Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Kateryna Ivashura I´ve got aqucainted with her on a dating site, and we´re corresponding now around a month. As she says she is a refugee from Lugansk working now in Odessa in administration, department for pensionists. We agreed to meet in 2 weeks, and (of course) she said to me that her international passport is lost and she need to apply for another, and in the short period of time left it will cost 250 $. I know this should have been an alert sign, but I believed here however. So, I transfered over WU that amount to her, and next days she waits for more money for flight and visa costs. Today I found out that she obviously worked for "anastasia-date" in the past skype-id : ivakate87Her name is Katerina Ivashura (on her VK-profile her surname is Ekaterina - She said to me she is born on 15.07.1987, but due to her VK-profile it´s the 23.07.1987. The adress she gave for WU-money-transfer: Shevchenko block 56/111, Lugansk, Ukraine.
Yana Kotelevets Ukrainian passport number: ME34369 Date of birth: Jul 10, 1987
Ivanna Skoropad Lebedin, Sumy oblast
Ukrainian passport number: EE908966
Date of birth: Jul 22, 1989
Ivanna did not ask for money she wrote for 6 months i sent her money for pass port she never had one be for she said she sent me copy i could see the photo was wrong . she wrote every day telling me what her day was like and her family sent photo of her her mom her grand mother together about two weeks ago i offerd to pay her ticket to fly to Australia she said i will find out prices she came back to me with price $1,700 to fly $150.00 dollars for visa and $100.00 for travel insurance . but she never asked for the money .just said send it when ever you can everything she wrote and talked about was so real and believable not like others
Alina Nemylina Ukrainian passport number: EH235127 Date of birth: May 25, 1986
Irina Demina Ukrainian passport number: AX598732 Date of birth: Nov 18, 1980
Yana Grebenschikova Ukrainian passport number: EH975067 Date of birth: Dec 20, 1984
Veronika Tsatryan Ukrainian passport number: EH751506 Date of birth: Feb 16, 1987
Victoria Kushka Ukrainian passport number: EH615077 Date of birth: June 30, 1983
Svetlana Shevchuk Ukrainian passport number: FF858438 Date of birth: Jul 12, 1988
Mariya Semenova Through my company, I help people in need through one of two ways—either through outright gifts given on a “Pay it forward basis” or with interest-free loans. Since 2007, we have bestowed €52.648 in outright gifts to people in need by helping pay partial bills for housing, college educations, law school tuition, and cars; setting up trust funds for children of single parents; and other expenditures from verified sources. When gifts are not practical, we also make loans to deserving individuals; in that same period of time, we have made €44.762 in loans. This complaint involves a scheme where we were defrauded of €9.000 (639.000 rubles) in loans by two scammers: a woman using the name Mariia Alekseevna Semenova (email:; Skype: maria.semmm) and a man pretending to be a private lawyer named Mikhail Kolomeytsev (email: big article about this scam is avaliable on our blog