Fraud in internet

Fraud in internet

The arrival of the Internet in our lives has brought us a lot of useful information. We can now make purchases, pay bills, to learn new information and to work through the World Wide Web. But, unfortunately, as always, and the attackers were able to make on this, as have come up with many ways to make money with the network. Today we talk about fraud in internet.

To begin with I would like to say how fraudsters do and what pitfalls you can wait for the network. You should also add that each attacker has the skills of psychology, because he understands that he must arrange for a person himself, so he trusted him. That is a fraud – a blind trust.

Most often, attackers create trap sites to get hold of personal data of the owner of a credit card or e-wallet. They redirect the person on the false page, where it enters the data and then takes his money account.

Also good “earn” and fraudsters who allegedly selling branded items at a low cost. This all is a wholly prepay. The scheme is simple, the money is sent and the “seller” disappears. Although this is a one-time income, but the whole system works.

In addition, the attackers make their “buy” the word, since it is the most common query the network. Since people are looking for everything from theses to cars. Everywhere, where there is fraud in internet prepayment or deposit.

We often see flashing advertising, when we turn on them, we offer to send sms for registration, it is free of charge and can write off all the money from the account. You can list many examples of fraud, but we provide information on how to avoid the trouble and do not lose money, and even the minor.

  • Do not pay attention to the colorful advertisements and banners that offer to buy something at a low cost.
  • Do not send SMS to number incomprehensible for any registration.
  • Download a free can also be safe, download information only on trusted sites.
  • Do not donate money and do not pay attention to the requests of “need” on the network. If you decided to help someone, contact the charitable service.
  • Do not think that you can earn on the pyramid, a “divorce”, you only lose money, but in the end get nothing.
  • Do not send money for work, remember, the employer must pay you, not you to him.
  • Do not give your personal information to third parties.
  • Easy money does not happen, so if you have never participated, then nothing can not win.
  • Check carefully the folder “Spam” and do not go to questionable links.

It must be said that the basic safety rules will save you from fraud in internet. We mentioned above that all crooks have psychology, so you should not get involved with them in the conversation, as they will easily be able to convince you otherwise, even if initially you had doubts about their honesty.

And finally, fraud is a crime, so it is punishable. Many people believe that if they are lit by a small amount, then this one will not do. You are wrong, in any case it is necessary to contact the police and provide all information about the intruder.

Everyone should be responsible for their actions, so if you took a nasty case of the network, go and write statements. Nobody says that you will get back your lost money, but it will be able to gather information on the intruder and prevent his subsequent actions.

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