How will the Ukrainian Covid passports work?

ukrainian covid passport

In Ukraine, the launch of a document confirming vaccination against coronavirus COVID-19 has been announced. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine explained where and how it is planned to use this “vaccination passport” (Covid passport).

Ukraine will develop a single document for vaccinated against COVID-19 for international travel and domestic use. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Yaroslav Kucher. Vaccination confirmation can be obtained in the form of an electronic or paper certificate. The final version of the document is still being finalized.

Ukrainian Covid passport for travel

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the developed document will be needed primarily by those who will travel abroad. “It is not a technical problem for us to print this standard document, set a QR-code for verification or some other verification methods. Our question is that this document be accepted and accepted where our citizens will enter,” explained Kucher. According to him, the ministry will primarily focus on the requirements of the European Union regarding the international vaccination certificate. “We are ready to either integrate into the existing system or launch our own as soon as possible,” the deputy minister said.

When and how they will start issuing certificates

The Ministry of Health does not name a specific date for the introduction of “vaccination passports”. “We will hope that it will be as soon as possible, because everyone will start getting vaccinated,” said Yaroslav Kucher. “Now we are choosing the way to go. If there is no unified solution from the EU, so to speak, in a clear period of time, we will launch our own and start a campaign to recognize our documents.”

At the same time, the Ministry of Health acknowledges that there is currently no specific vision of what the document will look like and on which platform it will work. The Ministry of Health predicts that such a document will most likely be available through the state electronic services portal “Diya”.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation says that the developers of the vaccination document are waiting for final decisions from the WHO, in order to implement a passport in their vision, which will be recognized by all countries.

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