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Elena Guryanova

First name, Last name: Elena Guryanova

Country, City: Russia, Almetyevsk


Telephone: +79068327866. +79847079863

Samples of her messages: I read your letter attentively. You speak to me about a trip in Russia in January. At the beginning of January I will have to begin to work. I constantly will be is at my work. We will not be able to spend time together. What will you do when I am at work?? In my city nobody speaks English. You will stay several days in my city and then will constantly accuse me that I constantly am at work.If you cannot arrive in Russia at the end of November, perhaps I will be able to arrive in UK??I paid at once 80 euro for the insurance policy because I have no more money. 282 more euro for my documents are necessary to me now, I signed the contract with travel agency! I sent you the copy of the contract which signed with travel agency today and also sent you the copy of the insurance policy. 282 euro on documents are necessary to me. Do you understand me? But I will not be able to pay to myself a trip, I have no lot of money for my trip. You are ready to help me with a trip from 282 euro of all? I will not ask from you money any more, I need only your help in the size of 282 euro. I am ready to fly to you and to have a rest from Russia, my holiday about works will begin next week!!! I want to arrive to you and to be near you!!! I also want to begin to process my documents not to waste time, you agree with me? I want to arrive to you and to be with you.I will go to my friend of Ekaterina tomorrow to ring to you skype. Could you find me in skype?? I will wait for your letter tomorrow morning. Elena

Scheme fraud: Stolen pictures!!! Sends you her email address Tells you about herself in detail After a week she has feelings for you 10 days she love you and wants to meet She says she needs to sort out documents, insurance, visa, passport etc Has payed 80€ to VOYAGE travel agency for insurance but needs 282€ to complete her documents so she can come visit. Said how about I come see you she said yes Next email she wants to come see me again


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