Visa status

passports and visasGeneral information

If your visa application is approved your passport with the visa will be delivered to you by our company. The delivery will be made to the address you specified before the interview.

If shipping of documents to your specified address cannot be made, the postman will leave a notice in your mailbox which will indicate the post office where you can pick up the documents within 14 calendar days. If during this time you will not take away the documents your passport will be sent back to the Embassy. From this point on you are responsible for the organization of private delivery of documents from the Embassy.

How to change the delivery address

To change the desired delivery address is possible through the contact center until 23:59 on the day preceding the day of your interview. Changing the delivery address is free of charge.

It is strongly recommended not to change the delivery address after the deadline. Any changes to the delivery address after the above deadline will lead to a delay in delivery of the passport.

Passports and visas

For your convenience there are several ways to track the delivery of your passports and visas.
To instantly check the status of your passport number, type it in the box below.

If your passport shows the status “Processed in the place of delivery” it means that the passport is sent to the Embassy or Consulate and is on the way to the delivery address that you specified . However, the passport has not yet been delivered.

If the status of your passport is “ready to be received ” it means that our service will soon bring your passport to the address specified before the interview or that a notice is left in your mailbox and you should contact the courier service to fix a new delivery date. The Embassy or Consulate cannot help you find out the delivery status of the passport . Please do not contact the Embassy or Consulate on the delivery status of your passport E-mail : send a message to our e-mail address entering a valid passport number in the subject of the message and (or) in the message body in the same format in which it was specified when making an appointment for the interview. Do not enter any additional text. You will receive an automated response indicating the current visa status.

–°heck visa status online

The status of your application can be checked at any time on our website. Wait at least three working days after the interview to obtain a visa before checking visa status online. The system cannot update the status of the application up to that time, and therefore the message you get may not reflect the actual status of your application.

Check the current status of the passport through the Internet on our homepage.

Additional documents to obtain a passport

To pick up your passport you must submit the original (not a copy) of any official document with a photograph proving your identity. We also recommend you to provide a copy of the confirmation of the interview appointment.
If a person empowered to act for you is to get your documents, he or she must provide a power of attorney signed by the applicant certifying the authority of the authorized person to obtain a passport, the original of any official document with a photo confirming the identity of a trusted person or a copy of the passport.

Note: If you need to get documents for a group / family it is enough to provide a power of attorney for the whole group / family with the indication of each applicate.