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Tatiana Khmelovskaya

Blacklist dating site scammers

First name, Last name: Tatiana Khmelovskaya

Country, City: Ukraine, Kyiv

Telephone: +380977365575

Samples of her messages: I really miss you my dear. i hope you have some time to answer my question? I miss you so much my dear I hope you have a few minutes to talk? Baby i am so lonely without you tonight(( I have a really hot offer! Lets talk about it?

Scheme fraud: Dating site woman, making money from writing letters with men. In less than 3 weeks sent 160 letters. Finally gave contact info and voice of a teenager talk for 30 seconds before adding to a Telegram account that was logged off and phone turned of 5 min after. Then started sending letters on the same website Godatenow again. refusing to talk any other place. Normal for 80% of woman on coin sites.


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