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Natasha Chayka

First name, Last name: Natasha Chayka

Country, City: Ukraine, Zaporizhya


Telephone: +380 97 589 5353

Samples of her messages: Dear Chris, thanks for your reply. I am fine. apart from the fact that every morning I go out to the stall to buy a cup of black coffee. because I can't cheer up like that. and after a couple of hours I go for another one. it's a tragedy for me to be without a coffee machine. all day I was at home in the evening went to my mother. from tomorrow, transport will run only during rush hour in the morning and in the evening. when people go to and from work. and during the day transport will not go. well, I dont know how it will be. t how people will get somewhere. and first grade students are homeschooled as well. I heard that it will be until May 15th. you need to live this month very economically. of course I agree that immunity after vaccination should get stronger. and of course I want when you go to me not to worry about your health. I will very much wait for June. my phone number is +380975895353 you can call me. i will add you to skype. I am very worried that you will hear that my English is bad. and wake me to laugh. of course I also want to see your eyes. I hope that soon life will be as before. and hope for our meeting. How about your day ? how are your dogs? who will you leave them to when you go to me?) Sweet dreams! your natasha

Scheme fraud: The scam went like this I met her on Cherry Blossoms dating site. She claims to work at a children’s clothing store. She was very nice a polite and did not ask for money or items but she was dropping hints the whole time. I insisted we speak on skype and we did speak a few times so a least I was certain she was who her profile pictures said she was. Her English was very bad and so we wrote more buy e-mail more than spoke on skype. So things went on well and while I always had it in the back of my mind she may not be legit but she seamed legit. The photos she did provide where of her and where taken in Zaporizahia where she is from. So went I visited with her just last week and at first I thought all my inner worries where for nothing the first two day where very pleasant and she was very nice and we ate lunch an dinner together and I paid but no red flags. Then at end of day two she ask if we could go dress shopping. Well I was like ok a dress or two should not be a big deal. Well I was wrong she called a friend to pick us up and go shopping with us and translate for us. Natasha English skills where bad and we used a translator on my phone to speak mostly. So Natasha’s friend arrives take us too this little hole in the wall shop where the clothes are very expensive and they only take cash. Now a outfit or two and even expensive ones would not have raised a flag but she wanted me to buy here like 10 very expensive outfits and a leather handbag. I said no too most of it but still caved a little and bought her more than I should of. Well then next day comes and we are having lunch and waiting for her cousin and friend. During that time her mom calls and asks her why she has no food at home and ask her to ask me to go and buy her some. Well of course I was taken aback and this caught me off guard so I made a big mistake and said yes. Next thing you know her friends are there and taking us to supermarket where the proceed to gather 600 dollars worth of food and not the cheap stuff but the expensive kind that few eat on a daily basis. Well I walked out on her and her friends and went back too the hotel where she came too me later and said it was a cultural misunderstanding and that everything was good. She also knew I still had presents to give her also. So she came and all seemed ok but I was spooked and watched her after that very closely. She kept on hinting about stuff she needed like a new 500 dollar coffee machine but other than eating the food and drink I paid for she did not get much more out of me except the gifts. So once I get back from my trip we continue to e-mail but in every email there is a hint about sending her money. Now that she realizes I wont send her cash she now will not e-mail anymore. I knew it from the time in the supermarket but I was willing to still take the ride too see what would happen. In the end she got about 1500 dollars out of me and wasted a bunch of my time. All in all could be much worse.

I send this story to you in hopes that if you post her photos and her name she cant take advantage of someone else and cause them pain. This world is bad enough place and playing with someone’s heart is just crappy


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