Authentication of Ukrainian marriage Agency or Dating site

Ukrainian Agency Verification checkVerification of Ukrainian marriage agencies or dating sites

Many scammers in Ukrainian online dating sites use links to travel agencies, translation agencies, estate agencies and other enterprises in Ukraine. Very often they are a part of a plot and have one aim – to suck out money from the gullible foreigners (read the article Fake Ukrainian agencies).

Such situations make difficulties for potential victims of such scammers because the victims have no opportunity to verify information about authenticity of the Ukrainian marriage agencies or dating sites.

However, we can help you get the necessary information concerning authentication of the Ukrainian dating sites. Our service has developed a two-stage approach for verifying the information on any business company in Ukraine.

Step 1: verifying through the Internet

You give us the contact information of the Ukrainian marriage agency, dating site, etc. (which you want to check) and the copies of their letters to you.

We verify this company through the Internet resources:

  • mention about the company in the yellow pages and business proposals
  • any links to the contact information about this company, if it is available online
  • ascertainment of a taxpayer identification number of the company (issued by fiscal services)
  • search of the information about complaints, frauds or scams related to this company.

On your behalf (or on behalf of a fictitious person) we contact with a Ukrainian marriage agency, dating site or any other company and ask them to clarify the full legal name, location and taxpayer number if necessary. Most importantly, we ask them to confirm that your e-pal is really their client.

The results of verification will be available within 24 hours. You will receive a full report of our work.

At this stage of verification it can be evident that the agency is not legitimate, and further research may be needless.

Price: $US 65

Step 2: verification of the relevant public records

Using the information obtained in the first step we will verify the appropriate entries in the public registers as to a particular Ukrainian company:

  • the current status of their business registration in Ukraine
  • authentication of the address and phone number on their website
  • information on the company’s owners
  • data about the type of activity that they have the right to conduct

The results of this verification will be available within 4-7 working days. You will receive a full report of our work.

Price: $US 250

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