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Olga Trofimova

First name, Last name: Olga Trofimova

Country, City: Ukraine, Luganks

Telephone: +380 50 838 0974

Scheme fraud: We met at a dating site and started chatting. From the very beginning she was very eager and was sure to try and sweeten the conversations with words like ¨honey¨¨dear¨ etc.. She claims to have a business Managament degree but due to living in Luganks, she claims she has no opportunities and works in a beauty saloon doing nails for the moment. Claims to have a salary of 150-200€/month. She said soon in August she would have a holiday and would love to come and spend it with me in my country but says she has no international passport to travel. I offer to pay for ticket and she would have no expenses here while on a 2 week vacation but she would have to take care of the passport first and send me a copy in order for me to book and pay for the flight myself. At first she claims she will need 200€ in order to get a passport expedited in 7 days and that she would need to find someone to lend her that amount. Obviously she did not find anyone. At this point in the conversation i am just playing the game in order for her to send me documents so i can expose her. I offer to pay also for the passport fees using western union or money gram service and i ask her to send me a picture holding a phrase which includes my name, her ukranian id photo and she also includes voluntarily (of course) a pic of her bank card. Claims the services i chose don’t work there and that i should register in paysend and charge her card. Now the cost have risen to 370€ lol and she breaks it down this way: ¨honey, i don't see a way for me to collect enough money for trip, because i need 200 for passport, 90 for trip to Kiev and 80 for test that i dont have virus, i can't travel without it from here, so it means i need 370 euro and i can't borrow such amount of money¨ i asked her to have video chat but she claims that internet is very bad here she is so it is not possible. i asked her to resend the pic with the sign with my name but simply hold it with both hand in front of her lips. This is because the photo she sent i have doubts that is a good photoshop but it is easy to fake hen in a corner of the picture and it would be more obvious if put in the middle of the composition. The lighting/shadow of the paper does not seem to match the lighting of the main photo.


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