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Anastasia Kirilenko

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First name, Last name: Anastasia Kirilenko

Country, City: Ukraine, Odesa


Telephone: +380997652393

Samples of her messages: Kirilenko Anastasia Ivanovna, Born September 25, 1985, In the city of Odessa, Odessa region. On three occasions, she told me three different jobs she did. She doesn't want to tell me exactly what job she is doing now and her working hours, now she supposedly works in a notary's office and mostly at home. She says that she was married and that Strelchuk is the last name of her ex-husband. It was very difficult for her to give me her email and phone number, she doesn't want to open a gmail account so we can talk through gmail. She says that whatsapp and other similar applications do not work in Ukraine, now we are talking through the Telegram app.

Scheme fraud: In the conversation about her arrival in my country, she said that she should pay 3000 dollars for a visa and that she doesn't have that much money. I told her that I could send her money through the bank or Western Union, and she said that then the entire amount cannot be withdrawn from the account, and that the best thing is to buy her a gift of that value on the Amourmeet site and that she can sell the gift and then pay the visa and come to my country. I suggested that she take out a tourist visa and come to meet, but she says that it is not possible because of the war. I also suggested that I would buy a laptop through a web store in her name and that she would then sell it and get the money, but she did not agree to that either. Fake Ukrainian passport


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