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Anna Kolesova

First name, Last name: Anna Kolesova Anna Valerevna

Country, City: russia, tambov


Samples of her messages: I was glad to get your letter. Thank you for sending me your photo, you are a nice man :) Okay, I'll try to write a little about myself. And I hope that you will also write me more about yourself. Good? My name is Anna. I am now 29 years old. My height is 169 cm, weight is 56 kg. I have never been married and have no children. I have no piercings and tattoos and no bad habits. I work at the post office, postal operator, my job is to receive postal items, letters, postcards. As a manager :) I live in Russia. The city where I live is called Tambov. I think that for acquaintance this is not a problem and you want to continue communication. Let's try it and see what happens from this. Nothing prevents us from trying. Because so? I decided to get acquainted with a man from another country, because I know German. I studied German and English at school and university. But I have little problems with grammar, so I'm writing through a translator. I hope you don't mind! I'll send you my photo and video, I hope you like it. :) I wish you a good mood and am waiting for your letter. Anna I was very happy to get your letter. My dear, this morning I went to the travel agency to find out how I can travel to you and what documents are required for this. My dear, so that I could come to you, I need a visa and passport, need a medical examination and get a medical certificate, pay a government fee for the production and registration of passports and many other documents. And also, buy plane tickets. And also I need to go to Moscow to get a visa for an interview in the embassy of your country. The deadline for making and registering all the necessary documents is about 10 days. The cost of preparing visa - 35 euros, passport and all other necessary documents is - 275 euros As for the cost of air tickets, then to your airport air tickets cost - 470 euros. This cost (470 euros) - is the cost of two plane tickets, round-trip. As I clarified in the travel agency that according to all international rules I must have 2 tickets, round trip. And if I'm not going to order a return flight ticket, then the embassy of your country will refuse to help me obtain a visa. The total amount for the preparation of documents and the purchase of airline tickets: 780 euros My dear, yes, honestly say I did not expect the cost to be so high. And at first I was even a little embarrassed. But, I had my savings of 150 euros, I saved money and wanted to buy a fridge and a washing machine. But well, it doesn't matter... My dear, I paid the first installment, this 150 euros, and from tomorrow I'm a manager and travel agency, let's start preparing documents. And I signed a contract with the travel agency on service. And now my documents are ready around March 6th. According to this contract, the travel agency assumes all obligations for the entry and registration of documents, advice and the purchase and reservation of tickets. And exactly modern admission to an interview at the embassy. I think it's important to you, so I'm sending you a copy of this contract. My dear, all the documents, passport and visa will be in the making of 10 days and during this time, I have to pay the travel agency the full cost of the trip. My darling, I hope you can help me pay for the trip? Now we still have to pay 630 euros so that we can be together. I want us to take this step for our future. I'm so happy that I'll come to you soon, and then we can spend a lot of time together, and develop our feelings. My darling, I am very glad and very happy that we can be with you soon!! I'm even starting to count the days until we meet. And I can't wait for the moment when we meet you in reality!! I am really looking forward to our meeting and miss you very much!! My sweet, I'm looking forward to your letter and hope that you can write to me soon. I love you so much and I hug and kiss!!! Forever your love Anna

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Russian documents and English translated documents
Fake passport
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