites at the same time, looking for our perfect soul mate.

It is known that the level of deception on dating sites is very high, so our individual verification service will SAVE YOU money, nerves, emotional connection and most importantly – time.

We offer the best conditions for checking men and women from Ukraine and Russia. Our inspections are fast, reliable, thorough and confidential. The result is ready within 24 hours.

Our three different premium packages provide a set of verification services for 1 year (365 days) from the moment of ordering.

We can verify your candidates in a variety of ways:

  • Domestic/International Passport.
  • Phone Number and Address Verification.    
  • Identify by photos.
  • Analyze email correspondence to find out if she/he is telling the truth.
  • Validation of Travel/ Translation agency.
  • Validation of tickets.
  • Validation of COVID test.
  • Validate other documents such as Financial Solvency for a visa requirement.

Normally our rate per investigation is $195.00. We frequently are asked by repeat customers to validate additional candidates, and in order to help our customers through their journey we offer discounted rates for multiple candidates.

Package 1. Verify 5 candidates.  Total cost of $906.00

Normally $975.00 but receive a 7% discount (You save $69.00)

Package 2. Verify 7 candidates.  Total cost of $1228.00

Normally $1365.00 but receive a 10% discount (You save $137.00)

Package 3. Verify 15 candidates. Total cost of $2340.00

Normally $2925.00 but receive a 15% discount (You save $585.00)

What you get in return is information, which gives you confidence about who she (he) really is.    

Payment by credit card (secure online payment).

To order one of our packages and become a premium client please send us a request by email

Direct contact. If you have any question, you can talk to us RIGHT NOW via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram or simply call us +380637707874