Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Anastasiia Chernykh Fake Ukrainian ID card.
We can provide her actual (real) information. Please contact us if you are interested.
Tatiana Belyakova Dating scammer. Contact us to find out her real information. Full name: Belyakova Tetiana Mykhailivna (this is my father's name/patronymic, rarely used nowadays), address of residence/registration: Ukraine, Ternopil city, postal code - 46003, Danylo Halytskyi avenue, house 14, apartment 27. e-mail address: mobile phone number +38095-616-49-22. Our business address is 1 Stepana Bandera Avenue, Ternopil, Ukraine, and we are known as Olena (after our director).
Berlinska Eve Twitter & Instagram berlinska_eve @BerlinskaEve
Stolen identity
He/she says that they are 36yrs old, based in the 'village' of Zaporizhzhia (Obviously not Ukrainian to not know the size of Zaporizhzhia!), but that 'she' is originally from Kyiv. Says her husband and 13yr old daughter were killed and she has a young 7yr old son (in the picture). The number of followers has increased up to 102 now......I presume 'she's' trying to persuade them all to send money over the next few days. She asked me to get on to Telegram and will then send photos etc. via that app. I was asked to send a donation to help get food and medical supplies to the following PayPal account:
Looking for donations for food & medical aid for villagers in the 'village' of Zaporizhzhia and her 'colleagues' at their base, because they have no food! 'She' uses stolen images of Alla Martyniuk and wants donations to go via PayPal through her fellow soldier 'hanveychristina4'
Anna Mochenko Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen identity.
Mrs Anna and mother. They need help. They wanted to leave Ukraine because there was war. The mother was sick and hospitalized. They were on the Polish border.
Natalia Kondratiuk Fake Ukrainian passport. Contact us to get her complete real details. Wants help to travel.
Julia Stepanova She obtained a visa to enter Australia. Photoshopped Ukrainian passport. Address Ukraine,Kyiv's district,Rokytne town,Stepnaya Street 5
Sofiia Korostelova Fake Ukrainian passport
We can provide the real identity of the person in the photo. Please contact us if you are interested.
Anastasiia Sokolova Fake Ukrainian passport.
We can provide the real identity of the person in the photo. Please contact us if you are interested.
Zinaida Nedobega Fake Ukrainian passport. Contact us to get her real details.
Kristina Stakhova Fake Ukrainain passport she said she needed wisdom tooth extraction that would cost $500 for two teeth