Love for a million dollars. How “dating agencies” deceive foreigners falling in love with Ukrainian women

how dating agencies deceive foreingers falling in love with ukrainian women

Swindlers under false names contact with foreigners desiring to get married to Ukrainian girls.

Journalists exposed a scheme under which so called “marriage swindlers» made out millions of the trustful foreigners wishing to meet with Ukrainian girls.

Ahmed got acquainted with a girl through the network by registering on a dating site. Just after a few weeks of chatting the “almost bride” got great financial difficulties, she asked money for medicine for her Grandma and the visa to come to “groom”. Ahmed caught himself only after a few weeks of communication, when amount spent for the Ukrainian beauty reached three thousand dollars.

It turned out that the girl has never really been acquainted with the foreigner. And on her behalf marriage swindlers communicated with Ahmed; their primary target was simple – to cheat the trustful loving man out of his money.

Ahmed was into luck: he spent only a few thousand, while the other victims’ loss reach even 400 thousand dollars.

As it happens, a whole gang of virtual scammers acts in Ukraine and they get out from the pockets of foreigners very real currency. They disguise as the dating or marriage agencies. The scheme is very simple: a wealthy American decided to meet with a Ukrainian girl. Immediately search gives him dozens of options. And as soon as he has been registered on the website – money begin to disappear from his purse: 300 dollars for registration and access to the database of Ukrainian beauties, plus four dollars per minute of staying online.

Sometimes a foreigner spends more than 600 dollars for evening of communication with the “Ukrainian girls”. Even men are suited for communication with the foreigners because an employer requires only basic knowledge of English. At the same time it guarantees cosmic earnings.

A recipe of such agencies is simple: men love with the eyes, for this purpose there are beautiful girl’s photos taken from the Internet. A tragic love and life story must be made up for leverage. You can also ask for money for living.

The agency divides earnings among all employees. At a rough estimate these scammers earn 50 thousand dollars a month which, of course, are not taxed.

Criminal liability under Art. 190 of the Criminal Code is provided for these false marriage agencies for their illegal activity; the maximum penalty for fraud provides up to 12 years of imprisonment and confiscation of property, three years of imprisonment are provided for non-payment of taxes by such agencies.

However, the biggest problem of these agencies is everyday discredit of Ukrainian women’s image all over the world.