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Natalia Tarasivna Havryliv

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First name, Last name: Natalia Havryliv

Country, City: Ukraine, Odesa, but originaly from Stryi, Lviv Oblast


Scheme fraud: She's a top student at ONMedU, and she deceives foreigners on dating sites, portraying herself as poor and desperate for help. She approached me on telegram, after I was registered on for a few weeks. She must have gotten my number from some other girl who I had talked to, so she is clearly part of some kind of organized scam ring. She lied claiming to be from occupied Kherson, having now fled to Nikolaev in September 2022. She lied about needing money, to bribe the Russians to get her dad out of Kherson too. Then she needed money to reach Lviv and rent an apartment. She lied about her dad needing money for documents, so he can work outside of Ukraine. She lied about not having a boyfriend, while in reality, she was on vacation with him in Lithuania in October, while claiming to love me and wanting to come to me. As her private instagram would later show, Natalie lives a comfortable life with expensive makeup + photo sessions, restaurant visits, new clothes and iPhones. Natalie exploits the suffering of Millions of Ukrainians to her advantage to enrich herself. Her actions tarnish the image of all Ukrainians. She cheated me out of 7700 EUR in just 3 months. And was just one of her victims. See for a full breakdown of her scam with me.


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