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Marina Kislitcina

First name, Last name: Marina Kislitsina

Country, City: Ukraine, Shakhtersk, Donetsk oblast

Telephone: +38095 4542312

Samples of her messages: As you already know, i am from Ukraine and i am living in a small town with very proud name of my town- Shakhtersk.I am living here my whole life. This is military zone in Donetsk region. I was born 7 of April and i am now 34 years old. Working here as a teacher at school, i teach Russian language and literature. I am working with kids 11-12 years old. I like work with kids!! They are great, but at the same time, it is very difficult. I am single now and i do not have my own kids. I was married before, but we are got divorce one year ago. I left my ex husband because he was very rude with me, do not respect me and one day he strike me when he was very drunk...


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