Ukraine passport issuing authority

issuing authority passport of Ukraine

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad (travel passport) is a document certifying the identity of a citizen of Ukraine while crossing the state border of Ukraine and staying abroad.

Issuing authority Ukraine passport

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 07.05.2014 №152 “On approval of the sample form, technical description and the procedure for issuance, exchange, transfer, seizure, return to the state, destruction of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad, temporary detention and seizure” territorial authority or subdivision of the State Migration Service of Ukraine that registered and issued a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad are denoted by a four-digit number.

Department code passport

The four-digit number AKA department code passport.

The first two digits indicate the regional code of the oblast (region) according to the state classifier ДК 014-97 «Classifier of objects of administrative-territorial organization of Ukraine».

The last two digits are the code of the territorial body or subdivision of the migration service that registered and issued the Ukrainian passport for travel abroad.

Place of issue Ukrainian passport

When applying for a job (change of surname), employees provide an ID-passport, in which the issuing authority (territorial subdivision) of the Migration Service of Ukraine that issued the passport is marked with a 4-digit code.

How to find out the issuing authority of the ID card and passport? On the back of the ID-card, the information is presented in the form of a four-digit numeric code, which is the issuing authority of your passport.

The full name of the unit was reduced to four digits. And each State Migration Service unit has a different code. Information about the place of issue of a passport can also be found using the code specified in it.

It’s possible the document was issued in one place and its holder lives in other city.

Ukraine passport number format

Ukraine travel Passport is made in the form of a passport card (information sheet) and has a size of 80 x 60 mm. The photo is pasted in the information sheet. There is information about its holder: last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth and personal number, as well as the date of issue and the code of the issuing authority.

Ukrainian travel passport has 32 pages. Its passport number (number and series)  are recorded on the page where the photo is located.

All paper pages of the passport (except the first) are numbered. The passport number is marked on each of them. In addition the passport number can be found on the right part of the cover. It’s made by laser perforation.

The upper right corner contains the inscription “Passport number”. Its format consists of two letters and 6 digits. The first two letters of the designation are the passport series, and the 6 digits are the passport number.

On the pages from the first to the thirty-second and on the right part of the cover at a distance of 3.0 ± 0.5 millimeters from the top edge of the booklet the series and passport number are perforated.  The passport number format is two letters and six digits, respectively.

The document number is made by laser engraving in a touch-sensitive font.

Place of birth Ukr

The place of birth can be found in the 6th line of Ukrainian travel passport. It is written in Ukrainian. Show the city or oblast where the holder was born. If the citizen of Ukraine was born in other country, you will see the country name in this line.

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