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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Krystina Andreichenko Fake Ukrainian passport
Sofiya Nemtsova Fake Russian passport My address is 5 Mubryakova Street, Ufa, 450092, Russia
My phone number is +79272374884
Dmitriy Burnaev Seeking Arrangement Falling in love too quickly. Asking for small amount to fly to me, then much larger amount at the last minute, etc. Claims to have no phone.
Nadezhda Varanitsa Love, romance, marriage asking for money
Iryna Borysenko Name: Iryna, City: Lugansk, Employer: Budstroy, Devorced 2 year ago, One daughter 6 years old.
She told me that it is necessary to apply for Passport via an agenca and cost are USD 280 (for her)+ USD 210 (for her Kid). The name of the Lady from the Agency where I should send the money: Kondratova Olga, 3 Shengelia street, Kherson City I should also send money to another Lady for mobile: Vera Plaskalnaya, Kherson City
Elvira Kashbullina Wants money US $3500 before she can leave Russia to fly to meet me in the UK. !
Elena Yakubovska Fake Ukrainian ID, stolen identity
I met her on ukrainedate. She told me $300 for a travel passport at travel agency in Luhansk called JT (Luhansk town, Oboronna Street 91/1, +380959243042, Travel Agency JT)
She said her address is Luhansk town, Ostapenko Str 25/24, Elena Yakubovskaya
Antonina Toropova I met Antonina on We seemed to have a lot in common and got along well. I started to suspect she was a scammer when she told so many different stories but could never back them up. She claimed she was an English teacher, she wrote and published a book, she had a degree in psychology and was a tarot card reader. After all of that I should have ran away but I was stupid. I planned a visit her. She agreed. Out of no where she said her mother had cancer. She asked for money many times for her and her daughter. I simply wanted proof, that’s when she became extremely angry and ended the relationship, she promised to cast a spell on me. Sadly my father passed away and I inherited some insurance money. About 6 months later I met her again on Elenas Models dating site. I decided to talk to her because I thought maybe I was wrong. I admit I was lonely and not thinking clearly. She refused to talk as we did before. She would only talk in WhatsApp, no phone calls or video calls. Everyday was a complaint about money. She demanded new laptops for her and her daughter. She wanted me to pay for a vacation to a place of her choice. Of course I refused. Her anger is second to none ! Lashing out at every fault I had and even my family. This woman does have accounts on tiktok, a Russian site for teaching English and a site for brides but no qualifications. I am warning everyone to stay away ! She is a snake in the grass waiting to strike. 100% SCAMMER. I’m sorry I did not keep any messages. I deleted everything and left this woman behind. I was not aware I could report her on a site like this.
Nadiia Hrishaieva Fake Ukrainain passport
Valentina Paliy Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen identity