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Tatiana Belyakova

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First name, Last name: Tatiana Belyakova

Country, City: Ukraine, Ternopil


Telephone: +380956164922

Samples of her messages: Full name: Belyakova Tetiana Mykhailivna (this is my father's name/patronymic, rarely used nowadays), address of residence/registration: Ukraine, Ternopil city, postal code - 46003, Danylo Halytskyi avenue, house 14, apartment 27. e-mail address: mobile phone number +38095-616-49-22. Our business address is 1 Stepana Bandera Avenue, Ternopil, Ukraine, and we are known as Olena (after our director).

Scheme fraud: Dating scammer. Contact us to find out her real information.


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