Olga Kiev

First name, Last name: Olga Kiev

Country, City: Kiev, Ukraine

Samples of her messages: Miss Dream Singles 2018 is Olga, 34, Kiev Ukraine Met at dating site Dream Singles.I met Olga who says she is a womans clothing designer in Kiev around August of 2017. During this time she said she loved me many times and also said she wanted to get married to me by the end of 2018.She told me anything she thought I wanted to hear and deceived lied and misled me during this time.She wrote to me over a year and deceived me into continuing to pay the dating site to communicate with her and also use there chat services.She asked me to visit and I agreed and went to spend time with her and had planned to propose during the time she said we would spend together having romantic dates spending a few days at the sea and she would introduce me to her mother and children to welcome me into the family.She did not arrange any of the plans we had talked about before I came. I gave her 2 month's notice before I arrived.During my 13 day visit she would not see me the 1st week. We met only 3 times for about 2 hours each, and all the meetings were only during lunchtime and all with a translator that I believe was her girlfriend. I tried to explain I was upset because we did not do the things she said and only spent a few hours with me and her reply was that I'm a big boy and was being negative. I was shocked at her attitude about everything.After having lunch each time we ended up at a shopping mall where I was manipulated into buying many gifts for her and her children which she gladly exploited.I spent about $7500 on her which included the cost of the trip logging and gifts.She treated me like a stranger not the man she had said she wanted to marry and loved for almost a year.The translator told me that the only way to show I was serious was to buy her gifts which I reluctantly went along with because I was in love and planned to propose.Before I left I asked her many times I wanted to plan a night date which went ignored and before I left she made up excuses to end our relationship which she never intended to have to begin with. She broke my heart.The bottom line is she lied deceived me and played with my emotions to manipulate me into paying the dating site to communicate with her and also into visiting so she could have me buy her food and gifts.She is a cold hearted evil person that has no respect for others or herself and will stop at nothing to get what she wants regardless of who she hurts along the way.If you see her run or you will be left with an empty wallet and a broken heart.

Scheme fraud: I was scammed over 13 months by a female at a dating site. I'm looking for scam sites to list her info pictures and some of the 300 letters I received over a 13 month period. She's a Pro a master at deception and manipulation and I want to stop her before she hurts another person


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