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Fast and reliable authentication of medical tests from Ukraine. Find out the truth to keep the situation under control.

Since 2010, our company has been helping men from all over the world to verify women from Ukraine. Ukrainian ladies are known for their beauty, but on the other hand, they are associated with romance scams. It can be difficult for an unprepared person to figure out where the truth is.

It is not uncommon for Ukrainian women to say that they are sick, need surgery, or someone in their family has been hospitalized with a scary diagnosis. To confirm their words, they send you the results of medical tests “in Chinese”. Well, that one’s a puzzle isn’t it? You don’t mind helping out, but it would be nice to check it first.

We will help you check various test results and medical documents from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. HIV/AIDS tests, ultrasound results (pregnancy), X-rays, and many others. Your woman will not know anything about this check. The results are strictly confidential.

How do we verify Ukrainian medical tests

There are a huge number of medical forms in Ukraine. One person cannot know all the nuances. That’s why we find specialized doctors (general practitioners, gynecologists, cardiologists, traumatologists, obstetricians, etc.) and ask them to give an expert opinion on a particular document. First of all, whether these are genuine tests (visual analysis), and the content of the medical form itself (whether it corresponds to what the girl told you).

Verifying the authenticity of a Ukrainian medical documents involves several steps to ensure its legitimacy. If necessary, we’ll add the following:

  • Check for Basic Information: examining the document for basic information such as the patient’s name, date of birth, medical facility, doctor’s name, and the date of issuance. Make sure these details are accurate and consistent.
  • Verification of the Doctor’s Credentials: Cross-reference the doctor’s name and credentials with the official registry of medical practitioners in Ukraine. This can help ensure that the document was indeed issued by a licensed and legitimate medical professional.
  • Contact the Medical Facility in Ukraine: Reach out to the medical facility or clinic mentioned in the document. Call their official contact number or visit their official website to confirm the document’s issuance. Avoid using contact details mentioned in the document itself, as they could be falsified.
  • Check Official Seals and Signatures: Examine any official seals, stamps, or signatures on the document. Compare them to known samples or images from official sources to ensure they match. Look for signs of tampering or inconsistency.
  • Use Online Verification Tools: Some medical institutions may have online verification tools or platforms where we can input specific details from the document to verify its authenticity. Check if the issuing institution provides such a service.
  • Consult Government Authorities: Reach out to relevant government agencies responsible for healthcare and document verification. In Ukraine, this might involve contacting the Ministry of Health or a similar authority to inquire about the legitimacy of the document.
  • Check for Translation (if applicable): If the document is in a language other than Ukrainian, ensure that the translation is accurate and provided by a certified translator.

How to proceed and check a medical document from Ukraine

Please contact us and send the document(s). We’ll estimate what’s possible to do.

There is no fixed price for this service. The cost of each process is calculated individually.

Usually, the result is ready within 24 hours.

It’s possible to pay with credit card or PayPal.

Don’t be manipulated and find out the truth.