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Olha Onyshchuk

First name, Last name: Olha Onyshchuk

Country, City: Ukraine, Polohy Town


Telephone: +380 (50) 635 38 68

Samples of her messages: Hi honey! Eric, how are you there?) I miss you... a lot! and very much. I can not wait to be with you( I soooo much want to feel your arms around me! please, say me that you wish for the same) Thank you so much for your new photos! I love you and the way you looks, baby)) you are really fantastic man and your smile... I can not wait to kiss this soft and so tasty lips - yam! On the phone i said to you, that my friend called to me this morning and offered to finish my working day earlier and spend couple hours with her and go to the forest on bicycles. with such a good weather it is sound like a perfect idea. Today here about 18 degrees and I think it is a perfect reason to agree and go. what do you think? just me and Oksana, two girls riding bicycles along the river and relaxing form all this stupid things that made our heads pain during the week! we did not make such already many weeks and I missed that. I wish only instead of Oksana it will be you with me. maybe we will find some nice wild mushrooms or some wild animals on the way? Last time we seen a flock of partridges and a family of red squirrels. It was so sweet! Sad we did not take photos. but it was cool) So, I am full of energy and inspiring by your letter ready for this little adventure for couple hours. and you? what planning to do today and tomorrow? this weekends promise to be long but good. please do not be upset - otherwise I'll be sad too.... We will be happy with you and have a thousand of such walks together. Just you and me, ok? Just... Say me one more time that you love me, because I miss you too much and miss you... every day and night! and even last night, I had a dream of us. Oh, it was a very hot one, and I woke up all wet and wishing for more. but the bed was empty. No you or your arms around me. hm... Keep this idea, and we back to it very soon;) I have applied for a passport this morning... so we moved from the dead point and now in one step closer) thank you for this, by the way! I love you and send you a thousand of hot and wet kisses all over your body. yes, all of your body) ok, I should go for now... Oksana already waiting for me

Scheme fraud: This woman scammed me talking with over a year filled criminal charges with Ukraine police We are waiting for a confirmation from the airline company toward lady's flight right now. We have booked the ticket in the morning, but now, with this lock downs it's take more time for the company to confirm the details. So, As only we have the information we will let you know.If you have any questions or interest in our service, you can always contact us by: our phone number: +380963891996 our email address: your contact manager Mariia


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