Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Svetlana Denisova Slavic girl agency Nikolaev Ukraine. I have 17000 birthmark surgery debts. I have mama to support please send me $250 each month . I resigned my job to be internet your lady. I cannot arrived communication if you don’t send money.
Anna Yurchenko Fake Ukrainian passport
Nadezhda Nazarova Requests money on datingsites. She informs people of numerous problems and asks for money to be send trough western union. I made 2 accounts. And to both she told a story of being an orphan and needing money for teeth procedure. On the second account. She says she needs money for clothes and food.
Ivanova Alena Fake Russian passport, fake identity, stolen pictures, fake insurance
Anna Sharkova Fake Russian passport
Regina Starpong Fake Ukrainian passport
Iryna Tsevoniuk
Tatiana Mylovanova Nice pictures, Loves man within 1 week, Wants to visit but has to no money to come, don't like video calls. Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen pictures LESYA SERGIENKO (@sergienko_lesyaa)
Alina Kazmina Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen pictures I am happy that you believe I am a real person! I really am and i attach my id in order to prove that! I have always been hoest with you always! I don't knw what else i can do to prove it to you...if you want we can try to have a telephone call? Please, believe me i have never cheated on you! I love you! Your Alya
Tetiana Volovyk Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen pictures (Irina Globenko (@rinalaren)