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Kristina Kristina

Blacklist dating site scammers

First name, Last name: Kristina Kristina

Country, City: Russia, Stepnogorsk


Samples of her messages: Thanks for your letter. Few words about myself. IM 42 years old. I'm not too old for you?))) Almost no bad habits, except for a glass of wine in the evenings. I am curious and I want to discover new knowledge. The child inside of me is still alive. And I'm happy with everything new. Tell me about yourself? What are you? Maybe you and I have the same views on this life. And we are looking in the same direction. I'm wondering what you are. I'm waiting for your reply. I will read your letter with a smile. I took my photo for you during the working day. Hope you like it. Kristina

Scheme fraud: Message. Fall in love with you. Say they are coming to see you. Say they are paying for it. Then ask for help. Ask for help then say you don't care. You trucked them. I play along to take yime away from them


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