Olga Malovana

First name, Last name: Olga Malovana

Country, City: Ukraine, Zaporizhya

Samples of her messages: My girlfriend has been using Discovery Tourcompany, Zaporizhzhia Town, Zhabotinakoga, street 33. The managers name I have been dealing with is Tetiana Slabkovska. My girlfriend is travelling on the 25th off August 2018 and returning on 30th off september 2018. She is flying from Kiev to Edinburgh ScotlandI have paid for her travel Insurance and her flights. About 1100 USD. I should have contacted you from the start but came across yous when they asked me to send 1600 USD to complete the visa. I take it I won't see my money again. Do I report this to the authorities. They have an office or so they say they have with a street map going under discovery travel agency Zaporozhye,st,zhabotinsky 33.Their website link is discoverytravel.at.ua/index/agency/0-4

Scheme fraud: The travel agents are wanting me to send them 1600 USD for my girlfriends travel as they say she must have suffiecient funds to come to UK to get her visa. I have her address now(unless that is fake as well)4 Lemina Street Tomak Town Ukraine


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