+38072 which mobile operator in Ukraine?

Which mobile operators work in Ukraine?

The so-called big three mobile operators operate in Ukraine. These are Kyivstar, Vodafone and Lifecell. Each of the operators covers about 90% of the territory of Ukraine, and together they have more than 95% coverage of the country. In general, these companies offer quality services at affordable prices.

Table of codes of mobile operators of Ukraine

#Name of operatorCodes of Ukrainian mobile operators
1Kyivstar38067, 38096, 38097, 38098
2Vodafone38050, 38066, 38095, 38099
3Lifecell38063, 38073, 38093

+38072 – Phone code, whose code is that?

In 2015, the mobile communications of the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine split from the big land. Armed people seized the cell towers and launched their operators – “Phoenix” and “Lugacom”. Their special feature is that these operators do not “call” any country in the world except Russia. And for the free part of the Donetsk region too.

Residents of ORDLO call to the territory controlled by Kyiv exclusively through Vodafone, and the city network is separated from the Ukrainian one.

Code: +38072

Country: Ukraine

Region: Lugansk

Mobile operator: Lugacom

Type of phone system: Mobile communication

The code of the mobile operator of the unrecognized republics on the territory of Ukraine (Lugansk region) is Lugacom. Mobile network code 072.

Lugacom is a GSM operator of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Services – mobile and fixed telephone communication, data transmission channels, Internet. The company provides the most affordable prices in the territory of the LPR.

Why you should avoid +38072 phone numbers

Donetsk and Lugansk regions are the territory of Ukraine. Since 2014, part of these regions has been occupied by Russian terrorists. The Ukrainian government does not control these territories, and therefore Ukrainian laws do not apply there. We can state that the laws do not apply at all in the temporarily occupied areas of the Donetsk Lugansk region.

Our practice shows that the largest amount of fraud on dating sites originates precisely from these territories of Ukraine. Men from America meet very attractive girls. For their part, they cheat money out of them under various pretexts.

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