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Inna Shilova Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen pictures
Yana Koval Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen identity (contact us to find out more). l have sent her AU$3000 to leave the Ukraine
Mariia Hraffad A fraudster or a group of fraudsters pretends to be a victim of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. Uses a fake Ukrainian passport, asks for money to a "friend's" account via PayPal Payment details used for a scam are attached in the image.
Feat. @anna_mihailovskaya, Russian theater and movie actress. Met on InternationalCupid. Also opperates on russianFlirting
I strugle with very unstable Internet here in Ukraine. Thank you so much for writing me. Sorry for my apperience. I covered myself with blanket, because it's very cold in my appartment, so I try to warm myself somehow. I wish you wonderful day.
Viktoria Larina Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen images. Contact us for more details. She said she was a tailor. Lives in a small town.
Anastasia Kirilenko In the conversation about her arrival in my country, she said that she should pay 3000 dollars for a visa and that she doesn't have that much money. I told her that I could send her money through the bank or Western Union, and she said that then the entire amount cannot be withdrawn from the account, and that the best thing is to buy her a gift of that value on the Amourmeet site and that she can sell the gift and then pay the visa and come to my country. I suggested that she take out a tourist visa and come to meet, but she says that it is not possible because of the war. I also suggested that I would buy a laptop through a web store in her name and that she would then sell it and get the money, but she did not agree to that either. Fake Ukrainian passport Kirilenko Anastasia Ivanovna, Born September 25, 1985, In the city of Odessa, Odessa region. On three occasions, she told me three different jobs she did. She doesn't want to tell me exactly what job she is doing now and her working hours, now she supposedly works in a notary's office and mostly at home. She says that she was married and that Strelchuk is the last name of her ex-husband. It was very difficult for her to give me her email and phone number, she doesn't want to open a gmail account so we can talk through gmail. She says that whatsapp and other similar applications do not work in Ukraine, now we are talking through the Telegram app.
Natalia Havryliv She's a top student at ONMedU, and she deceives foreigners on dating sites, portraying herself as poor and desperate for help. She approached me on telegram, after I was registered on for a few weeks. She must have gotten my number from some other girl who I had talked to, so she is clearly part of some kind of organized scam ring. She lied claiming to be from occupied Kherson, having now fled to Nikolaev in September 2022. She lied about needing money, to bribe the Russians to get her dad out of Kherson too. Then she needed money to reach Lviv and rent an apartment. She lied about her dad needing money for documents, so he can work outside of Ukraine. She lied about not having a boyfriend, while in reality, she was on vacation with him in Lithuania in October, while claiming to love me and wanting to come to me. As her private instagram would later show, Natalie lives a comfortable life with expensive makeup + photo sessions, restaurant visits, new clothes and iPhones. Natalie exploits the suffering of Millions of Ukrainians to her advantage to enrich herself. Her actions tarnish the image of all Ukrainians. She cheated me out of 7700 EUR in just 3 months. And was just one of her victims. See for a full breakdown of her scam with me.
Angelica Анжелика Anzhelika Кушнирева Kushnireva She is lost without food and shelter in waar zone. will come to your home uses fake passport and can be or uses the name Lidia Nikolaenko At the moment I am at the station in the Mykolaiv region village of Konstantinovka. My house is destroyed because of the war and I have no place to live. I was very cold and did not eat for several days... Forgive me..Can you help me?
Yana Liahul Lyagul Pretends to have debt in ukrain need payed before leave. never show up
Maria Reshetnikova Romance Scheme, We met online from a website called Gloucestershire Dating Online. Stolen identity Hello my love Rob Thank you for your letter. I also greatly appreciate your support. These few days were just hell for me, and I did not find a place for myself. Now I have calmed down a bit, I take a sedative and it helps. I try to pull myself together and think positively, but I'm not very good at it. But I still continue to believe in the best, my dear. About restrictions and madness. I agree with you my dear. But I think that before the start of the war there would be no problems and I could fly to you. but after the start of the war, almost 8 million people left Russia, who are against this war and against the decision of the authorities. It seems that the laws have become strict. Also, if a person has a visa, does he have to return to Russia? He may be on the run, or he may be seeking political asylum. I am not strong in these matters. But I was given to understand that this is how it works. Also, for about six months, I could not pay my loan for an apartment. This was about 7 months ago. Mom needed money for a heart operation, and as a family we raised money for an expensive operation. And at that moment I did not pay my debt. I agreed with the bank. As it seemed to me at the time. But I was added to the black list of debtors. It's just crazy. I just want to leave this damn country and be by your side. Honey, I don't have a mortgage. This is a bank loan. At that time, the concept of a mortgage was not common in Russia and it simply did not exist. I am ready to sell the apartment, and I will do it. I am ready to take this step for us and for our future. Also I agree with you. Now the apartment should cost much more, because real estate prices are rising every year. Today I have a meeting with a lawyer for a consultation. After that, I will visit a real estate agency. Today I will learn everything about how everything will work and how everything will be easier and right to do. There is no point in delaying this issue or waiting for something. We need to work on this my dear. Dear, thanks for the photo. But you bought me a ring? I am very surprised and of course I am pleased. But, probably, she is a very dear love of mine. Why are you spending so much money on me my dear. I'm pleased, but I'm a little shy. I need to go to a lawyer soon. I'll try to find out everything. When I return, I will tell you everything. Only yours Mary XXX
Marharyta Baksheieva She claims she is in war torn Kharkiv and wants to leave Ukraine. She will coax you to offer her travel to your country where she will be your partner in life. She then will ask for money for transportation from Kharkiv to Poland so she can fly to your country. But the truth is, she's safe in Kiev. The location in the dating app doesn't lie. Just measure the distance from your country to Kiev or Kharkiv and compare. "Drivers in my city who take people to Poland in their cars for around $350. I would have left a long time ago but I don't have any money"