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Maria Reshetnikova

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First name, Last name: Maria Reshetnikova

Country, City: russia, Lipetsk

Samples of her messages: Hello my love Rob Thank you for your letter. I also greatly appreciate your support. These few days were just hell for me, and I did not find a place for myself. Now I have calmed down a bit, I take a sedative and it helps. I try to pull myself together and think positively, but I'm not very good at it. But I still continue to believe in the best, my dear. About restrictions and madness. I agree with you my dear. But I think that before the start of the war there would be no problems and I could fly to you. but after the start of the war, almost 8 million people left Russia, who are against this war and against the decision of the authorities. It seems that the laws have become strict. Also, if a person has a visa, does he have to return to Russia? He may be on the run, or he may be seeking political asylum. I am not strong in these matters. But I was given to understand that this is how it works. Also, for about six months, I could not pay my loan for an apartment. This was about 7 months ago. Mom needed money for a heart operation, and as a family we raised money for an expensive operation. And at that moment I did not pay my debt. I agreed with the bank. As it seemed to me at the time. But I was added to the black list of debtors. It's just crazy. I just want to leave this damn country and be by your side. Honey, I don't have a mortgage. This is a bank loan. At that time, the concept of a mortgage was not common in Russia and it simply did not exist. I am ready to sell the apartment, and I will do it. I am ready to take this step for us and for our future. Also I agree with you. Now the apartment should cost much more, because real estate prices are rising every year. Today I have a meeting with a lawyer for a consultation. After that, I will visit a real estate agency. Today I will learn everything about how everything will work and how everything will be easier and right to do. There is no point in delaying this issue or waiting for something. We need to work on this my dear. Dear, thanks for the photo. But you bought me a ring? I am very surprised and of course I am pleased. But, probably, she is a very dear love of mine. Why are you spending so much money on me my dear. I'm pleased, but I'm a little shy. I need to go to a lawyer soon. I'll try to find out everything. When I return, I will tell you everything. Only yours Mary XXX

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