Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Olga Sidorova Fake Ukrainian passport
Yulia Ivanstsova Fake Ukrainian passport
Viktoriia Tarasenko Fake Ukrainian passport and ID card, stolen identity taken from @vovk_an_v, It was a girl from, she was asking money since the second week, she is suposely from Mariupol, and now she is mad with me because I dont want to help her. She suposely has one daugther 6 years old, she is also 27 years old, and her name is Victoriia Tarasenko; address apparently is this one: Georgievskaya Street 70 Mariupol.
Milena Radchenko Forged Ukrainian passport
Kristina Bobodzhonova Fake schengen visa
Anastasia Shvartskopf Stolen pictures belong to @rastuta_eva35. Money for passport medical insurance travel agency fee consular fees it totals 490 us dallors Hi I am totally in love with you cannot live without you. Address not right 21/37utilsa chvanova nizhny novgorod also said she visited nizhny novgorod but if you live there why you have to visit also changed her name after dating site. The name is already on scammers list but different email address
Vita Yurchenko Picture stolen from @ivy_milf. Send me 320 euros I am very sad. You didn't help me. Why? On Sunday payment deadline... You know that I'm in a bind. Today I took a shower and made some videos for you. I hope you will appreciate this and help me. I often dream about you. Yesterday I little fantasized. You like? But you can never touch me unless you send me money. You will not get me if you don't help me !!! Sunday is the last day of payment my visa. And I still hope for you. Last time I ask you is, will you help me or not? Answer me - only Yes or No?!!! One your word will decide together me or not! ONLY ONE WORD - YES or NO!
Kateryna Lebedeva Stolen identity (pictures taken from @casinelligina), fake Ukrainian passport, fake COVID test Her aunt's name ZHUKOVA ALLA, 91016, Ukraine, Luhansk Quarter Mirny 10/45 Zhukova Alla
And Kateryna's full address: 93200, Ukraine, Luhansk Oblast, Pervomaysk, Lenin Street, 38/24.
Yulia Kozlovska Fake Ukrainian passport
Mariya Vlasova Fake Russian passport