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speed dating event

What is a “Quick Date”

This is a party where men and women equally.

Each evening the age group of guests is determined.

This type of dating (mini-dates) came to Ukraine from America a few years ago. As with many new “Quick Dates” in our country, also has been adapted. The differences are not large: in America decided to get contacts (exchange of phone numbers and e-mail) by the organizers after the evening (usually the next day), our participants exchanged contacts at the evening. In Quick Dates takes place 10 Blitz-acquintances in 1 hour, sometimes there are near 20,30 dates and up to 40 acquaintances during the evening – this is the limit – so there will be more honest to call “acquaintance marathon.”

Goals of all speed dater are different…

Most often, it is the desire to find a soul mate for long-term relationships, including those for the formation of the family, there are great opportunities to flirt or find a friend. The participants of our fast meeting – self-sufficient people who value their time. Lack of time for arrangement of personal life is one of the major reasons for the popularity of dating parties.

How do the Quick dates arranged?

To simplify dating, tables are numbered, and all participants at the enterance obtained the badges from the organizers, where can be written the name or nickname, the passport at the entrance do not check. Coming to the evening under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. During the rapid dating smoke is forbidden. Entrance to the acquaintance party only by ticket of speed dating and foreign visitors for the period of the event are not permitted. You can not be late – late for 5 minutes = one date.

The main purpose of speed dater is a real friendship.

Mini-dates are held for 5-7 minutes, according to psychologists: the impression of a man at the first meeting consists of one – two first minutes of acquaintance. It is very convenient and fun way to explore.

Speed ​​dater placed at the tables 2 to 2 (four persons) or 1 to 1 (two at the table), and for two hours they get acquainted with each other by going from table to table, the topics of the ongoing dialogue are suggested. The basic rule of Quick Dates is to change interlocutors clearly in time, in order to the end of the evening was the opportunity to meet everyone.

How does the speed dating event pass?

During the acquaintances (dialogues) music is not loud enough to be comfortable to talk, it’s blues, romantic ballads, lounge, soft instrumental music. Signal for the transition to a new interlocutor is bright, loud, dynamic instrumental melody 1 – 2 minutes.

Moving on from the interlocutor to interlocutor performed mostly men by clockwise. Delays in “transfer” is not acceptable, since they violate the traditional course of events. Women are arranged in their places, and their numbers coincide with the numbers of badges (issued upon registration). With this in mind, a badge attached to clothing for girls is not necessary. It is important to have badges  for men as they move, and to the girls could quickly and accurately determine their sympathy required name or number of the lady liked chevalier.

There are three ways of Speed ​​dating event:

Method 1:

Meet Express meeting format – this is where everyone has the opportunity to exchange contacts, writing them down on a clean business card offered for 3 hours blitz dates.

Method 2:

Filling cards mutual sympathy – it forms with the numbers of participants who received and each participant in the communication highlights the fact – who liked. At the end of the fast meeting presenter collects all forms where they marked favorite numbers of participants with the obligatory indication of your phone number on the federal format. A day (usually – Monday during the second half), we send text messages to phone numbers and the names of the – who liked each other – mutual sympathy. So if you checked 6 people, but you were noted by only three – you will be sent three contacts; and those three will be sent your phone with the name. You should not be neglected in this way, because time may not be enough for sharing contacts, and the cycle of events and meetings can captivate your sympathy farther away from you … then it is useful to mark number of someone you like (fixing liked person by its number on the card mutual sympathy). No secret that many are not reasonably assume that they did not like those, who was nice to them … but sympathy card will give an objective picture … it happens – that is formed to eight mutual sympathy for one evening! And practically it does not happen such that there is not at least one sympathy.

Speed ​​dating event method 3:

Acquaintances after a speed dating, when the required movement of guests come to an end and everyone has the possibility of free accommodation in an institution with unlimited time communication.

But if you stab the heart and at the same time you feel the inspiration from the meeting with each other, as your chance – you need together and immediately leave the party. Come back to the speed dating event you can only together.

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