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Nina  Pikul Nina Pikul Ask for paying the passport. Travel to me, getting arrested, passport was held back. Has to pay money to get the passport back. Ask for money now for a travel agency. Fake Ukrainian passport.
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Olga  Andreyuk Olga Andreyuk Fake Ukrainian passport, fake airplane ticket.
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Yuliia  Volochai Yuliia Volochai She seems to be used by someone else who takes care of the phishing at the dating sites and then they just put her in front of the camera when its time for video call. The real Juliia is a very charming woman, just like the other girls who are used in this way. When you chat with them someone else takes over. I could figure that out because the real Juliia was very surprised about a couple of details every time we talked even if it was the third time I told her. This is so bizarre.

I met ”her” at over two months ago and she contacted me without photo. Then we continued on Telegram and video called. She was very relaxed and could talk for hours. The power outages was very hard for her so if she only could buy a EcoFlow all would be good she said. I paid and she showed me the EcoFlow unwrapped two days later. Probably a reqvisita in the whole show.

She told me she planned to go to her girlfriend in Budapest and needed 1000 USD for the driver. I told her there are busses and she had to accept that. The day after she found out that she has to pay to get a permit to leave Ukraine since she claimed she was a doctors assistent/nurse (yet she did not know that 37.2 C is not a fever). That would cost her 1500 USD. When I said no she sent me the famous ”crying video” where she did not say anything, just crying. She then told me she was going to be picked up at her workplace by CCT and then die. After a week, and after I got her passport picture, I paid. I just had to find out. It would take 3 weeks to prepare/issue she said. We had good contact during that time even if she could use the power outages in Kyiv as an excuse to not video call more than every fourth day or something. Exactly when the 3 weeks passed her dog (very cute) got very sick and was going to die if he didnt get surgery. She sent pictures of her (no face so it could have been someone else and sometime different) and the dog where he had an oxygen mask put on but the surgery was in Zaporizija so I could never see her with the dog at the vet. They just picked him up. I paid. The dog survived and came back a week later. Finally! Now we were going to fix all and get to see eachother in Budapest! No, the CCT found a loan in her name and yes she told me in the beginning that she was scammed one year ago and they took a loan in her name. You are not allowed to leave Ukraine with loan, I paid.

Now I started to notice that she was not communicating as much as before with me. I logged in to the dating site and voila! There she was. This was the limit for me! I asked this site Ukraine-Passport to check her up and the passport was fake. Several numbers was replaced and the authority code did not exist. I encountered her with this and as all other scammers she reacted defensive. Now I was scary, I was crazy and the profile was fake and this site was fake and nonsence. She refused to show me her passport in live video call and she couldnt explain the authority code. Then she started to accuse me for being at the dating site and she reached her goal to get in fight with me so she could say ”I dont like you anymore, you scare me. Bye bye and thanks for all the money”. She also paid off her loan AFTER that I encountered her, she did not pay me back the money even if I was scary and crazy. She couldnt explain that either.

Yesterday when Putin shelled Kyiv she sent me photos of it all and was very sad. Then it got quiet and today she doesnt answer, just hang up when I call. She knew that I was going to put her on this blacklist yesterday and she/they made a last attempt to make me forget about all.

Juliia Volochai and/or the people using her is/are very dangerous since she/they takes their time, she/they plan every step and she is very charming and ”normal girl”. I really fell for her and there was so many signs that told me she was not a scammer.

Dont send any money to Ukrainian women what so ever, doesnt matter for how long you talked to them. This advise was given me in February but I was fooled.
Telegram @yullliiiyaa
Olena Zakharova Olena Zakharova Liar. Got money to trip but refused to use ticket. Fake Ukrainian passport.
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she just wanted money for food , 25 € a month for almost one year,. I sent it, because it was not too much and I stared a surprising video conference shortly after I got acquainted to her and saw the face matching the ID Card and the pictures. One month ago, she told me about the burned appartment and asked for 120 Euro for a appartment. I offered her to come to Germnay, but she ignored it.
Inna  Zhytomyr Inna Zhytomyr I started dating Inna at the end of 2022 beginning of 2023 after becoming aquatinted on a website called ‘Jump for Love’. I paid the site to communicate and regularly sent food packages and gifts to her. There were some red flags such when I requested her second name and other ways of communication. Such as it was to dangerous as she was in an occupied Russian zone in Ukraine. That her phone was broken, that she had no SIM card. That without a SIM card she could not set up an e mail. Declaring love and plans to get married. In the end I caught her out after finding out that she was on another site called ‘Golden Bride’. I set up a dummy account with a different name and no photo. I received flirtatious letters from her and I realised for certain that she was a liar and a cheat.
Very clever scam and of course thousands of pounds were spent. I believe the j4L website and Golden Bride facilitate this sort behaviour and have no regard for the wellbeing of male customers. I have been subjected to many clever emotional manipulations by this lady when I did question things. I believe I am not the first man and I doubt I will be the last who she does this to. I have easily spend over £7000 on what was basically a con.
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Anastasiia  Konoshchuk Anastasiia Konoshchuk Anastasiia Konoshchuk, 24 years
Met her at, she lived in Luhansk area and wanted to escape to Kyiv. She claimed she came from Kherson. She needed money for the passport to cross the checkpoint, then money for an expensive dental surgery, then money for the driver to Kyiv. When you said no to the driver she got angry (normal scam pattern when they get defensive when you ask for ID and so on).
She claimed she borrowed the money from a friend and in one day she was in Kyiv. Then in Poland, then in Sofia Bulgaria and now a profile on Eurocupid where she is in Romania. And yes, she was in Odessa too. Thats a long trip in one month when ”you dont have any money”.
Her pattern is the same as many others, except from all their sudden costs they dont block you when they think they have milked you enough, they start with slowing down the communication and from ”I cant wait to see you” and long storys about their day and feelings, to simple one-liners like ”I am fine, but the light is out and we cant talk”. They create a profile on the dating site and the argue is ordered by them. They will then accuse you for being a bad person to accusing them for all this when you have helped them with money. They quickly ”forget”.
This girl never asked for money but she made it very clear that if I dont pay there can be no date. They also know that you make an ”investment” in your relation, both in time, feelings and money but also pride and honour. When you have paid the first time there will be new costs and you feel that you have to pay again. They have pictures of them in the dental reception or if they have a sick dog they show the dog with a oxygen mask and short video clips of the dog looking tired. He needs help also. Its so well made and all put together after 1-2 months of communication and video calls one cant imagine how sick and/or desperate these people are. They look very happy and healthy so I guess they are ”money sick”.
Oksana  Yeliferenko Oksana Yeliferenko I found her on the site under the name Eliz. We chatted a little and moved to WhatsApp (+380 68 787 17 53). She told me to be in Mariupol wanting to escape needing money for a taxi to Kyiv and then train to Warsaw. I sent here 600€ and she bought the taxi ticket (attached). This is when she asked for another 1500€, since this was to be needed to enter Ukraine controlled territory, I sent this too. When she arrived at the border to the Ukraine territory, they confronted her with a levy and fine of total 5300€ (see attached) and asked again for money. She was not able to send me any pictures and told me she is beaten there and feared rape. I first refused and she told me, she found help with other bus passengers and asked me ‘only’ for 800$ and 200$ travel money as she would also hand over the 1500€ she needed to enter the Ukraine. Reluctantly I sent her this too. When she wanted to pass the border, she found out that the other passengers will not give her the money and asked again for 1500$ which I refused. She then called me crying and all and I finally asked moneygram for help to figure out if this is a scam or not. With some persuasion I found out that all 3 pickups were made in Dnipro, a city in the Ukraine controlled territory about 325km from Mariupol and not on the border to the Russian controlled territory either. From this point it was clear this is a scam. I then checked with Western Union, who blocked 3 transfers to why this is so. It turns out that the woman has even before my transaction exceeded receiving 5000$ from someone in Switzerland. It was instantly clear that I’m not the only one that has been scammed. At this point I launched a fraud investigation with both services where she is now permanently blocked, and a worldwide investigation was started. Her last entries at WhatsApp were to post some semi-nude pictures of me (nothing explicit) on social media if I would not pay.
Anzhelika  Tkachova Anzhelika Tkachova I was stupid enough despite my mind telling me things were too good to be true, to fall for this nonsense. Was through and I suspect this woman does this a lot through various profiles where she claims she is using a friends profile. (The more I write the more stupid and embarrassed I feel as I went against my instincts). I’m new to online dating and not an unattractive man so genuinely thought this was real. What sealed it for me was she was always happy to speak on video call, I knew she was real and I hadn’t seen many where the person is so happy to regularly communicate face to face. We spoke for a few weeks and I said we should meet in Poland and this is where she then said she would go speak to migration services. All of a sudden the pressure began to be applied. I was advising that I didn’t want to send money at any point until we met. After a day I agreed to send half of what was being asked and just one day later I was blocked. I sent the money by western union.

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These are the details she gave me:
IBAN:\ UA21305 29902 620464 009625 96198
Recipient address: Privokzalnaya street 8
Post code: 02000
Eva  Gaiduk Eva Gaiduk She will start out by saying she was scammed by a guy from Texas then she will go on about how she was injured in the war. One night she will fall and get head trauma and need meds and help.
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She used the excuse she was in hospital and the laptop was broke.
Olena  Sokur-Nosina Olena Sokur-Nosina Another scammer saying she's in Zhytomir and asking money for "travel". You should send money to a crypto wallet because "the tax company will have questions about where I got this money from and why I didn't paid tax on this money" )))))))
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I don't want you to feel afraid or worried that you will lose your money, because I am not the same woman you have communicated with in the past. I'm sure they were talking to you for your money. I DO NOT NEED YOUR MONEY. I need you. I don't want our past to interfere with our future because we are very close to the future we have dreamed of for a long time.