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Svetlana Prokhvatilova

First name, Last name: Svetlana Prokhvatilova

Country, City: Ukraine, Nezhin, Makiyivka


Telephone: +380668120376

Samples of her messages: Sveta Svetlana: i went to travel agency and this is what happened to me there
Sveta Svetlana: i came there and asked to give me receipt. travel agent told me that i need to bring them my passport so they can check the number of it for finding it in their system. and also asked me about the problem which happened. i told them everything and they asked me also to bring everything what i had with me in airport. i went home, took packet of documents and returned to agency. they took packet and asked me to wait for 15 minutes till they will make a receipt and also they promised to check why that problem happened to me at the airpoirt. they asked me to wait in the street. i went there and in few minutes i saw their security guard
Sveta Svetlana: He grabbed my arm and pulled into the driveway. He hit me a few times, I fall. He said that if I ever someone tell you he will come for my family. because they know me, I give them all-all my documents.

Scheme fraud: Ukrainian passport for travel abroad number EO697803
Date of birth: Dec 25, 1987
Address: Franco Str 193/12 Nezhin Chernihiv Nezhin Ukraine 16602
Hp No: +380668120376(new)
+380953564587(old using until 21st Dec 2015)
+380931509637(old using until 20th Nov 2015)
Change Hp number very often.


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