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Vita Dovha

First name, Last name: Vita Dovha

Country, City: Ukraine, Odessa

Scheme fraud: She asked for money to maintain enrollment in school to finish her degree in Odessa. Then she said there was a dying of cancer man who wanted to donate all of his money to her before he died. So then I was asked to give a debit card information to pay for check to come to my house. This check had to match the information on my debit card account so that I would have access to the funds. The check turned out to be a stack of pre-printed checks with fake account numbers printed in my name as if I was the account holder. I verified that the account in the US does not exist by getting my bank manager to internally check. The scammer told me to deposit the check into my debit account ONLY by ATM and NOT by teller or other human. This is I believe a check kiting scheme. Anyway, I simply ended any and all communication with the scammer


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