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Anna Loboda

First name, Last name: Anna Loboda

Country, City: Ukraine, Kharkov


Samples of her messages: I really like your idea to come in March))) It will be pretty soon. The only thing I'm very afraid of is the fact that the situation with the corona virus could get worse at any moment. Your presence in my life cannot be estimated with words !!! This is the most beautiful event that has happened in my life

Scheme fraud: Name, pictures and profession is probably real; uses everything to praise and confirm the victim, is asking the victim to produce a video of himself and send, Builds up trust over long time, sketches bright common future; promises early in communication to be faithful, but there was no need to do so, after a couple of month her father needed hospital, then her mother, then she herself. As result of her disease she cannot work anymore and has to give up her flat. She avoids to ask directly for money; between the lines it's more than clear. She is extremely good in making doubts go away and manipulating by words. She is less good in protecting her private profiles, (hint: search not only in latin, but also in cyrillic letters).


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