Olena Ivanova

First name, Last name: Olena Ivanova

Country, City: Ukraine, Alchevsk

E-mail: elenka-milashka@yandex.ru

Samples of her messages: I'm very glad to hear from you again:) Thank you for always taking time to write to me. I appreciate this as well as all your nice words to me and your care about me. Yes, I would really like to relocate to US and connect my life with American man. I hope it will be possible some day in the future.XXX, I think I should tell you more about myself too. I just understand that I didn't tell you anything except the country I live in. So, yes, I'm a dog lover:) That bulldog in the photo is my parents' dog, but I have a dog too. Her name is Lilly and she is a cocker spaniel.I work as a social worker. I work with problem families and there are more of such families now because so many people lost their jobs which made them feel desperate thus drinking problems occur. Because of quarantine, I was transferred to a half-time job, but still, this is better than sitting at home in four walls.I live in a small town Alchevsk in the East of Ukraine. Most likely you heard something about a military conflict with Russia in my region. Now the situation is much better, thanks God, but there are still problems with Internet connection.XXX, tell me please more about your lifestyle. What do you like to do in your free time? Perhaps you have some exciting hobbies? Tell me everything:) I will be glad to learn more about you! Hope to see your reply soon!Sending a smile:)Your Olena

Hello, honey!It's me, Olena. I hope you will open this letter and will not ignore it. This is my new e-mail address. I had to create it because today, when I came here, I was not able to access my e-mailbox. Maybe I entered the wrong password, or maybe my e-mailbox was hacked. Anyway, I decided not to waste time figuring out this issue and created a new e-mail. So now you should write to me here.So, how are you? How did you spend your weekend there without me? Did you miss me?:) As for me, to say that I missed you is nothing to say! It seems like quite a bit of time has passed without you, just two days. But all this time I counted the hours and minutes spent apart. All my thoughts are always connected exclusively with you, XXX. Since our meeting, every Monday has become the most long-awaited day of the week for me. People say: "Monday is a hard day." But not for me, for me this is the best day of a whole week:)Honey, since I could not access my mailbox, I could not read what you wrote to me. Please, send me your last letter here and I will answer it. Thank you in advance:)Lots of gentle kisses and tight warm hugs:)Your Olena.

Hello, honey!I need you to listen to me. I know that you are sad, but be sure that this situation is very unpleasant for me too.XXX, you didn't surprise me with that. I already saw everything written about me. The reason for all this trouble is one person. Before I met you a lot of men wrote me. One of them was very persistent. At first he seemed a nice and adequate man. We talked for a while. But then he began to send me pictures of his intimate places and demanded that I do the same. I wanted to find a husband and not some kind of sex tourist. I stopped communication with him immediately. He said that he would expose me in such a light that not one man would not want to communicate with me. He said that my search is over and I will either be his or will stay alone forever.To be honest, I expected that he would post my photos and write that I'm a prostitute, whore or something like that. But I underestimated him. He was much more cunning. Taking advantage of the fact that many foreigners are afraid of swindlers which there are a lot on the Internet, he decided to make me one of them. He wrote to me about it himself. I changed an e-mail. He really has problems with his head. When I read his comment on that site, I was simply amazed at his meanness. He wrote this way as if he were a victim and not me. He lied that he sent me money. This is a complete lie. I never asked him anything. He knows my last name only for the reason that at the very beginning of our communication he asked my full name and I answered.Max, I didn't expect that he would be an abnormal person. That man became obsessed and persecuted me. When I met you everybody around just ceased to exist for me. I was honest with you always. This is true. I never used you and all my words, feelings and intentions are real and sincere. That man is really sick, I think he has some mental problems, he is very intrusive and to be honest I was really scary. I met you and you became my support and protection. With you, I found peace and faith in a happy future.If you don't believe me and you still have doubts, then let's do it this way: I will not prepare documents for the trip to you. You will come here to Ukraine at any time convenient for you. You will see me, how I live, meet my parents and be convinced of everything. XXX, you are a man and it's up to you. I will waiting your decision. I truly don't want to lose you. Help us, please. Only you can do this now.Your Olena.

Scheme fraud: Claims to live at Kalina str. 9 apt. 78
Alchevsk , 94201
The pictures belong to Chelsea Rose Le Roux, model from South Africa


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