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Nadezhda Chernets

First name, Last name: Nadezhda Chernets

Country, City: Ukraine, Kiev


Telephone: +380688204798

Samples of her messages: Message #1 Real reply Hello, dear MR.F! I read your letters with pleasure, I like you. I'm drawn to you, are you by any chance hypnotized or hypnotized? I have everything perfectly work flows as usual family, friends all as always now and you appeared in my life . I think about you a lot. You are a very interesting conversationalist and it is very easy for me to communicate with you I would be very happy to meet you introduce you to my friends show you how we live here. I really want to communicate with you more, Yes, they block all personal information, and there are penalties for this . I've heard this information, but I don't know for sure. It is difficult to get to America now, everything is simple in Europe, but is it difficult for you or not? Yes, of course, we can communicate when it is convenient for you and when you have free time for this. I am very happy to talk to you in the chat, and if you also have a camera, it will be super. MR.F I really want you to come to Ukraine. Have you ever been to Russia? I would like to go there with you there are many wonderful places I would like to show you the Crimean Peninsula and Saint Petersburg-these are just fantastic places. MR.F, what does your business do? You must work very hard. Take care of yourself I need you to be cheerful and cheerful ha ha I hug you and look forward to seeing you again With tenderness Nadia to you MESSAGE #2 Mass intro letter Hello my dear My dreams of meeting you are becoming more and more interesting to me. How do you want us to meet? You have something special for me What can drive me crazy? What are you going to do to win me over? Do you have any special tricks? What do you want to surprise me with Let's not be shy about each other And let's be honest. I am determined to have a serious relationship with you I want to be your mistress in your house Your personal chef works in the kitchen, delighting you with all sorts of Goodies And in our bedroom, I want to be both an angel and a demon for you. You are ready for the test of love, then I am waiting for you. We should not miss our chance to become not just happy people, but a happy and loving couple. I'm waiting for your answer Nadenka

Scheme fraud: She operates heavily in She goes by the nicknames Nadenka, Nadya, Nadia, Nadiya Either you contact her first or she does, she starts saying you are all that she has been looking for and sweet talk you. She keeps responding to letters with considerable speed, doesn't let more than 3 days pass before an answer. She is also in the chats and even shows her cam sometimes so the deception is perpetuated even more. She starts declaring her love to you or that you are "her boyfriend" "her fiance" after a few letters or chats exchanged. Nothing can be further from the truth, she is a liar and scammer. She receives gifts and takes "photo proofs" with your notes or your name. When you BUY the contacts, they just give you fake contact info. Then when you complain about this they just give you an email address which she hardly ever responds. I'm pretty sure it's actually really her responding to these messages off the site but she gives you all the excuses in the book as to why you can't communicate more often and why you shouldn't come to Ukraine to meet her and that she had to go to Russia "for work". When she finds out that you are really serious about her she suddenly disappears or ghosts you with no previous notice. In her social media you can clearly see that she is in a relationship with a wealthy man who flies her over to the best spots in the world for vacation and gives her the most expensive gifts and dinner dates. Seems she wouldn't need to do this scamming business but seems that she still wants to have her own money from all the scams she perpetrates. *Note the phone listed in the form is not a real phone number but the one the agency gives you I can be reached out to for any further inquiries


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