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Alina Dolina

First name, Last name: Alina Dolina

Country, City: Ukraine, Zghurivka, Kiev region/Poltava


Telephone: +380508672609

Samples of her messages: My name: Alina Surname: Dolina Address: Kiev region, town Zghurivka, Vishnevaya street, house 31, flat 7, here is mine number +380508672609, The one issue is that such "joy pass" costs 237$,everything can be done fast and easily within 3 till 5 fine days. By profession my dad is an electrician and mum is housewife, I live together with my parents in small town Zgurovka of Kiev region. Five years ago I graduated Kiev University of Dragomanov and got education in pedagogy, I work in my town in local school and take the position of manager of cultural school events.

Scheme fraud: Asks 200$+ for Ukrainian passport - "everything can be done fast and easily within 3 till 5 fine days"
I got to know her via on September 2019. She goes by the name of Alina Lisa @ Alina Linochka. We chat using the chat facility on We exchanged emails. Her email is She used 2 of the pictures that you uploaded. We communicate via email from October 2019 to February 2020. She is from Zghurivka, Kyiv Region, her father is an electrician, her mother is a housewife, she graduated from National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, work in the school district as a cultural affairs officer etc. What made me suspicious of her is that she just "ghosted" me out of a sudden. Since February 2020, there were no new messages from her. While corresponding with her, I did some searches on the Internet and spoke to some people. I found out there were 85 searches made by people using her email as a reference which made me suspicious enough to stop pursuing to chat with her after hearing testimonies of people getting scammed from Ukrainian girls. However, I did managed to chat with her on last week and she seems "puzzled" that I remembered her. As of today, she blocked me from and from there I did some searching and I come across your site. I believe she is closing her account.


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