Irina Novichkova

First name, Last name: Irina Novichkova

Country, City: Russia, Moscow


Samples of her messages: I understand that you are not going to answer my letter again. Understand the time is already limited. Tomorrow I should have a flight to your country. It seems to me that you do not want our meeting. It's good completely your choice. I understand that there is no hope to sit and wait miracle that you can change your mind. You didn't trust me from the very beginning start. Your distrust in me still continues. Today, me had to go to a travel agency to make a copy passports. I asked my agent to provide me with a copy passports. Travel agent discouraged me that I did not send personal documents even for a loved one on the Internet. Tourist the agent explained to me that with a copy of the documents, it will be possible to make bad things (such as loan processing, fraud, etc.) Further). He dissuaded me for a long time. Travel agent, Said that if partners love each other, then they will trust each other. But, I still insisted on my own. The travel agent provided me copy of your passport. I don't know how else to prove to you that it makes no sense to me deceive you. I have already written to you many times that I am ready to confirm your personality. I was ready to call you and discuss our common Problems. But you yourself don't want me to call you. I am not like you prove that I'm real. AND! I don't need your money for my own needs. I am sending you my copy of your passport. May this document affect to our meeting. Maybe it won't give a copy of my passport, in me doubt. If not, then I will cancel our meeting and will head to the travel agency and cancel the booked ticket to your country. I really hope that you will change your mind. I will be waiting for yo

Scheme fraud: I have a big request to you. I ask you to read my Luis letter to the last minute. It is very important!!! If you do not read carefully, then most likely you can not understand the essence of the whole problem, which I'm going to describe to you. The problem is that I Today I was in a travel agency to buy tickets for 6 November . But, the travel agent provided too expensive a ticket that I can not afford. "The full cost of my travel is 1290 usd. "I asked the travel agent, so that he could find a cheaper ticket. Full cost of my trip is 968 usd, the flight will be 11 November in cost so Also includes travel agency services, my health insurance, return flight + bus trip to Moscow airport. I thought it was the right one for me, so I asked tourist agent to reserve this ticket. But, tourist the agency declined. The reason was that there were a lot of people customers who want to buy this ticket. For the fact that this ticket to reserve for me. I definitely need to make prepayment of 30 of the ticket price, at best, redeem entirely present ticket. I asked the travel agent to give me day, so I brought money to pay for the tickets. After this I immediately went to the accounts department to get my salary. Because a couple of days ago, that is 29 October clinic should was fully paid my salary. Upon arrival in the accounting department, I asked for a salary. But the following problem arose, since in country crisis, the salary of all who work is delayed. We have such a The clinic often happens, but after I was told to wait for a whole month. I was completely disappointed and confused. I I tried to explain the situation to them. I even had to turn to the head of the clinic, but I could not achieve any results. I told them that I do not want to work in a place where they can not on time to give out the earned money, but it also did not bring results. I even had to turn to the head of the clinic, but I could not achieve any results . I told them I didn't want to work in a place that couldn't be on time. to give out the earned money, but it also didn't bring results . In this moment, I not has become detain and attempted to take in debt have his sister Marina . Marina could not help me in this situation, because she had to pay taxes, a mortgage loan + everything leave money for living. But, Marina advised me to lay jewelry. These jewels are from my late mother and I decided to try my luck. On this after we with my sister Marina , went to the pawnshop . At this point, again suffered a setback, as the jewels are old . The owner of the pawnshop, appreciated the jewels in 272 usd . I was hoping for a different price, but I had no choice choice's. Because I'm on a deadline. I had to pawn my mom's jewelry. After that, I came back to the tourist the Agency to make an advance payment for the ticket . I made an advance payment to size 272 usd. My dear Luis, I made a Pact with my travel agent. Now I have to pay the full cost of my travel to 8 November. The cost of payment is 696 usd . Here is the information about my flight to your country:Outbound: Moscow — MadridFlight BA-881 4h 5m British Airways 16:50 DME Moscow Domodedovo Airport 11 Nov, Wed 17:55 LHR London Heathrow Airport 11 Nov, WedLayover at London Book a hotel 16h Airport change: LHR-LGWFlight UX-1014 2h 25m Air Europa 09:55 LGW London Gatwick Airport 12 Nov, Thu 13:20 MAD Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport 12 Nov, ThuReturn: Madrid — MoscowFlight FR-8368 3h 15m Ryanair 14:50 MA DAdolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport 25 Nov, Wed 18:05 BUD Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport 25 Nov, WedLayover at Budapest Book a hotel 18h 30mFlight SU-2031 2h 40m Aeroflot 12:35 BUD Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport 26 Nov, Thu 17:15 SVO Sheremetyevo International Airport 26 Nov, ThuMy love Luis, I until the end did not want to turn to you for help. But now I have no choice . I remember my words before, when I started my organization, that " I have money travel is your country." Yes, I wrote you that because I'm very I expected the clinic to pay my salary before 29 October . But because of the problems in our country, I didn't get my salary in deadlines. I had to pawn mom's jewelry, but these the jewels didn't pay off completely the ticket to your country. I'm catching on , for rushing in and making the wrong choice . But what did you do on my place??? Tell me! I almost did everything to come to you . But fate turned against me. Now, I just don't have a choice, I I had to come to you for help. I really want to be with you next Luis . Feel your hand in mine, smell your body. In my dreams it's every day. I don't want my dreams and yours crashed because I don't have enough money to buy tickets'. I'm asking you to help me Luis! Now our future depends only from you. My dear Luis, I hope you have read this letter to end's. I'm likely to see a lot of criticism in my direction, but I ready to hear all your thoughts. I will wait for your letter . Your love Irina


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