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Vyergun Tatyana

First name, Last name: Vyergun Tatyana

Country, City: Ukraine, Rubizhne, Syevyerodonyets'k


Telephone: +380947117517

Samples of her messages: Dear Sir, Let us introduce our Translation company "TRANSLATE TEAM". We have been providing miss Tetiana ( with the translation services and translated your and her letters. Miss Tetiana has recently informed us that that due to some difficulties in her life she cannot fill her translation account and get your last letter translated. Sir, as soon as the balance of Miss Tetiana's translation account is positive, we will continue providing you and her with our services. Sir, if you are interested in learning more about our linguistic center or if you want to learn about the ways of our cooperation with clients, we will gladly answer all your questions and provide you with detailed information about our company. You can also visit our site where you will find all the information about our services. Our website is: - Russian version - English version Thank you for attention Respectfully, Translation company "TRANSLATE TEAM" Manager: Yuriy Komarov Hello my dear Harvin!! Frankly speaking I like to call you my dear! Do you like that as well or? It is so nice to have another lovely date with you. I will lie if I say that I did not wait for your letters. Every message of yours has become like a Christmas present for me. I like talking to you I like to discuss different things, I like to know your points of view concerning this or that. I just like you and it explains a lot right? It is obvious that we did not meet on the dating site just in order to talk and to discuss the global issues of the 21st century :) We are here to create loving, strong and very happy relationship. As I have already told you in my previous letter, my biggest dream is to feel the peace and harmony in my heart and to have the man who is able to protect me. For sure it does not mean that I will sit on the couch every day and do nothing. You will be surprised how active I can be. I like cleaning, I like cooking, I like creating wonderful and sweet atmosphere in the house. I just love the life and I want to share it with the sweetest man ever :) Step by step I am learning more about you and I really feel compatibility between you and me, I feel that we could be a very good couple. I promise to be a good girl all the time though there will be the moments when this simple and loving woman turns into positively aggressive and very wild creature (haha, I hope you are not afraid now. I am talking about our special moments :)) I am sure that the woman is in bloom when she is with the right man :) I do hope that you will be this "right" man for me, my knight, my sweet teddy bear (ow, maybe you do not like to be called like that. Then let me know, ok?) I am very thankful for answering my questions concerning the woman's personality, her desire to hide her real emotions and therefore creating tension and even conflicts. I am totally against such kind of behavior. I know that the women are much more complicated emotionally and sometimes we have these u Hello dear Harvin! Thank you so very much for coming back to me :). Should I tell you that I like talking to you or your guessed that without extra reminders? :) By the way, do you like when the woman tells you directly what she wants or you are the person who easily guesses what the woman needs and truly desires? I know that we are very strange creatures and sometimes we even get offended without any reasons and stop talking to our men for some time. Did you experience such kind of behavior in the past? I think that the nature of every female is pretty weird and the men very often struggle while trying to understand what the woman wants and what she does not want :) Am I right? I know for sure that I am the one who hates conflicts. I like to live in peace and harmony. The only thing that I really need is to feel loved, to feel protected, to know that if I cry my man will sit next to me and will try to understand what is happening with me and what kind of problem made me so upset. I think that these feministic movements many years ago have killed the woman in woman. I do not mind having the same right with the men, but I have the feeling that the woman should not forget that she is a woman, a lady, a tender and sweet creature that needs man's strong shoulder to lean on. Maybe you will not agree with me and maybe you will say that the woman should be strong no matter want, but I know for sure that I do want to be weak (from time to time) while being next to my man, I want to feel that my partner will be my knight and that he will protect and support me when it is needed. Sure if my partner needs me and my strength, I will be a real fighter. I am the one who will always be protecting my family, my love. I can be a kitten but it is not really difficult to awake a tigress in me (sure when we are talking about intimacy, the tigress will also appear pretty often, haha). I am sorry I have started the letter of mine with such serious and global considerations :) Probably

Scheme fraud: This scammer appears in our blacklist as Tetiana Bystriievska
Vyergun Tatyana, adress - 93000 ukraine rubizhne, studentska street, 35/32, ph no +380947117517. all communication has been email, thru a translation service - translate team, adress - 93400 ukraine Syervyerodonetsk, vilesova st 1 office 17, ph no- +380891205013 email address - met on russiancupid dating site I have sent her cash on a couple of occasions, fa├Črly small amounts, I probably shouldn't have, she has only asked once ------------------------------------ This scammer uses another name TANIA SAGIN Translation company "TRANSLATE TEAM" 93400 Ukraine Syevyerodonetsk, Vilesova street 1, office 38 93000, Rubyezhnoye, Kyrova str. 31, office 17 TELEPHONE +38 (089) 120 50 13 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Father is an army lieutenant colonel, mother has stall in market Lives alone in Syevyerodonyets'k Requested help to pay for her translation free as below email She also sent a video mentioning my name on it


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