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Maria Marusenko

First name, Last name: Maria Marusenko

Country, City: Russia, Petukuvo


Telephone: 7 963 127 46 50

Samples of her messages: You hurt me very much, and my feelings. I trusted you with my heart, my love, and now you are hurting me so much. You better not tell me anything. It's very awful that you can think of me that way, according to your friends. You trust your friends without knowing their true intentions. I don't know what your relationship is, and maybe there is a feeling of jealousy, I don't want to think about it. For the last six months, my life has been completely connected only with you. You are the closest person to me. I still have my neighbor and good friend Tanya, and probably today I will go to her house and I will cry for a long time. I don't know if I have the strength to get over this situation. I am very afraid that everything in me may break down, and I will no longer be able to wake up happy looking at your photo. I am very sad that you are comparing my love and money. *****, I'll give you all your money back. I do not need your money. All I needed was your love. I only dreamed of love with such a brutal man. I thought you were the sexiest man in the world. And now I think so, but it hurts and hurts me a lot. I have a lump in my throat and I gasp for air. It is so difficult in these minutes, but it seems to me that it will be even more difficult in the coming days. I am very afraid of this. I so wanted to tell you a lot of good news today. Yesterday in Kirov I bought a suitcase for things that I wanted to take with me. Yesterday I completely received all medical certificates, and the conclusion that I am completely healthy, and I do not have any serious and dangerous illnesses. *****, visa is not issued immediately after the interview. I had to go to get a visa to Moscow after the interview in 5 days, and I planned to go to get a visa right away, and buy tickets there in Moscow, and from there already fly to you. But, probably, this will not happen. I have 3 working days left and that's it. On Sunday I work my last working day. I don't even know what to do. Now I don't have any thoughts at all. You cut my heart and you hurt me so much. I have different feelings now, and I don't even know what will happen to me tomorrow. But I would like to tell you ***** that I am a real girl. I am very offended that you call me the girl from letters and photos. I am Maria, I am the most ordinary and simple girl. I love you.(This is a part of the letter from when I questioned if she was real right towards the end)

Scheme fraud: Veterinarian refugee from Ukraine. Family was killed in 2014 in the conflict there. Originally from yasinovataya Ukraine where her family was supposedly killed. Looking to get out of Russia because she is always a Ukrainian taking a Russians job and wants to escape that and better her life. Will need help getting a visa and will have a mortgage that needs to be paid off in order to leave Russia. Will travel to the places she says and send pictures, will call and talk and call from the airport even before she supposedly boards the flight to fly to you. Will try to get you to come there first though, didn’t happen because of COVID in this case.


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