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Maria Abliazina

First name, Last name: Maria Abliazina

Country, City: Russia, Sovetskiy


Samples of her messages: Hello my dear I do not know how to start writing you my email. Now I am experiencing unpleasant emotions! I can not write to you calmly, because I feel terribly bad! I was disappointed and unwell today. I have bad news. Now I'll try to calm down and I'll try to explain to you what happened to me... Today I wanted to get money to pay a second payment for my documents. I went to the bank to get money. Earlier I constantly received letters from the bank to my mail. The letters indicated that I could get $2000 without problems. To do this, I just need to come with my ID to the bank and on the same day I will receive a loan of $2000. Today I went to the bank and they refused me a loan! I was told that now I do not have a job and therefore they will not give me a loan! I thought that I could get money and I would come to you. I thought that in your city I would work and I could pay for a loan from the USA. But the bank employees refused me. And now I do not know what to do. I went to my friends, I was with my parents, but my parents gave me the last money they had! And my friends can not help me. They do not have the right amount of money for me! And now I'm at a loss! I'm sorry that I'm upsetting you with this sad news. But I'm just furious with that! I thought that I could come to you in the near future. But this difficult situation arose. What should I do? I already paid the first payment and I started to make papers, started to make a passport. I need to pay a second payment and I can come to you. But I do not have the opportunity to do this. it hurts me from this! I'm sorry that I'm writing you my email with bad news! I'm sorry that I'm upsetting you right now. I love you my prince!!! Now I really want to be with you! Now I do not have enough care and support. I'm just at a loss. I do not know what to do! Without you my life does not make sense! I so want to be with you... , I'm very bad now, I'm crying. it's hard for me to write to you. I can not hold back tears.....

Scheme fraud: Says she's pediatrician, quit her job because boss wants to have an affair. Wants to fly to you, but has no money, and can't get "a loan" . Same picture on this site 2 other times: Marina Anatolevna Muzurova
Maria Anatolevna


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