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Marina Muzurova

First name, Last name: Marina Anatolevna Muzurova

Country, City: Russia, Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug, Raduzhnyy, Beloyarsky


Telephone: 79910286469, +78435193999

Samples of her messages: Hello my beloved. Thank you that I can read your letter. Your letters mean a lot to me. I am crazy in love with you. I want to tell you this every day. I want you to hug me now, kiss me! You are a wonderful man and all I want from life is to be with you. You are the most important person to me! I want you to be always happy. I really hope that one day our dreams can come true and we can be together. Thank you that I can read your letter. When I read your letter, it becomes easier for me! Being with you is the most important thing in my life. I only need you and your love. You are the one I was born for. I am grateful to fate that I found you! I love you with all my heart and with all my soul. I want to kiss hug you! I want to hear your voice in my ear, I think it's great! After all, only for this I live. You are the man of my dreams. There is no one better than you. I hope we can be together. Since we are for each other. We were born for each other. I love you very much. I can not live without you. My thoughts and dreams are only about you. I think about us all the time. I hope with all my heart and with all my soul that tomorrow I can read your letter. I send you my sea of ‚Äč‚Äčkisses! I am yours and only yours forever Mary.

Scheme fraud: Stolen identity (stolen pictures). This person is sharp and smart. Definately gives off the whole girlfriend experience. Quick to say she was in love. Said she worked at a bank then conveniently got fired the next week. Needed money for passport, visa, and airfare But once at airport, on day she was to fly to me, she wrote asking for an additional $3200 USD she says customs needed to verify she could purchase a return flight. That's when I really knew I was scammed.
The same trick from this scammer or Russian dating scammer imitates robbery at the airport
Another email she may us
She told me she was a pediatrician. I actually transfered 1200 to her bank from mine and then I transfered another 3200 USD as well. That's the money she said she was robbed at the airport. Fake Russian passport, stolen pictures


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