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Daryna Oleksienko Fake Ukrainian ID card, fake US visa
Maryna Dorosh She is at the moment in Lwiv at Pasichna street, 22B. Original from Kramatorsk. A psychologist. She say she can\'t leave Ukraine and because of that she is in contact with a lawyer at Lwiv with the name Yevheniia Pasichniuk. Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen pictures According to her she is now at Lwiv at a student dormitory at Pasichna street 22B. Her other email address is
Galina Kozachuk Fake Ukrainian ID card, stolen pictures of Paulina Jasica I hope you're in a good mood :) If yes, I'll try to make it even better) My name is Galina, I am 32 years old, I am from Ukraine, I live in Zaporozhye region, although my hometown is Energodar. I describe myself as a cheerful and positive girl for whom inner qualities, kindness and sense of humor are very important. I am writing to you because I would like to build a warm communication with you, which could lead possibly to something more. Who knows where your destiny is waiting for you? I am a responsible girl with serious intentions. And if you're looking for the same, I'd love to hear from you again. I'd like to know more about your hobbies, your goals, your job... Do you have a dream? Also feel free to ask me questions informally... I will always be happy to hear from you :) Galina
Kateryna Yevenko Fake Ukrainian passport and photos are stolen from Алёна Фещенко (Alona Feszczenko). she wants financial help to leave the Russian-occupied region to meet you I'm very pleased to receive your letter. I'm sorry you had this situation, I'm sorry people do this. I understand you and I listen to you.We don't know each other very well and it's hard for me to trust someone in my situation too, I guess we need time. Let me tell you that I feel something special for you. Something special. My heart swears that you are a gem, a person who can bring so much joy to my life. I have to admit, I am truly drawn to you. I would love to be with you. I am 33 years old and I really want a family, I realize that life goes very fast and that the longer I stay here the more time I lose.I am ashamed and embarrassed to take money from you for this journey, I will try to find a job, in my reality it is very hard, but the main thing is that I have a goal that I want to achieve. But you are very dear to me and I don't want these crooks to ruin something potentially beautiful between us. I'm also very afraid of running into cheaters, but I believe in your sincerity, and I really want to believe in our future. I went to my mom's today and spent time with her. How are your days going? How are you feeling? Kisses and hugs Katerina
Tatyana Zimbayeva hello i love you i need messages
If you want to help me, is to send money to my bitcoin wallet. I am not asking for this money. I ask you to lend me!
Did you receive my last letter of assistance? I am very ashamed of this letter. But understand I have no choice... I have to ask for your help. I remind you that I need only 360 usa dollars. I have a personal bitcoin wallet that is registered in my name and my passport. I already sent you a copy of my passport in a previous letter. If you want to help me, is to send money to my bitcoin wallet bc1qdd9kx5anq0p0artavvpjv30tnvttjjnr8kdrp4 I will be very grateful to you for your help. If you want to send money in dollars, then use this account- KZ22 6010 0020 3138 9159. And understand the main thing - I am not asking for this money. I ask you to lend me! I will refund you every cent. I look forward to your support and help. I pray and wait for your answer. Tatyana.
Halyna Nesterenko Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen identity, fake loan, fake Donetsk taxi.

I sent the money to Western Union to another name than her, supposed to be her friend who can pick up the money at any WU office in Ukraine, her name is Tetiana Sopilniak
Address: st Vostochnaya, 28 Postcode: 94457
Nina Shulyak passport from Nina Shulyak, and photos stolen from the person from the profile: vladafisak "Nina" wrote that you are a kindergarten teacher and that she works in a kindergarten not far from the Ukraine-Russia border and wants to leave, so she asked for financial help. when she got the money, she disappeared. Today I had a lot to do related to preparing my trip. But everything is going according to plan and today at 22:00 I have a bus to Dnieper, and then a train to Kyiv. I will be in Kyiv tomorrow at 12:15 then I will send you a photo and the address of the nearest RIA branch. But we will need to act quickly so that I can get the money to take out insurance. I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to travel and grateful to fate for bringing us together. Very soon we will be together, holding hands and no one will ever be able to separate us. I will now continue to pack my things and will soon go to the station. I shall wait for your answer. Kiss and hug*
Tatiana Rudenko she uses sometimes Alekseenko last name Fake Ukrainian passport, she's in page 7 of this site, she states that she lives in Lisichansk, she asks money to leave eastern part of Ukraine and come to you, but i noticed that she lives in Birmingham UK, from her X (formerly twitter) account, her account is; @betio_betty of course, she insulted me when i cauhgt her, she seems nervous because of the war, Hello X, I was very happy to see your interest in me!))) I liked you very much, you have an interesting profile!:) I hope that we will stay in touch with you, communicate well and get to know each other better step by step) Now I am looking for my soulmate.;)) I hope that you will turn out to be that man with whom I can communicate freely about any topic, who will understand me, and I him!) I would also like to know more about you, tell me some interesting facts about yourself, about your life. What do you do in your life? How do you like to spend your free time?) Do not be shy and feel freely asking me all questions you wanna! I look forward to your response to my letter. Best wishes, Tanya

Hello, X!) I was glad to receive your letter and learn more about you as a person! Tell me about your day? What did you do, how do you feel? Thank you for your beautiful photos))) For example, today I am in a more or less good mood, my night has passed relatively calm. Now I'm probably going to cook, I will go to the grocery store. I think to cook today our traditional dish - borscht. I'm wondering if you've ever heard of this dish, maybe you tried?) I like to do cooking and household chores in my free time, so I get distracted from ongoing events, at the same time helping my mother. Now we live together with mom, dad died a few years ago at the front defending the country, He will always be a hero to me! Before the war, I generally worked as a fitness trainer in the gym. Helped people find the desired body of their dreams, while she herself I always kept myself in good shape In general, I am from a small town in the south of Ukraine, from city of Lisichansk, Lugansk region. My height is 168cm and weight is 56kg. I was born on the 4th April 1989 My horoscope is Aries. What is your favorite dish? I want to know your preferences, maybe someday there there will be an opportunity to cook something for you;) I wish you a good day and I will wait for your reply to the letter!!)
Nadiia Senina stolen pictures, when i recognized that she sent me Emma Glover's pictures, she insulted me, she couldn't scam me. classical scammer behavior, when they caught, they start to insulting, she likes to send EG's photos with lingerie and sexy she states that her address is; Koshovogo Sreet 13, Krasnodon Ukraine 94401 Hello dear X! Are you doing well? This is me, Nadiia! the one you gave your mail on dating site :) I feel flattered to draw your attention and so that you gave me your mail:) Did you have a good day? what are your plans for the evening? I am new to this, so maybe my letter will be a bit weird :) So hopefully I will not scare you away :) I am 36 years old, kind and honest woman! Simple in a good way I believe :) I in Ukraine. Have you heard of it? haha/ guess now everywone knows where it is :( It will be a short letter to let you know that I am eager to start communicating with you and hopefully build something nice :) if you are ready for good, honest and long time relationships, I am open book for you! Please enjoy your day! Nadiia

Hello my X! here is your reply and I am happy about :) you actualy gave me smile on my face knowing that you became interested in me :) Haw was your day? did you enjoy it? I did not see any photos in your letter. sweetheart, feel free to share some with me, ok? I would truly love to get some! My dear X, I am kind hearted and simple woman. I look at people through their hearts and i am hopeless romantic :) I have big heart and want to share it with a good man:) as you noticed, I am not very very slim but some say a bit sexy hahaa! I am sporty as well. i worked in beauty saloon which is now closed unfortunately. now I work in shop selling vegetables and fruits. not my dream job, but considering situation in my area, it is better than nothing! Do you like the job you do? as for my region.. as you know we have been under occupation since 2014.. now as Russia has recognized out stupid republics... things got terrible.. we expect huge fights here :( maybe much worse than on territory of normal ukraine... you know.. Bucha and others :( what do you do in your leisure time? would you like to do a bit of sports with me? :) I like jogging, and movies! do you like movies? what are your favourites? would you go to cinema with me?:) Well X, maybe it is time for me to stop asking you questions and now wait for yours :) I would be happy to see a message from you soon! Hugs to you,
Alisa Kravchenko Fake Ukrainian passport. Contact us to find out more.