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Mikhail Khalturin

First name, Last name: Mikhail Khalturin

Country, City: Russian, Kazan


Samples of her messages: Hello my dear. Ed, oh, every time I write you a letter there is a feeling that we have not chatted with you for a long time ... I really miss you and I really want to see you live, that I even really miss your letters! What I feel about you is actually very difficult to explain in words, but I try to do it from letter to letter. Each of my letters I tell you about love and forgive me if I already bothered you with this. But I can't help myself. I really never loved anyone as much as I loved you! And what about the parcel. Ed, don’t forget to sprinkle some of your stuff in there, haha. First of all, I want to be delighted that I can finally smell your scent! Ed, in fact, I am still delighted that you are sending me a parcel ... Oh my god, I'm incredibly happy and first of all - this is a great gift for the New Year, haha. And I’ll hear your voice soon, right? Yes, of course I'll send you the address again. On New Year's holidays, I will only rest for 2-4 days, so I decided that I would go to the city for these holidays, because there is absolutely nothing to do in Kstovo. I have no friends or anyone here. And my colleagues are also planning to go back to Kazan for a few days. But I think that the parcel will still not arrive before January 5th, so I will leave you the same address. Nizhny Novgorod Region. The city of Kstovo. Street: 2-y mikrorayon House 8 This post office's zip code is: 607660 By the way, the business trip will last until mid-December, maybe even a little longer, so you don't have to worry, I can definitely pick up the package on time! Ed, what about the computer ... Ed, do you want to send me a computer in a package? Oh my god, that would certainly be insanely cool, if of course you have a webcam on it. If we can call up via Skype or Zoom, then I just can't refuse this gift ... Though I feel a little uncomfortable. Oh, and you can't even believe how much I want to have sex with you. Every time I think about it, my cock starts to get excited. Haha, I especially like to imagine our first sex with you. Of course I have little experience with sex. But the past men I've had sex with ... Oh, it wasn't for love, you know Ed? I'm still 100% sure that sex with you will be just insane. What are we going to do in bed? Haha, two loving people who are separated by distance for a long time ... You and I both crave each other, oh yeah ... I want that Ed! Oh god Ed, can I kiss your whole body? May I bite you? Haha, what will happen to us in the morning? Will your whole body hurt? Oh my dear Ed, I love you madly! And I don't live without you, I just exist. I don't need expensive gifts or something like that, I only need you !!! Sometimes, when I understand that we cannot be together, I want to die! But, waking up, every time in the morning, I understand: I live for you. I want to live for you, breathe for you, I want to be always with you. I love you more than life. Oh, and I almost forgot about the travel agency. No, I didn't do it online. And of course they have a website. I'll attach a link below. When I talked to a travel agent ... In general, he told me that first of all I need to make a foreign passport, which will cost 320 dollars and which will be prepared within 10 working days. After that, I will need to book tickets with a return flight and make a few more certificates and documents (income statements and the like). But as the travel agent explained to me, I need to start in any case with a foreign passport. Oh, I guess it's time to finish the letter. I love you very much Ed! Please be safe. Your Misha!

Scheme fraud: Loves me

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