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Vita Yurchenko

First name, Last name: Vita Yurchenko

Country, City: Russia, Irkutsk Oblast


Telephone: +79067032263

Samples of her messages: I am very sad. You didn't help me. Why? On Sunday payment deadline... You know that I'm in a bind. Today I took a shower and made some videos for you. I hope you will appreciate this and help me. I often dream about you. Yesterday I little fantasized. You like? But you can never touch me unless you send me money. You will not get me if you don't help me !!! Sunday is the last day of payment my visa. And I still hope for you. Last time I ask you is, will you help me or not? Answer me - only Yes or No?!!! One your word will decide together me or not! ONLY ONE WORD - YES or NO!

Scheme fraud: Picture stolen from @ivy_milf. Send me 320 euros


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