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Kateryna Ivashura

First name, Last name: Kateryna Ivashura

Country, City: Ukraine, Lugansk


Telephone: +380958902778

Samples of her messages: Her name is Katerina Ivashura (on her VK-profile her surname is Ekaterina - She said to me she is born on 15.07.1987, but due to her VK-profile it´s the 23.07.1987. The adress she gave for WU-money-transfer: Shevchenko block 56/111, Lugansk, Ukraine.

Scheme fraud: I´ve got aqucainted with her on a dating site, and we´re corresponding now around a month. As she says she is a refugee from Lugansk working now in Odessa in administration, department for pensionists. We agreed to meet in 2 weeks, and (of course) she said to me that her international passport is lost and she need to apply for another, and in the short period of time left it will cost 250 $. I know this should have been an alert sign, but I believed here however. So, I transfered over WU that amount to her, and next days she waits for more money for flight and visa costs. Today I found out that she obviously worked for "anastasia-date" in the past skype-id : ivakate87


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